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What do customers say about Allied Pharmacy - Green Lane?

As of Mar 05, 2024, 90 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 3.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Allied Pharmacy - Green Lane's customer reviews analysis

Analyzing the collection of customer reviews for Allied Pharmacy - Green Lane reveals a contrasting reputation. A consistent praise among the customers is directed towards the exceptional service provided by staff members like Lillian and Michael, who are highlighted for their pleasantness, professionalism, and willingness to go the extra mile for customers. The pharmacy's ability to swiftly accommodate services, its competitive pricing, especially with additional services such as ear wax removal, and the ease of getting prescriptions are recurrently mentioned as positive experiences. However, the negative feedback presents significant concerns, focusing primarily on operational inefficiencies such as the dispensing of prescriptions and communication issues. The instance of providing expired items demonstrates a severe lapse in quality control, which could have serious implications for trust in the pharmacy's reliability. Trends indicate that while there are strong individual performances by staff members and certain satisfactory experiences, these are marred by isolated yet critical operational failings.

Positive Feedback

The positive feedback for Allied Pharmacy - Green Lane is predominantly centered around the admirable customer service and capabilities of its staff. Notably, individuals like Lillian, Millie, and Michael receive commendation for their helpful, pleasant demeanors, and proficient approach to addressing customer needs. Customers recount experiences of prompt and professional medical services, including ear syringing and audiologist appointments, which elevate the pharmacy's reputation for in-house services. Moreover, the convenience of securing COVID vaccinations quickly and the efficiency in managing prescription orders contribute to the overall positive perception. A seamless transition for customers switching their nominated pharmacy to Allied Pharmacy also indicates an effective management system capable of winning new customers' loyalty.

Concerns and Threads

On the flip side, Allied Pharmacy - Green Lane faces notable criticism regarding specific operational challenges. A recurring theme in the negative feedback pertains to the handling of prescription services, with customers reporting incomplete orders and multiple return trips to obtain their medications, aggravated by the unavailability of a pharmacist at times. This inefficiency is underscored by the inconvenience it causes, especially to full-time working customers, and has resulted in losing business to competitors. Moreover, the concern of receiving expired nutritional products underscores a critical issue in stock management and quality control, casting doubt on the reliability of the pharmacy's products and bringing to light the importance of vigilant oversight in dispensing retail items.

Frequently asked questions about Allied Pharmacy - Green Lane

What services does Allied Pharmacy - Green Lane provide?

Allied Pharmacy - Green Lane provides various services including prescription dispensing, audiologist appointments, ear syringing, blood pressure testing, and ear wax removal. They also assist with booking COVID vaccinations.

Are there any issues I should be aware of before choosing Allied Pharmacy?

While many customers report positive experiences with staff and services, there have been instances of operational inefficiencies, such as issues with prescription dispensing and communication lapses. Additionally, there has been at least one report of expired products being provided, so customers are advised to inspect products upon receipt.

How does Allied Pharmacy - Green Lane's customer service stand out?

Allied Pharmacy - Green Lane has received praises for their customer service, with staff members like Lillian, Millie, and Michael being acknowledged for their dedication to going above and beyond for customers, providing friendly, thorough, and professional assistance.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Allied Pharmacy - Green Lane

Allied Pharmacy - Green Lane
Marie Hassall
a month ago
I'm doing this review for my mum to highlight the excellent service she received from Lillian when going about having her ears syringed. Nothing was too much trouble Lillian goes above and beyond, she is so pleasant and her customer service is second to none.
Allied Pharmacy - Green Lane
Neill Havers
a month ago
Been using this chemist for the past 6 months. Never had an issue until last week when I went to collect two prescriptions. I got home only to find 1 item in sealed bag despite being told both items had been put there. I had to go back three further visits to collect the other item (on two occasions the pharmacist hadn’t arrived) so they were unable to dispense. I work FT & don’t have time to keep going back so have now registered with a different pharmacy due to poor service.
Allied Pharmacy - Green Lane
Eileen Woods
3 months ago
I attend the GP practice next door and the allied pharmacy is superb. I never have any problems picking up my prescriptions or my husbands as the staff are amazing. It is definitely a top pharmacy. I nearly always see Millie in there and she is so helpful and pleasant. I asked her about our covid jabs and she booked us in within 2 days. she is amazing. Thank you Millie
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Allied Pharmacies are a leading group of community pharmacies offering a high level of healthcare services, treatments, and advice across England and Wales. Together with our team of knowledgeable and friendly professionals, we strive to provide the best level of service to the people in our communities, across 150 Allied Pharmacy branches.