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As of Apr 12, 2024, 886 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 3.1 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 12, 2024
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April 12, 2024

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Arrow Cars's customer reviews analysis

The reputation of Arrow Cars is currently under question, as reflected in a series of customer reviews revealing a repeated pattern of service failures. The overarching theme revolves around significant delays, poor technological integration, and inconsistent communication. Several customers highlight long wait times for pre-booked rides, with expectations unmet due to taxis either not arriving on time or customers being notified of additional delays after the expected pickup time had passed. The app technology seems to be ineffective, leading to frustrations when booking or tracking vehicles. Communication shortfalls are evident, as customers report receiving incorrect post-service booking confirmations and encountering difficulty canceling through official channels. Furthermore, there seems to be a disjunction between Arrow's dispatcher and driver services, causing confusion and additional delays, further tainted by instances of direct driver misconduct.

Positive Feedback

Among the array of reviews, Arrow Cars does receive some commendation for its customer service over the phone and promptness in some instances. The readiness of the drivers for airport drop-offs is appreciated, and when the service does run smoothly, punctuality is noted positively. In particular instances, drivers were acknowledged for their local route knowledge and efforts to provide a quick and safe journey. The convenience of pre-booking the night before and potentially straightforward airport services contribute positively to the customer experience when executed as planned. Managed effectively, these factors could consolidate Arrow's position as a reliable transportation service provider, especially for early morning travel, and aspects of their service have evidently satisfied customers in the past.

Concerns and Threads

Arrow Cars has several areas that require immediate attention according to customer feedback. The most striking issue is the significant delays and unreliability in service, with customers frequently reporting that prepaid taxis arrive late, or not at all, jeopardizing important plans. The application's performance is another critical pain point, malfunctioning during booking processes and failing to provide accurate tracking information. Moreover, there is an evident gap in digital payment methods, as drivers demanding cash in a largely cashless economy pose a considerable inconvenience. The customer service experience post-booking seems to be chaotic, with poor communication and misinformation. Disturbingly, there have been occurrences where drivers have left without explanation, and the process to get assistance or refunds is proving ineffectual. From a financial perspective, the service is perceived as expensive in comparison with competitors like Uber. Customer dissatisfaction is also compounded by the difficulties faced when seeking refunds for the service that was not delivered as promised.

Frequently asked questions about Arrow Cars

Can I trust Arrow Cars to be on time for early morning pre-booked journeys?

While there have been instances where Arrow Cars has delivered timely services, recent customer experiences suggest there is a risk of delays or cancellations, especially for early morning bookings. Customers are advised to have alternative arrangements in case of service failure.

Does Arrow Cars accept digital payment methods?

Arrow Cars appears to have limitations with accepting digital payments, with recent feedback indicating that some drivers only accept cash. Potential customers should be prepared for this possibility or confirm payment options while booking.

How responsive and helpful is Arrow Cars' customer service in resolving issues?

Customer experiences with Arrow Cars' customer service vary. Some customers have reported satisfactory interactions over the phone, while others have experienced issues with poor communication and difficulty obtaining refunds or assistance when service problems occur.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Arrow Cars

Arrow Cars
Peter Schofield
a week ago
I've used Arrow for years but tonight I deleted the app. I tried to get a taxi with them last at new year and couldn't. Tried tonight and the app just kept saying confirming your booking and did nothing. I ordered an Uber and by the time it had turned up and taken my in laws back to their hotel, Arrow rung me to say they were outside. They used to be amazing but I'm really not sure what's happened to them.
Arrow Cars
Christopher Benjamin
a day ago
Arrow have the monopoly for Leeds Bradford Airport pickups. On arrival quiet weekday afternoon I asked for a taxi to get home, only to be told there was a >90 minute wait. Don't get the contract if you cannot fulfil it!
Arrow Cars
nicky kinsey
a month ago
Did not share the correct details of my booking with the driver. Now you send me a booking confirmation with the correct details after the taxi ride, not before. Disorganised and £30 more expensive than Uber. Would not use again and as a business booking I will be feeding that back to my company who forced me to use Arrow
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About Arrow Cars

Arrow Cars is a local company with national coverage. As a specialist in Airport operations, Arrow is proud to be the official Private Hire company at Leeds Bradford, Manchester, East Midlands and Bristol Airports offering passengers a unique, professional, cost effective and seamless airport transfer service. With exclusive pick up and drop off points we will drop you off at the terminal doors, closer than anyone else. All our Airport fares are fixed with no additional supplements for airport journeys.