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What do customers say about B+B Belgravia?

As of Jan 10, 2024, 284 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.1 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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B+B Belgravia's customer reviews analysis

The overall reputation of B+B Belgravia is somewhat mixed, as suggested by the recent reviews. Customers consistently praise the establishment’s prime location near Victoria Station, friendly staff, and the quality of the breakfast provided. The convenience of the location, in particular, appears to be a significant positive, enabling easy access to London's public transport and attractions. The continental breakfast received in-room is frequently cited as 'generous', and the full English breakfast offered at the establishment is also highlighted as a standout feature. Despite these positives, there are notable concerns about the physical condition of the rooms, with complaints of mold, a need for refurbishing, and issues with temperature control suggesting inconsistencies in maintenance standards. The presence of malfunctioning equipment, such as faulty windows and door closers, in some rooms also detracts from guest satisfaction. Another repeated point of criticism involves the accuracy of online representations, with guests reporting discrepancies between advertised images and the actual conditions encountered. Service quality, though generally well-regarded, does incite some grievances where reception is described as lacking in warmth or where implementation of services like breakfast delivery is inconsistent.

Positive Feedback

Several key positive aspects of B+B Belgravia emerge from customer feedback. The proximity to Victoria Station is frequently lauded, underscoring the establishment's strategic location as a strength that enhances the overall guest experience. The affability of the staff is often highlighted, contributing to a welcoming atmosphere. Aside from the specifics of service and locale, the full English breakfast and general quality of the meals are perceived as top-tier. Another notable positive is the cleanliness and freshness of the premises in certain accounts, alongside the sentiment that the accommodation offers good value for the cost, particularly in the London context. Comfortable beds and the presence of amenities in the studio rooms, such as microwaves and an assortment of drinks, also receive favorable mentions.

Concerns and Threads

On the negative side, customer feedback identifies key areas of concern within the B+B Belgravia experience. Room conditions have drawn critical remarks, with instances of mold, the need for upkeep, and poor climate control being recurrent themes. Some guests note that their rooms, particularly the bathrooms, do not align with online visual depictions, leading to disappointment. Concerns regarding cleanliness and general maintenance are mentioned, from dirty bed linens to deteriorating paintwork. Several guests have cited the insufficiency of cooling mechanisms, emphasizing that the provided fans inadequately mitigate the heat within the rooms. Additionally, an encounter with harmful organisms such as bugs is highlighted as a distressing experience. Not least, issues like inadequate window functionality and insufficient noise insulation due to faulty equipment further mar the guest experience.

Frequently asked questions about B+B Belgravia

Does every room at B+B Belgravia offer air conditioning?

No, not every room has air conditioning. Some reviews mention that the rooms can get extremely hot and that the provided fans may not sufficiently cool the rooms.

Is breakfast included with the booking, and what can guests expect?

Yes, breakfast is included. Guests can expect a continental breakfast served in their own room, or a full English breakfast depending on the specific services of the establishment.

Are there any safety concerns I should be aware of when staying at B+B Belgravia?

Most reviews suggest that the B+B Belgravia is located in a safe area of London, close to public transport and various attractions. However, some guests have reported cleanliness and maintenance issues that could affect the perception of safety and comfort.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for B+B Belgravia

B+B Belgravia
Fernando M
a week ago on
Good customer service and location. BUT the basement room (#1) is full of mold and has a noticeable musty smell. The bathroom mold situation is clearly a health code violation.
B+B Belgravia
James Medina
2 weeks ago on
Clean, friendly staff, great common area, fantastic full English breakfast +buffet. Had a great time within a quick walk of Victoria Station.
B+B Belgravia
Mark lewis
7 months ago on
Just spent four nights here with the grandchildren and the experience proved to very pleasant and trouble free. Good points:- Great location near Victoria Station ideal for a sightseeing break. Friendly staff and good service. Room, linen and hotel generally clean fresh and tidy. Good value for London. Good breakfast freshly cooked in front of you. Bad points :- Room too light at night, needed heavier curtains at window instead of a thin roller blind. Quite noisy at times especially the slamming of the front door because the closer was faulty. The room was generally fine but I felt it could do with a slight freshen up. The owner was informed of the first two so this might be rectified shortly. Generally very pleased and would stop again.
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