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Published on
February 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Tattu Restaurant And Bar?

Tattu Leeds has cultivated a reputation of providing an exquisite fine dining experience, with particular emphasis on its ambiance, service quality, and the visually appealing and tasty food offerings that cater to various dietary preferences including vegetarian, meat, and fish dishes, as well as halal chicken options. Customers repeatedly praise the atmosphere embellished with ambient lighting and beautiful decor, creating an ideal environment for celebrations and intimate dining. Service is frequently commended for being attentive and knowledgeable, with staff members receiving individual recognition for enhancing the customer experience. Drink offerings, particularly creative cocktails, are also a notable highlight, reinforcing the overall positive impression of Tattu Leeds.

Positive Feedback

Customer feedback for Tattu Leeds consistently highlights several key strengths of the establishment. The ambiance is praised for its inviting and well-themed setting, including a specially mentioned 'white rose' section that caters to pairs seeking a quieter dining experience. The food receives acclaim for its flavor, presentation, and variety, with options that satisfy diverse dietary needs. Drinks, and particularly the creative cocktail selection, appear to be a hit among patrons, enhancing the fine dining experience. The overall service quality stands out, with staff members named individually for providing outstanding, attentive, and personable interactions. These positive aspects contribute to an atmosphere that is often described as ideal for special occasions, fostering a recurring customer base willing to return for the experience, even if exploring other venues in between visits.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelming positivity in the customer reviews, there are subtle indications of areas that may need attention. One review suggested that the food, while good, did not quite match the outstanding quality of the drinks, rating it at a 4 out of 5 as opposed to the perfect score for the beverages. This could imply that there’s room for culinary improvement or consistency. There's also an implication that, while the ambiance is generally celebrated, the restaurant's noise level can be a consideration for those seeking a quieter dining experience, hence the recommendation for the 'white rose' section. Additionally, recommendations to visit during weekdays suggest that there might be a variance in service or atmosphere quality during busier times, potentially hinting at a challenge with handling peak times without compromising on experience.

Frequently asked questions about Tattu Restaurant And Bar

What kind of dining experience can I expect at Tattu Leeds?

Tattu Leeds offers a fine dining experience with a visually stunning atmosphere and well-crafted food and drink selections. It caters to various dietary preferences and is recommended for both special occasions and intimate evening meals.

Do I need to book a specific section for a quieter dining experience at Tattu Leeds?

For a quieter setting, it is recommended to book the 'white rose' section, especially if dining as a couple. This area is described as less noisy and more intimate.

Are there options for customers with dietary restrictions at Tattu Leeds?

Yes, Tattu Leeds offers a variety of vegetarian, meat, and fish dishes, and also caters to customers who require halal options. They have great allergy support, ensuring comfortable dining for those with specific dietary needs.

What are customers saying about Tattu Restaurant And Bar

Tattu Restaurant And Bar
a week ago
This is a restaurant for fine dining. The atmosphere was great with ambient lighting too set a nice scene with the flowers in the ceiling and dark moody colours as a backdrop. There is a small bar/waiting area and the main dining area has a large number of tables to accommodate both couples and larger groups. If there are just two of you, I recommend booking the more intimate "white rose" section which is a long narrow room off the side of the main dining area and is less noisy. In this smaller area there is a table for six people, a table for four people and three sets of tables to seat couples. Food itself was very tasty and eye catching. You can either go for the "waves" which is a selection of most of the menu, or you can go for the set menu of dishes. The food is a selection of vegetarian, meat and fish. Drinks also great and there is a good selection of non alcoholic cocktails. The chicken is also halal. Overall excellent experience and highly recommended for celebrations or just a nice intimate evening meal.
Tattu Restaurant And Bar
4 months ago
We love this place and have been several times now. The cocktails are amazing and very creative and the food is good. It's not the place we go back for its food though, more for its atmosphere. The food is around a 4/5 but drinks definitely 5/5. The service here is excellent. Good place to come for that odd special occasion. We would return again at some point after trying other places. However we would definitely pop in for a cocktail.
Tattu Restaurant And Bar
Ellie Corkill
2 weeks ago
Incredible experience , food was delicious, such a gorgeous atmosphere and special birthday celebration! Joe was absolutely amazing, so attentive and gave us the best service possible. Will be returning !
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Welcome to Tattu Leeds.Tattu delivers contemporary Chinese cuisine, fusing traditional flavours with modern cooking methods and exquisite presentation to create a unique and exciting dining experience.