The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre
The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre

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Published on
February 21, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre?

The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre in Birmingham has garnered positive acclaim for its unique charm, wide selection of food and drinks, and high-quality service. The establishment's setting is frequently mentioned, with its historical significance and architectural beauty being highlighted as a significant pull for customers. The pub's transformation from a library to a bank and now an entertainment venue with a theatre has left an unmistakable impression, with patrons regularly noting the high ceilings, exceptional décor, especially during the Christmas season, and the overall atmospheric vibe. Customer experiences often celebrate the variety of choices available to suit different dietary preferences, such as vegetarian options and gluten-free beer. However, there's a consensus on the price point being on the higher end, which some customers find prohibitive to frequent visits.

Positive Feedback

Customer feedback for The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre is strongly positive, particularly concerning the venue's atmosphere and the condition and design of the building, which are frequently described as majestic and thematic. Reviews regularly emphasize the venue's rich history and the thoughtful preservation of its architectural details. Service quality receives high praise, with staff described as friendly and accommodating. The food and drink menu is commended for its diversity and quality, including the mention of satisfying vegetarian options and non-alcoholic beverages. Specific dishes, like the pie, receive individual recognition for their deliciousness. The venue's adaptability in accommodating both drinks with friends and theatrical entertainment adds to its appeal.

Concerns and Threads

While the majority of reviews are positive, a recurring theme in the negative aspects of customer feedback pertains to the cost. Patrons consider the prices for both food and drinks, including a pint of Guinness, to be expensive, which serves as a deterrent for some returning guests. There are also isolated critiques regarding the food offerings, with one patron describing the meal as 'OK' and noting a lack of abundance in certain dishes, such as the accompanying chips. This perception of value for money is a significant factor in the decision-making process for some customers considering repeat visits or recommending the establishment to others.

Frequently asked questions about The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre

Does The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre cater to special dietary requirements?

Yes, the pub provides options suitable for vegetarians, as well as gluten-free beer choices, accommodating different dietary preferences.

Is The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre family-friendly?

The venue is noted for its sophistication and historical setting, which may not be ideal for children. The pub is not explicitly described as kid-friendly, and the atmosphere is more suited to adult patrons.

Are the prices at The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre considered affordable?

Customers have noted that both the food and drink prices at The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre are on the higher side, which some find expensive and may influence their decision on repeat visits.

What are customers saying about The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre

The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre
a month ago
A first visit to this lovely pub. Such a beautiful interesting building . Excellent service from bar staff. The menu looked wonderful but we had already eaten somewhere else. We will definitely be back for food.
The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre
Miroslav Kolar
3 months ago
Very authentic traditional English pub. Good choice of food and drinks. An ideal place to enjoy a beer or two with friends or colleagues. If like me, you are a vegetarian and a teatotaller you don't need to be worried. You can enjoy various juices or salads.
The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre
Becky Winsper
4 months ago
We was as a group for the comedy show and meal the pie is a mostly definitely most have it was delicious! Friendly staff nice place first time and I will return!
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Victorian bank building, now home to a theatre and pub with an island bar below a glass-domed roof.