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What do customers say about Dream Moments Event Design Ltd?

As of Feb 28, 2024, 66 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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February 28, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Dream Moments Event Design Ltd's customer reviews analysis

The overall reputation of Dream Moments Event Design LTD is exemplified by their attention to detail, professionalism, and the ability to deliver customized services that exceed customer expectations. Reviews collectively underscore the company's commitment to creating personalized and memorable experiences, which is evident in the frequent commendation of their staff, especially Raj and Kam. Clients highlight the flexibility of Dream Moments, their readiness to provide valuable advice, and the proficiency in transforming event visions into reality, regardless of budget constraints or event scale. The positive feedback centers around the meticulous planning, execution, and outstanding communication provided by Dream Moments, making them a recommended choice for weddings and other special events.

Positive Feedback

Dream Moments Event Design LTD is praised for its exceptional service quality and bespoke event designs. Clients report satisfaction with the company's ability to interpret and execute a wide range of themes and visions, such as 'enchanted garden' weddings with rich, deep colors and romantic, regal ambiances. The flexibility to customize elements like stage floral arrangements and lighting to enhance atmosphere is a significant highlight. Customers value the comprehensive service offerings, including decor, printing, and on-the-day coordination, underscored by Dream Moment's dedication to customer vision, budgetary considerations, and stress alleviation. The team's responsiveness, personableness, and professionalism are consistently emphasized, contributing to the company's standout reputation for creating beautiful, seamlessly executed events.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, there are no explicit negative aspects mentioned by the customers regarding their experience with Dream Moments Event Design LTD. All reviews provided speak to the company's excellent service, leaving us without any direct customer feedback pointing to areas of improvement or dissatisfaction. In the absence of critical feedback, it is not possible to provide a balanced view on any potential negative aspects based solely on these reviews.

Frequently asked questions about Dream Moments Event Design Ltd

Can Dream Moments work with a specific theme or color palette for an event?

Yes, Dream Moments is noted for their versatility and ability to customize events to fit specific themes and color palettes, as highlighted by customers who had themes ranging from 'enchanted gardens' to classic and elegant decors.

Does Dream Moments offer comprehensive services beyond event decor?

Yes, customers have noted that Dream Moments provides a range of services including bespoke printing, on-the-day coordination, DJ services, and itinerary planning, emphasizing their ability to offer an all-inclusive experience.

Are the staff at Dream Moments easy to communicate with throughout the event planning process?

Absolutely, the team at Dream Moments, particularly Raj and Kam, have been mentioned multiple times for their exceptional communication, professionalism, and supportive guidance, making clients feel at ease during the event planning process.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Dream Moments Event Design Ltd

Dream Moments Event Design Ltd
a year ago
I recently hired Dream Moments as the décor company for my wedding and I received an incredible service from beginning to end. I had met Raj from Dream moments at an initial site visit, I asked to trouble him for a few minutes as I was completely clueless with costs and planning a wedding, in which he kindly obliged. I explained to Raj I was still very early on in the planning stages I explained that I had not decided on a venue yet and he gave me some great advice, as I went on to explain the groom’s side will be travelling from another city he advised on the motorcycle museum as one of the better options as opposed to a venue in the city center due to lack of parking and ease of accessibility. He gave me his card and asked for me to get in touch when I’d secured my venue. I did ask the events manager to recommend me companies that had previously worked in the space and would be familiar with its setting – Dream moments was surely on that list! I got in touch with Raj a few short weeks later and he invited me to come for a meeting to discuss options and themes. I was still undecided with a lot of what I wanted, Raj showed me a portfolio of work that Dream Moments had delivered for all kinds of venues. I was really impressed with the versatility. After our initial consultation, I went away to look at some color palettes and themes and then finally came back to Raj with the idea of an ‘enchanted garden’ full of rich and deep colors. I had a vision in my mind of how I wanted my wedding to be a romantic and regal affair. We discussed the staging to which I was really pleased to see a decadent and royal stage option which I just had to have and Raj told me that it was very customizable with the colors of the floral arrangements on the stage. I explained to Raj how I went to a wedding a few months ago where the lighting made for poor photography for my guests and how I wanted the atmosphere to be dreamy and romantic Raj advised the use of up lighting bars and how we could spread them all around the venue, as there was no natural light and with the use of candles we could create any kind of atmosphere. We tried the different colors and his best recommendation was the blush color which I loved! Dream moments provided me with a range of services from printing bespoke ‘In loving memory’ boards, to customizing my welcome sign to match my invitations to the wedding, and then going another step further by making me bespoke floral arrangements to again match my invitation designs. The full list of what dream moments provided: cake table, stage, walkway, sweetheart table, dior chairs for sweetheart table, chivari chairs for guests, floor length table cloths, printing of welcome sign, set up a guest book table, provided up lighting for the entire venue, centre pieces – floral arrangements and candelabras. I was blown away by the incredible service by Raj and the team at dream moments I had the most amazing time. I received compliment after compliment from family and friends and I’m truly grateful that Raj and the team delivered everything to such a high standard. Thank you Raj and thank you Dream Moments.
Dream Moments Event Design Ltd
Manisha Taggar
3 months ago
Just fabulous! Dream Moments did my decor for my wedding day. From day one, Kam and the team were literally a dream to work with and were so kind, helpful and helped us fit what we wanted into our budget. The best decor company I spoke to during the wedding planning too - the service was brilliant. When we entered the room and sat down, I couldn’t believe how beautiful it all looked and we went for fairly simple , elegant and classic decor. The top table was gorgeous and everything from the flower arch to the table centrepieces just looked insane. We had so many people come up-to us and say how beautiful the place looked, especially the top table. Everything exceeded our expectations. Even what DM did with the guest book area was beautiful and we did not expect that! Dream Moments were great and everything went seamlessly on the day. I highly recommend them for your special events. I certainly will be recommending them to my family and friends going forward! Thanks again guys, you smashed it
Dream Moments Event Design Ltd
Tayyib Mubashar
2 years ago
The most professional, friendly and flexible team we had the pleasure to work with! A great family business with true professionalism and great vision. Thank you so much to Kam for understanding our vision and working with us to create it on the day. He made our family also feel at ease when we visited their showroom and really helped us liaise with all other teams on the day. A truly wonderful team and we cannot recommend them highly enough! Thank you for our truly amazing day Dream Moments!
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