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10 Body Type Acupuncture Clinic
10 Body Type Acupuncture Clinic

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What do customers say about 10 Body Type Acupuncture Clinic?

As of Feb 25, 2024, 9 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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10 Body Type Acupuncture Clinic's customer reviews analysis

The 10 Body Type Acupuncture Clinic appears to have built a strong reputation based on the customer reviews, with consistent praise for the efficacy of treatments, the professionalism, and knowledgeability of the staff. Clients commend the clinic not only for relieving specific ailments such as sciatic nerve pain and back pains but also for the overall healthcare experience provided. The attentive service that inquires regularly about the patient's comfort during treatment, as well as the thorough consultation process, are frequently mentioned. Affordability and the ability to accommodate individuals without health insurance also contribute positively to the clinic's image. Furthermore, the clinic's acceptance of a wide range of insurances and the convenience of handling insurance paperwork are highlighted. There is a strong element of trust built between the patients and the clinic, evident from the willingness of clients to recommend the services and the stated intent of continuing treatment at the facility. These factors combined suggest a favorable overall customer experience with the potential for a high rate of client retention and recommendation.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects of customer feedback for the 10 Body Type Acupuncture Clinic are centered around several key areas. Firstly, there is significant praise for the effectiveness of treatments, with clients reporting rapid relief from pain and progress in their health. The expertise of the practitioners is frequently acknowledged, indicating that staff is both knowledgeable and capable of diagnosing and treating a variety of complaints. Holistic care is also a theme, with reports of the clinic offering insights into other health issues and even providing complimentary health aids, like tea for pain relief and cleansing. Additionally, high standards of cleanliness and safe practices, such as the use of fresh needles, have been favorably reviewed. The client service is characterized by regular check-ins for comfort and thorough consultations, which has been appreciated by patients. Lastly, the clinic's policies on insurance and affordability, including the use of Groupon deals and insurance filing services, are recognized benefits that enhance the client experience.

Concerns and Threads

The provided customer reviews do not explicitly present negative aspects concerning the 10 Body Type Acupuncture Clinic. Each review expresses satisfaction and gratitude towards the service received, with no mention of poor experiences or shortcomings in care. However, the lack of negative feedback within these reviews does not necessarily indicate the absence of any negative experiences; it merely reflects the experiences of the specific individuals who have chosen to share their thoughts. As such, potential clients reading these reviews should note that while the available feedback is overwhelmingly positive, it might not fully represent all customer experiences at the clinic.

Frequently asked questions about 10 Body Type Acupuncture Clinic

Does the 10 Body Type Acupuncture Clinic offer affordable treatment options for those without health insurance?

Yes, according to the reviews, the clinic is acknowledged for its affordability, and specifically for accommodating patients who do not have health insurance.

What kind of customer service can I expect at the 10 Body Type Acupuncture Clinic?

Customers can expect attentive and caring service. The clinic staff is noted for their regular check-ins during treatments and providing thorough consultations to understand and address patients' health concerns.

Does the clinic accept insurance and manage the related paperwork?

Yes, the 10 Body Type Acupuncture Clinic accepts a wide range of insurances. They also handle insurance filings for the patients, which adds to the convenience of their services.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for 10 Body Type Acupuncture Clinic

10 Body Type Acupuncture Clinic
Paulo Chun
2 years ago
This place is amazing! Brought my wife because she was having back pains and the doctors knew exactly how to treat her. She feels much better! Service was great and everyone is so kind. Highly recommend getting acupuncture here!
10 Body Type Acupuncture Clinic
emmy westmoreland
2 years ago
This place works wonders. I’ve never considered going to an acupuncturist or chiropractor until i severely injured my sciatic nerve. I could barely walk. Before getting an MRI I decided to take a chance and start acupuncture therapy as I’ve heard great things. After a thorough analysis of what was causing my sciatic nerve pain (my feet, shockingly), I did my acupuncture and then physical therapy session. Both Doctors were extremely knowledgeable and transparent. About two hours after my first session, my pain was basically nonexistent. I couldn’t believe it. This was a pain so bad that it was only relieved by an epidural cortisone shot. I haven’t needed to take the medication given to me by the ER at all. I already booked my next appointment and I advise anyone with sciatic nerve pain to come here! 10/10 service.
10 Body Type Acupuncture Clinic
Sarah Lea
5 years ago
This is the best Accupuncture establishment I have ever been to. They always accommodate me and everyone in there from the lady that assists to the doctors are so knowledgeable about everything and genuinely concerned for your well being. I went in there with severe back pain, in one acupuncture session, the pain had subsided tremendously and they gave me such great insight into other parts of my body that needed healing, from my circulation to large intestine. Every 10 mins they ask you how your are feeling and if you’re okay. I know they genuinely want me to get better because they even provided me with a free three day tea to assist with pain and cleansing. And for someone who doesn’t have health insurance, the prices are more than affordable. I would recommend this to absolutely anyone, I trust them 100% and I won’t go anywhere else. Thank you!
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