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March 4, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Ace Handyman Services Dallas?

The overall reputation of Ace Handyman Services Dallas appears to be strongly positive based on customer reviews. There is a recurrent mention of professionalism, skillful craftsmanship, and efficiency among the feedback. Technicians like Philip and Steve are repeatedly praised for their expertise, particularly in their precise work on kitchen drawers and installation projects. Timeliness is a salient theme, with technicians arriving early or exactly on time, and completing tasks within the estimated duration without incurring additional charges. The ease of scheduling and the technicians’ respect for the customers’ homes and pets are highlighted, adding to the company’s positive image. Furthermore, the owner, Stacy, receives special mention for her understanding and prompt communication, indicating strong managerial leadership which might contribute to a consistent quality of service. Additionally, the technicians' enjoyment of their work and the pride they take in their output seems to enhance the service's perceived value.

Positive Feedback

Ace Handyman Services Dallas has garnered commendations for its exemplary customer service and work quality. Technicians are lauded for their punctuality, often arriving early and completing work within the expected timeframe, which indicates respect for clients' time. High-quality craftsmanship is a recurring highlight, with Philip's work on kitchen and bathroom drawers standing out for both functionality and durability. Respect for clients' spaces and circumstances is notable, such as attentiveness to pets during service calls and maintaining cleanliness post-completion. Additionally, the positive rapport and clear communication with the owner, Stacy, indicate a well-run business that extends its professionalism beyond the onsite work to the overall customer experience.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overall positive feedback, there appear to be no specific recurring negative themes within these reviews. However, it is important for prospective customers to consider that reviews tend to reflect individual experiences which may not cover the entirety of the service spectrum. Negative aspects such as potential cost-related concerns, scheduling difficulties, or any specific incidents of dissatisfaction are not represented in the provided reviews, but these could be areas that may require attention based on the typical scope of review for service-based businesses. It's crucial for new customers to inquire about these elements to ensure a complete understanding of the service offering.

Frequently asked questions about Ace Handyman Services Dallas

Are the technicians at Ace Handyman Services Dallas punctual and reliable?

Yes, customer reviews frequently mention that technicians, including Philip and Steve, arrive on time or even early, and work efficiently to complete tasks within the estimated time frame.

How do customers rate the quality of workmanship from Ace Handyman Services Dallas?

Customers rate the quality of work highly, specifically noting the professional craftsmanship, especially in cabinetry and installation projects, and the use of high-quality materials.

Does Ace Handyman Services Dallas maintain cleanliness and respect for customers' homes?

Yes, reviews indicate a high level of respect for customers' homes, with technicians being mindful of pets, working cleanly, and ensuring the area is immaculate after the service is completed.

What are customers saying about Ace Handyman Services Dallas

Ace Handyman Services Dallas
Tamysia Page
3 weeks ago
Professional with true craftsmanship. Phillip replaced the kitchen trash drawer with improvements. Its the second time the drawer slides have been replaced. The last time was done by someone else. I’m pretty certain this is the last time I will have to deal with it. Phillip remade the drawer and installed new, heavy duty, easy release drawer slides. I will definitely call him again. Hopefully, to build something pretty in my house.
Ace Handyman Services Dallas
Macey Taylor
5 months ago
Philip was great! Very quick and efficient. I have kitties that are in separate rooms and he was mindful of them. Very respectful of me having to work while he was here I will. Definitely call him if I need additional service in the future! Service: TV mounting
Ace Handyman Services Dallas
Jennifer Wilcox
5 days ago
Philip did an excellent job building new drawers in my kitchen and bathroom. He installed them perfectly with slow close hardware. He kept me informed during the entire process and I couldn’t be more pleased.
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Ace Handyman Services Dallas has been proudly serving our customers since 2010. Our owner, Stacy Huston is a long time Dallas resident. She prides herself on top notch customer service and quality craftsmanship.Ace Handyman Services Dallas is truly a handyman company. Call us for any home repair needs. If we cannot do the work, we certainly can refer you to someone that can. Our team can do repairs and remodeling of your residence or business. The craftsmen are highly qualified and professional. As a business we are insured and provide workman's compensation to our team.