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The Philadelphia Flower Market

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Published on
February 26, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about The Philadelphia Flower Market?

The Philadelphia Flower Market appears to hold a commendable position in the realm of floral services, bolstered by numerous positive customer experiences. Reviewers frequently laud the vibrancy and quality of the floral arrangements, often citing timely deliveries and precise adherence to the requested specifications. The bouquets are described as full, vibrant, and fresh, with the added noteworthy detail of matching website imagery. The company's pricing strategy is positively received, contributing to the company's overall reputation as an affordable option. Customer service interactions, in particular, seem to be generally responsive and attentive, with the staff's willingness to facilitate order changes and provide advice. Despite mostly favorable feedback, the company has faced criticism for reliability issues, including delivery lapses on important occasions and perceived apathy from staff. This has, in some cases, eroded customer trust and satisfaction.

Positive Feedback

A significant number of customers have expressed satisfaction with The Philadelphia Flower Market, pointing out various strengths of the business. The quality and aesthetic appeal of the flowers receive notable acclaim - customers have praised the vibrancy and freshness of the arrangements, with some going so far as to report that they lasted longer than expected and bloomed beautifully. Service efficiency is another highlighted positive aspect, as the staff's ability to accommodate last-minute changes and promptly deliver orders contributes to a smooth customer experience. The variety of flowers and the ability to include all requested elements in a bouquet has also been commended. Additionally, the value for money stands out as an attractive feature, with the company offering competitively priced products without compromising on quality. The staff's expertise and helpful nature add to the company's strong reputation, as personal assistance and guidance appear to play a significant part in fulfilling complex and large orders, such as wedding arrangements.

Concerns and Threads

Despite many positive testimonials, The Philadelphia Flower Market has encountered criticism that points to areas in need of improvement. The most poignant negative feedback arises from issues related to delivery reliability. There have been instances of missed delivery dates on important occasions, which is particularly disappointing to customers expecting prompt service. A perception of indifference on the part of the company and its employees when handling such lapses in service has been reported, suggesting a lack of empathy and a potential shortfall in customer service training. Additionally, the failure to provide timely updates on delivery statuses or adequately manage ordering volume spikes has led to frustration, indicative of possible operational inefficiencies. Such experiences have led some customers to question the trustworthiness of the company when it comes to special occasions, marking a notable concern in otherwise positive feedback.

Frequently asked questions about The Philadelphia Flower Market

Can I request a custom bouquet with specific flowers and elements?

Yes, The Philadelphia Flower Market offers custom bouquets where customers can request specific flowers and elements, as evidenced by customer reviews noting successful inclusion of all requested items in their arrangements.

Does the company guarantee on-time delivery for special occasions?

While The Philadelphia Flower Market aims to provide on-time deliveries, there have been instances where customers experienced delays, particularly during high volume periods. It is advisable to order in advance and confirm the delivery schedule.

What if the ordered flowers are not available on the delivery day?

In cases where the selected flowers are unavailable, staff from The Philadelphia Flower Market reportedly contact customers to explain the situation and recommend suitable substitutions, ensuring that deliveries are not compromised.

What are customers saying about The Philadelphia Flower Market

The Philadelphia Flower Market
Angela McCloskey
a week ago
Beautiful! My mom works in the city and I wanted a local company that could deliver to her, after a few hours of researching into different florists, I chose the flower market for their incredible pricing and pretty bouquets. Well, I made a great choice! My mom received her flowers exactly when/as she was supposed to, she adores them, the blooms are vibrant, alive, full and I love the care that was put into the bouquet overall. Thank you guys so much for making my mom’s Valentines Day great! I will definitely be using you again for future flower needs!!
The Philadelphia Flower Market
brendamiller photography
2 months ago
One dozen roses with baby’s breath and fern were delivered in cellophane wrap with a huggable brown fuzzy bear attached! Front desk called for pick up and had the delivery stored in a cool dry environment. The roses looked as fresh as if just cut. I was able to make two full bouquets and both are opening without any noticeable brown on the petals. Beautiful 💐 #LetsGuide Philadelphia Flower Market JFK Underground #florists delivers
The Philadelphia Flower Market
mary p
a month ago
The ladies at Phila. Flower Market kept me informed of my delivery and were VERY helpful in allowing me to make a change in my order. It was delivered promptly and looked JUST LIKE the picture on website. The recipient was very blessed to receive and sent me photos. Thank you for great service and BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS!
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