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What do customers say about 888 Thai Massage Therapy?

As of Apr 12, 2024, 144 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 12, 2024
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April 12, 2024

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888 Thai Massage Therapy's customer reviews analysis

888 Thai Massage Therapy appears to enjoy a fundamentally positive reputation, bolstered by commendations regarding the quality of its massages and the expertise of its therapists, particularly Wendy and Apple. Clients describe experiences that range from exceptional muscle tension relief to highly professional service conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation. The business seems to cater effectively to both regular and new customers seeking therapeutic and deep tissue massages. However, an isolated incident related to customer service and appointment confirmation processes suggests there may be occasional lapses in communication or administrative practices. Nonetheless, the recurrence of positive feedback implies these are not reflective of the general client experience.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of customer feedback for 888 Thai Massage Therapy are notably consistent, emphasizing the high skill level of the therapists and the quality of the massage services. Therapists like Wendy and Apple are frequently mentioned for their expertise, suggesting that the staff’s knowledge significantly contributes to customer satisfaction. Multiple reviews claim tailored treatments and effective relief from muscle problems, indicating that the therapies offered are both customized and therapeutic. The atmosphere of the therapy space is lauded as clean and professional, further enhancing customer experience. The ease of booking and availability of walk-ins coupled with a welcoming environment showcases the accessibility and client-oriented approach of the establishment.

Concerns and Threads

Despite predominantly positive feedback, 888 Thai Massage Therapy has faced criticism regarding customer service, particularly the process of appointment confirmation. A review described an experience where an appointment was cancelled without proper notification to the client, who was unable to respond to a confirmation call due to work. This incident raises concerns about the establishment's communication policies and consideration for clients' time constraints. Such negative experiences, while relatively few, can be impactful and may influence potential customers' perception of the business's reliability in administrative aspects.

Frequently asked questions about 888 Thai Massage Therapy

Do the therapists at 888 Thai Massage Therapy have areas of special expertise?

Yes, the therapists, especially Wendy and Apple, are recognized for their exceptional skills and knowledge in various types of massages including Thai, Swedish, and deep tissue massages, tailored to clients' specific requirements.

Is it possible to book a massage session at 888 Thai Massage Therapy on short notice?

888 Thai Massage Therapy offers ease of booking with options for walk-ins and short-notice appointments, though it is recommended to book in advance to ensure therapist availability.

What kind of environment can I expect at 888 Thai Massage Therapy?

The feedback indicates a professional, clean, and relaxing environment. The staff is described as friendly and accommodating, which contributes to an overall positive customer experience.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for 888 Thai Massage Therapy

888 Thai Massage Therapy
Rajveer Dhillon
3 weeks ago
On both occasions here have had a fabulous experience. Therapist WENDY, was exactly what was needed. Here knowledge and skills working on my body and movement was excellent. She really went the extra mile to ensure my treatment gave me what I needed. I wouldn’t think twice before reccomending. Easy to book or walk ins available. Thanks to team and Wendy for today.
888 Thai Massage Therapy
Adeola Salau
2 months ago
I've been here a few times. Massage is good however I will not be coming back due to terrible customer service. I called this afternoon to book an appointment for this evening. When I got there they told me my appointment had been cancelled because they tried to call and text me to confirm the appointment this evening. It did not occur to them that I may be busy at work and not be able to get to my phone. I don't understand why they have to double confirm an appointment that was only made this afternoon. Absolute rubbish!
888 Thai Massage Therapy
Mahim Kamalee
8 months ago
I just had the most amazing Thai massage. The masseuse was Wendy (Foni) and she knew exactly what she was doing. I do a lot of physical activity including Muay thai recently and my muscles require a lot of TLC, Wendy was great. I feel soooooo good and rejuvenated, one of the best massages ever! Thank you Wendy xx
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