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What do customers say about Alternatively Better?

As of Apr 14, 2024, 55 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.2 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 14, 2024
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April 14, 2024

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Alternatively Better's customer reviews analysis

Alternatively Better generally appears to uphold a reputation for skilled treatments provided within a welcoming and professional environment. The array of services, including acupuncture, reiki, sports, and deep-tissue massage, is frequently praised, reflecting positively on the team's expertise and contributing to improved client well-being. However, there are grave concerns about the inconsistent customer experiences attributable to specific encounters with staff members. Notably, instances of perceived rudeness and dismissiveness from a staff member during a facial treatment and lack of sensitivity dealing with a pregnant client have surfaced, tarnishing the business's otherwise stellar image. The stark contrast in reviews indicates a dichotomy in customer service experiences that could impact the company's reputation over time.

Positive Feedback

The consensus among positive customer feedback for Alternatively Better suggests that the establishment excels in several areas. Clients commend the welcoming nature and respectfulness of the staff, which enhances their overall experience. Particularly, treatments like acupuncture, reiki, sports massage, and deep-tissue massage are highlighted as effective, improving the clientele's well-being and thus affirming the therapists' skills. The ambiance of the venue coupled with the pleasing attention to detail during treatments is repeatedly mentioned, suggesting that the establishment often succeeds in providing a restorative atmosphere. Furthermore, the variety of treatments and the availability of knowledgeable staff are perceived as considerable assets for the company.

Concerns and Threads

On the other hand, the negative feedback for Alternatively Better underscores a significant discrepancy in the client experience. Instances of unprofessional behavior, particularly rudeness and condescension by a staff member during a facial treatment, have resulted in client distress. The treatment duration and quality, including a reportedly insufficient massage, fall short of customer expectations. Furthermore, the handling of a sensitive situation involving a pregnant client suggests a potential lack of empathy and professionalism from management. These isolated incidents of negative customer treatment pose a risk to the company's reputation and may dissuade potential clients from patronizing the business, especially if such experiences are perceived as a pattern rather than isolated events.

Frequently asked questions about Alternatively Better

What types of services does Alternatively Better offer?

Alternatively Better offers a wide range of theraputic services including acupuncture, reiki, sports and deep-tissue massages, and facials, among others. The variety caters to different wellness needs and preferences.

Are there skilled practitioners at Alternatively Better?

Yes, the customer feedback indicates that Alternatively Better employs skilled therapists who have been credited for their knowledge and expertise in various treatments, contributing positively to clients' well-being.

Have there been any concerns regarding customer service at Alternatively Better?

While many reviews are positive, highlighting the friendly and professional nature of the staff, there have been instances where customers felt mistreated or received subpar customer service. These concerns mainly relate to particular staff members and have included feelings of being intimidated or not being handled with the necessary care, especially during sensitive situations like pregnancy.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Alternatively Better

Alternatively Better
a month ago
I had an awful experience here while getting a facial. The lady providing the facial was quite rude. When I was making general chat about my skin concerns, her reply would be, "I've been doing this for 30 years, I know what I'm doing!" That attitude carried over in anything I said or asked. She had a very abupt and condescending attitude when asked simple things. I'm an anxious person anyway, so I just stopped talking due to being quite upset and intimidated. My facial was for an hour, but it didn't even last 40 minutes. It was supposed to include a scalp and neck/face massage. When i tried to put my hair down from my tight bun for the scalp massage, she said it didn't matter and gave me one for about 2 minutes through a slicked back tight bun. The massage for my face and neck lasted less than 30 seconds. The shop is lovely inside and other staff (the young receptionist and the blonde lady i pressume is the owner) were so warm and welcoming. It's a shame 1 staff member ruined the whole experience. I won't be returning.
Alternatively Better
Lauren Hayes
2 months ago
I’ve been coming to Alternatively Better for about a bit more than a year. And I have had many treatments done. I am a general anxious person and was in need of some treatments to help. I’ve had acupuncture, reiki and sports massage. All have really benefited my wellbeing. I’ve noticed that my wellbeing has gotten so much better. And i love all of the staff. They are all so amazing and welcoming. And they all know my personal boundaries. And they are so respectful. I will be coming for a lot more treatments. Thank You girls xx Lauren H
Alternatively Better
Donski P
4 months ago
Had the best back massage off Tracy at this lovely gem of a place. Would definitely recommend it to anyone with back issues.
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Alternatively Better is a private, friendly health & well-being centre established since 2002. we offer a wide range of complementary, holistic and beauty therapies. Our staff are highly qualified, all members of their appropriate professional bodies and are experienced in a wide range of physical and emotional conditions and ailments. Whether you require the skills of a specialist practitioner or simply want to spend time unwinding and reviving your senses with a beauty treatment or luxury pamper, we have something to meet your individual needs. We cater for men, women, and children of all ages.