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As of Mar 22, 2024, 1057 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Amstill Roofing's customer reviews analysis

The reviews for Amstill Roofing portray a company that consistently delivers a high level of customer satisfaction through professional service and efficient workmanship. Customers speak highly of the staff's attentiveness, informative nature, and the quality of their roof installations. Key individuals, such as Matt, Elliott, Adam, Jose, Evan, David, Kristian, Tanner, and Enes, are repeatedly praised for their roles in guiding clients through the process, which suggests a focus on customer care and individual attention. The thorough clean-up process post-installation is highlighted by many, although one review expressed significant discontent with the cleanup job. Swift responsiveness to issues and customer follow-ups also play a substantial role in shaping a generally positive perception of the company's commitment to service. Notably, the company seems to be adept at managing unexpected challenges (like scheduling around weather or rescuing raccoons), and there's a sense of confidence among customers in the company's longevity and reliability.

Positive Feedback

The positive feedback for Amstill Roofing is grounded in their staff's exceptional service, quality work, and the company's overall professionalism. Personnel are noted to be communicative, accommodating customer needs, and providing thorough explanations of services. They are also recognized for their ability to schedule and complete projects in a timely and efficient manner, often exceeding client expectations by adapting to their schedules. The quality of work is frequently mentioned alongside the evident skill and professionalism of the crews who perform the roof installations. Cleanliness of the work site post-job is another recurring theme, with crews being diligent in their cleanup, an aspect particularly appreciated by families with children. Overall, Amstill Roofing earns its recommendation from customers through a combination of their attentive staff, reliance on quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and strong aftercare service.

Concerns and Threads

While the majority of Amstill Roofing's reviews are positive, there are instances of dissatisfaction, primarily related to post-installation cleanup. One review expressed severe displeasure with the debris and nails left over in the yard, highlighting a significant gap in the expected quality of service. Although Amstill Roofing showed an eagerness to rectify the situation and put in extensive additional effort post-review, the oversight in the initial cleanup process stands out as a point of contention. This suggests a potential area for improvement in ensuring a consistently meticulous approach to clean-up across all jobs. Another minor issue raised was the initial appearance of uneven spots on newly installed shingles, which despite assurances, left a customer with some reservations, albeit without any functional detriment to the roof.

Frequently asked questions about Amstill Roofing

How does Amstill Roofing manage scheduling and unexpected weather conditions during the installation process?

Amstill Roofing appears to excel in scheduling flexibility, including accommodating work outside of standard business hours and swiftly rearranging project timelines to circumvent inclement weather, ensuring minimal disruption to the installation process.

Can I expect a thorough cleanup after my roofing installation by Amstill Roofing?

Most customers report a thorough post-installation cleanup by Amstill Roofing's crews. However, it is advisable to discuss their cleanup protocol beforehand to set clear expectations and avoid potential issues.

Do Amstill Roofing crew members provide comprehensive details about the roofing materials and process?

Yes, Amstill Roofing's staff generally provides in-depth information regarding roofing materials and detailed explanations of their process, contributing to customer confidence in the quality of the company's service and materials.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Amstill Roofing

Amstill Roofing
Robert D
2 weeks ago
My current homeowner insurance company was requiring me to replace my roof. I reached out to Amstill and Matt was the person I spoke to on the phone. He was kind and understanding of my frustration with my current homeowner insurance. He recommended a free roof inspection to take a look at the condition of my roof. Upon inspection, Matt found that there were signs of hell damage throughout my roof. Matt recommended I claim with my homeowner insurance company. He was able to meet with the adjuster and had the claim approved. I was ecstatic because there was no way I was going to be able to afford a new roof. Thanks to Matt, he was able to make it possible, I cannot say enough about Matt, Jose, and the crew of 14 guys who installed my roof in one day.
Amstill Roofing
Miranda Postel
3 months ago
I am very impressed with the entire process of having my roof replaced. I reached out to Amstill Roofing as my parents have used them, I used them on my prior home and recently on my current home. I am happy to be a returning customer, the entire staff went above and beyond. They are what customer service means! Elliott played a big role in the entire process. He kept me in the loop of everything from the very beginning, explained everything thoroughly, provided the step by step, he was very informative. What was such a surprise was having my roof taken care of on a Saturday as they only work Monday - Friday. Elliott made this happen and management approved, just wow! My roof looks amazing, great work done by the crew. The crew members were professional, polite and very thorough with their work and the entire clean up process. Thank you all for making this happen and within just a few days. My #1 roofing company!
Amstill Roofing
Bran Battista
2 months ago
Amstill replaced the roof on our home this week and we are very happy with the result. The team at Amstill was super professional from start to finish and great to work with. Adam, Jose and Evan provided excellent service and were happy to answer any questions I had. The crew arrived at the time they said they would and kept the job site as clean as possible. They were very thorough with clean up at the end of the job which I appreciate having small kids at home. Highly recommend Amstill Roofing for anyone looking to replace their roof.
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Choose Amstill Roofing, a leading name among Houston roofing companies, for unparalleled roofing excellence. Since 1974, our family-operated business has served the Greater Houston area with dedication, offering high-quality roofing solutions from class 4 asphalt shingles to Ludowici Tile Roofing. Our status as an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractor and our 4.9-star Google rating underscore our commitment to top-tier service and customer satisfaction. Recognized by Roofing Contractor Magazine and, Amstill Roofing is your trusted partner for all roofing needs, from repairs to replacements. Contact us to safeguard your home with the best in the industry.