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January 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Vision Event Co.?

Vision Event Co. enjoys a stellar reputation for wedding planning, with a particularly strong presence in New York City. Customer feedback consistently emphasizes the company's adept handling of complex logistics, thoughtful coordination, and creativity. The professionals at Vision Event Co., especially Daniela and Rory, are repeatedly praised for their exceptional organizational skills, calm demeanor, and kind approach. Their ability to navigate unforeseen circumstances, such as COVID-related postponements and venue changes, highlights their adaptability and commitment to client satisfaction. The team's proactive communication, attention to detail, and hands-on assistance on wedding days have instilled a sense of trust, relief, and stress-free experience in their clients. This has led to customers feeling fully present to enjoy their special moments without concern for the underlying event execution.

Positive Feedback

The positive feedback for Vision Event Co. focuses on the team's professionalism, comprehensive planning, and execution. Clients describe the team's work ethic as best-in-class, with a talent for making elaborate and potentially stressful event planning a pleasant experience. Daniela and Rory, in particular, receive commendations for their supportive nature and ability to allay any concerns the clients might have, ensuring a seamless wedding day experience. Customers are also impressed with the company's creativity and their advice on aesthetic and practical elements of the event. The Vision Event Co.'s extensive preparation, including vendor coordination and day-of itinerary planning, is also mentioned as a significant advantage. The team's ability to produce stress-free environments so that couples and their families could savor their wedding day is a consistently highlighted positive aspect.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelming positivity in the feedback, there is a notable absence of any substantial criticism or negative experiences associated with Vision Event Co. The reviews provided do not showcase explicit drawbacks or areas of disappointment from any clients. This lack of criticism might reflect a high standard of service but could also be a result of a non-representative sample of customer experiences. However, based on the available data, no clear negative aspects of customer feedback can be discerned for Vision Event Co.

Frequently asked questions about Vision Event Co.

How does Vision Event Co. handle unexpected changes such as date postponements or venue changes?

Vision Event Co. is adept at managing unforeseen circumstances, including date postponements and venue changes, often due to situations like COVID-19. They work closely with clients to reorganize and ensure the event remains spectacular.

What makes Vision Event Co. stand out in the wedding planning industry?

Vision Event Co. stands out due to their attentive and calming approach, creative and organized planning, and exceptional execution on the day of the event. They are known for providing a stress-free and enjoyable experience for brides, grooms, and their families.

Are Daniela and her team at Vision Event Co. experienced in handling large weddings with complex logistics?

Yes, the team at Vision Event Co., including Daniela and Rory, are highly experienced in planning and coordinating large weddings with many moving parts. Clients report complete satisfaction with the handling of their complex events.

What are customers saying about Vision Event Co.

Vision Event Co.
Talia E
5 months ago
My family had the pleasure of working with the Vision Event Co. team for both my wedding (2022) and my brother’s wedding (2021), both in NYC. For my brother’s wedding, not only did Daniela and the team make everything come together so beautifully, they also expertly navigated all of the COVID changes and date postponements and made sure the wedding was spectacular when it was finally able to happen. I got married a year later and after seeing how perfect my brother’s wedding was, I was so excited to work with Daniela - she is incredibly thoughtful, organized, creative and most of all, kind and calm, two qualities you absolutely need from a wedding planner. Daniela negotiated contracts with all of our vendors and leading up to the wedding, the Vision team met with us regularly to discuss all details and ensure everything was on schedule. I knew everything I had to do on my end and knew that Daniela and her team had everything else handled and under control. Daniela and Rory brought great, creative ideas to every meeting (invitations, flowers, food, etc) and I never felt stressed that we were forgetting or missing something. Everything went perfectly at my wedding - my vision came together beautifully, everything was well-timed, and the Vision team even brought me 70 degree, sunny weather in November in NY! The day-of Vision crew happily assisted me with any of my needs (water/food, dress bustling, hair changes, and frequent bathroom trips in my gown!). They were really fun to have around on the wedding day and made the day very stress-free and easy. We had a really wonderful experience with the Vision team and would highly recommend them to anyone!
Vision Event Co.
Alyssa Reardon
5 months ago
Using Vision Event Co for our wedding coordination was one of the best decisions we ever made. Planning a wedding and coordinating logistics across every vendor is an incredibly daunting task. From the moment we began working with Daniela and Rory, we immediately felt relief. They took over, planned, and coordinated with ease and gave us endless support along the way. Not only are they the BEST at their jobs, they were genuinely the greatest people and we received rave reviews from all of our vendors because Daniela and Rory were at the top of their game. They handled every major and minor detail and we felt they were such an integral part of our wedding experience. I cannot rave about them more - an absolute must-have vendor. It's rare that a bride and groom can say that there was no stress going into their big day - this was entirely because we had Daniela and Rory!
Vision Event Co.
Max Epelbaum
5 months ago
We reached out to Vision Event Co because we saw they had experience planning weddings at our venue, and our vendors who had worked with them also had positive experiences. Daniela & team worked with us before our package officially started, answering questions and acting as a sounding board, which we really appreciated. Once we approached our wedding date and the package started our work together picked up and we truly felt the value that they added. They planned a detailed day of itinerary, guided us through everything we needed to do to prepare, and ensured that we had all our ducks in a row well before the big day. On the actual wedding day they did an amazing job keeping everything on track and ensuring that my wife & I didn't have to think about any logistics or planning details. We are so happy we chose to work with Daniela, Rory, Colleen, and the Vision Events Team!
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