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What do customers say about Amber Cars?

As of Apr 12, 2024, 3189 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 3.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 12, 2024

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Amber Cars's customer reviews analysis

The reviews for Amber Cars present a mixed picture of the company's reputation, exhibiting both positive experiences and significant pain points for many customers. A prevalent theme amongst the negative reviews is the unreliability of the service in terms of punctuality, which has led to missed trains, late arrivals to work, and significant inconveniences. Moreover, there are reported issues with booking accuracy and pricing consistency, exemplified by the operator's errors and discrepancies in quoted fares. Compounding the frustration for several customers has been the inadequate response from customer service in rectifying issues, which includes instances of perceived rudeness. Conversely, positive testimonials do exist, emphasizing the friendliness and professionalism of certain drivers, efficient and safe travel, and the merit of a clean vehicle. The aspects of polite drivers and tracking features seem to get some commendation, although overshadowed by the more systemic operational challenges faced by customers.

Positive Feedback

Amber Cars has received several positive comments that center on specific aspects of their service. Customers have praised individual drivers, such as Richard B, for their welcome demeanor and punctuality. These drivers are credited with making journeys pleasant and contributing positively to customers' days through friendly conversations. Additionally, the company provides clean cars and communicates well during the drive, ensuring safety and adhering to schedules effectively. The reasonable price for the service provided is also appreciated by customers, indicating fair value for the experience received. A functional app that allows users to track their car is also mentioned as a beneficial feature of Amber Cars' service.

Concerns and Threads

The critical feedback for Amber Cars predominantly highlights issues regarding reliability and customer service. Late arrivals of taxis are a common complaint that has caused customers to miss important engagements, including trains and work, with consequential financial and time losses. The lack of clear communication, particularly around fare quotes and booking details, exacerbates customer dissatisfaction. Experience with customer service personnel has been described as poor, with reports of rude and unhelpful interactions further tarnishing the company's image. The inability of IT support to resolve issues with the app aside, operational disarray, as demonstrated by mistaken car assignments and billing errors, has eroded trust and led some customers to seek alternatives.

Frequently asked questions about Amber Cars

Are fares provided by Amber Cars at the time of booking fixed or subject to change?

According to customer feedback, there have been instances of discrepancies between the initially quoted fare and the actual price at the time of pickup. It is advisable to confirm whether the quoted price is a fixed fare and obtain confirmation in writing or through the company's app when booking.

What should I do if my Amber Cars taxi arrives late and causes me to miss an appointment?

If a taxi from Amber Cars arrives late and impacts your schedule, it's recommended that you report the incident to their customer service. Ask about the company's policy on compensating for such inconveniences and keep a record of your communication for any follow-up actions.

Can I rely on Amber Cars for time-sensitive travel, like catching a train or getting to work?

The reviews indicate that Amber Cars has had several instances of punctuality issues. While some drivers are praised for reliability, late arrivals have been a recurrent theme. For time-sensitive travel, consider the potential risk of delays and have a backup plan if possible.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Amber Cars

Amber Cars
18 hours ago
I had a really bad experience with Amber cars and would not recommend it. I booked IN ADVANCE a taxi and asked them at what time it would be best to pick me up so that I don’t miss my train. Everything was settled until the day when my taxi showed up 20min late. I missed my train (no refund, I had to pay one at the train station so it cost me lots of money). Moreover, the taxi driver had the audacity to tell me that I will be having a “terrible journey ahead of me” when it’s basically his fault for not picking me up on time. He made me pay 30£ even though I missed my train and basically failed the only reason why I booked a taxi in the first place. I should have taken the bus. Don’t accept in-advance journeys if you cannot meet the customer requirements. It is simply honesty.
Amber Cars
Abbie Lightowler
3 days ago
Richard B has been taking my journey to work for a while now, he is so welcoming and it always makes my day when we chat! He is always on time and so efficient. Thank you Richard 😀
Amber Cars
chloe kay
5 days ago
called up at about 9.15am and was connected with an operator and asked for a taxi to be booked for 9.45am. she confirmed they had that time available and repeated 9.45 to make sure and i said yes. the taxi didn't arrive until 9.55am. i asked if it was booked for 9.45 just to double check and the taxi driver said the booking was for 9.54am the operator i'm guessing had wrote the wrong time down causing me to be late to work. not happy with service
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