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Waxy O'Connor'S Glasgow

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Published on
March 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Waxy O'Connor'S Glasgow?

Waxy O'Connor's Glasgow garners mixed reviews, with a slant towards positive customer experiences. The ambiance of the pub is frequently applauded, with its unique multi-roomed design, friendly atmosphere, and live music adding to its charm. The intricately decorated interiors with trees and stained glass, coupled with its maze-like layout, are distinctively appreciated and contribute to what many customers consider a fun pub experience. The location is strategically favorable, situated near Queen Street, and popular for its live sports screenings and special occasions like graduations. However, the accessibility issue for disabled patrons, with inadequate information provided by staff about available facilities like elevators, has negatively affected the company's reputation. The automatic service charge on purchases, even for individual drinks, is another point of contention for some customers. While the beverage prices and selections receive positive remarks, the food receives mixed reactions with concerns about value for money and limited menu options.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of Waxy O'Connor's Glasgow are noted in the ambiance and the unique physical setup of the pub. Customers enjoy the charm of the multi-roomed bar with its maze-like layout and eye-catching decorations such as trees and stained glass. The live music and friendly atmosphere contribute to an engaging pub experience that is highly recommended by patrons. The pricing of drinks, particularly the Guinness, is perceived as reasonable, and the location's convenience to Queen Street adds to the establishment's appeal. The efficiency of service, with relatively fast food delivery and attentive staff, also contribute positively to customer experiences. During special events, such as graduation celebrations, the establishment shines with exceptional service and a satisfactory menu, which enhances the overall experience for celebratory gatherings.

Concerns and Threads

Critiques of Waxy O'Connor's Glasgow center around specific operational aspects. Several reviews highlight an issue with accessibility, criticizing the lack of information and assistance provided to disabled patrons, notably a seemingly undisclosed elevator for individuals with mobility issues. Additionally, the pricing of the food raises concerns, with some customers finding fault with the taste and value for money, alluding to an 'average' quality that does not align with their expectations given the price point. The menu variety is another area where expectations sometimes clash with reality, as patrons have reported unavailability of anticipated dishes. Furthermore, customers have raised complaints about the practice of adding a service charge to every transaction, regardless of size, and the exclusively cash-free payment system, which might restrict payment options for some guests.

Frequently asked questions about Waxy O'Connor'S Glasgow

Does Waxy O'Connor's Glasgow offer live music entertainment?

Yes, Waxy O'Connor's regularly features live music, creating a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere for patrons.

Is Waxy O'Connor's Glasgow accessible for guests with disabilities?

Guests have reported difficulties with accessibility, specifically regarding the location of the disabled toilet and information about elevator access. However, management has stated that an elevator is available for guests with mobility issues.

Does Waxy O'Connor's in Glasgow accept cash payments?

No, Waxy O'Connor's Glasgow has transitioned to a cash-free establishment, only accepting direct and credit card payments.

What are customers saying about Waxy O'Connor'S Glasgow

Waxy O'Connor'S Glasgow
Robbie D
a month ago
Called in here as it's quite close to Queen Street. Cool place with friendly staff, it's a bit of a maze but adds to the charm. For food I went with a bacon cheeseburger and chips which cost £13. For the price I was a bit disappointed to be honest, you can get a properly good burger for that price in many places but this was distinctly average.
Waxy O'Connor'S Glasgow
Darren Greenidge
4 months ago
A great, quirky, multi-roomed pub with live music, little alcoves, and a friendly atmosphere. They're a small chain but each are individual and unique. They do a reasonably priced Guinness too, which is always helpful, at five pounds a pint. If they did food, they'd be even more popular than they are. Highly recommended.
Waxy O'Connor'S Glasgow
Eilidh MacQuarrie
3 months ago
Such a fun pub experience in Glasgow. There are so many hidden rooms and the interiors are incredible, including trees, stained glass, wooden staircases and a small balcony where the live music is played from. The drink prices are reasonable and the selections are great. There are multiple bars throughout the pub so the queues are never too long. Phone signal is a no go and you may get lost but that’s part of the fun.
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Roomy, relaxed pub with regular live music & bar food, plus sports events on the big screen.