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Temple Of The Dog & Meow Lounge

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February 24, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Temple Of The Dog & Meow Lounge?

Temple of The Dog Chicago garners a consistently positive reputation based on recent reviews. A recurrent theme is the staff's accommodation and flexibility, such as rescheduling on short notice and ensuring timely appointments. Praise for specific groomers like Heidi, Jess, Emily, and Nyleen features prominently, highlighting their skills and the dogs' vibrant outcomes. The reviews convey a sense of trust and emotional contentment among customers, many of whom experience their pets returning calm and happy. The establishment often meets, if not exceeds, customer expectations, contributing to a loyal customer base willing to commute for these services. However, there is an isolated incident where instructions on grooming style were not followed, which suggests room for improvement in communication or service consistency.

Positive Feedback

The strengths of Temple of The Dog Chicago are evident in the consistent praise across reviews. Customers appreciate the accommodating nature of the business, significantly when rescheduling is required, and the fair pricing compared to other local groomers. The staff's grooming skills receive specific commendation, with groomers making dogs look identical to requested styles, and on occasion, even without explicit instructions (as in the case of the 'teddy cut'). Furthermore, groomers like Jess are recognized for their poodle-coat expertise, and many pets seem to genuinely enjoy their grooming experience. The loving and friendly atmosphere created by the staff is also highlighted, making dogs feel comfortable and easing the worries of their owners. Groomers are noted for their ability to adhere to specific grooming requests, exemplified by a miniature schnauzer being treated 'amazingly well.' All these aspects collectively contribute to a reputably high-quality customer and pet experience.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, Temple of The Dog Chicago faces some criticisms that impede its otherwise stellar reputation. One significant negative aspect noted by a customer involves a lack of adherence to grooming instructions, resulting in an unsatisfactory experience where a goldendoodle was shaved contrary to owner's wishes. This indicates potential issues with communication or a groomer not fully enjoying their job. It is an isolated complaint, yet it is substantial enough to suggest that there could be inconsistencies in service quality or in managing customer expectations. The frustration shown by the groomer that day could be an isolated incident, but it may also reflect the need for better customer-groomer interactions to ensure that both the pets' and owners' needs are appropriately addressed.

Frequently asked questions about Temple Of The Dog & Meow Lounge

What kind of grooming services does Temple of The Dog Chicago offer?

Temple of The Dog Chicago offers pet grooming services tailored to specific breeds and owner requests, including haircuts, washing, and styling; with specialties like poodle-coat specific work.

How accommodating is Temple of The Dog when it comes to scheduling or rescheduling appointments?

The reviews suggest that the staff at Temple of The Dog is quite accommodating, often willing to work with pet owners for rescheduling and fitting appointments into tight schedules.

Can I trust that my pet will be comfortable and well-treated at Temple of The Dog?

Based on customer feedback, many pets are not only comfortable but also show excitement for their grooming appointments at Temple of The Dog, indicative of a caring and gentle treatment by the groomers.

What are customers saying about Temple Of The Dog & Meow Lounge

Temple Of The Dog & Meow Lounge
Mikaela Bullard
2 months ago
Finn had his first groom today, and he looks amazing! First off, we had to reschedule our appointment because Finn wasn’t feeling well. I asked if there was any way we could squeeze him in this week once he was better since we’re going out of town for the weekend, and they were so accommodating. The appointment took exactly how much time they had quoted me for, and the price is fair and comparable to other groomers I’ve looked at in the area. He was alittle nervous since it was his first full groom, but we will definitely be back soon. Highly recommend Heidi- I forgot to show my inspiration picture so she just went off me saying teddy cut, and he looks almost identical to what I had been imagining!
Temple Of The Dog & Meow Lounge
Shay Hernandez
8 months ago
I have been coming here for about 3 1/2 years now. I recently moved away but I’m always willing to do the commute back. I never leave disappointed because they have my fur babies looking fresh and amazing every time. I believe you get great service for a reasonable price. Will always recommend this place :) Thank you Temple Team ♥️
Temple Of The Dog & Meow Lounge
3 weeks ago
Jess does amazing poodle-coat specific work and our dogs adore her. Just took the most recent additional to our family in for his first cut and he looks quite handsome 😊
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