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Southwark Park Tennis Courts
Southwark Park Tennis Courts

Southwark Park Tennis Courts Reviews Summary

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Published on
January 12, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Southwark Park Tennis Courts?

Evaluating the reputation of Southwark Park Tennis Courts from recent reviews reveals a mixed yet predominantly positive response from the public. Customers appreciate the newly renovated courts and the online booking system, which seems to have replaced a more casual 'turn up and play' approach. The courts' affordability at approximately £4 per hour is favourably mentioned, along with the quality of the court surface. The implementation of fees and a booking system appears to be a response to previous overbooking and the management of court access. However, concerns are raised regarding the difficulty in obtaining bookings and the negative effect this has had on the communal atmosphere once enjoyed by users. Additionally, the lack of lighting for evening play during winter has come up as an inconvenience. Other than tennis, park cleanliness due to food waste and the associated impact on pets is a concern mentioned by a park visitor, suggesting that the park’s maintenance may have broader implications beyond tennis court users.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Southwark Park Tennis Courts largely centers around the condition and maintenance of the courts. Reviewers have praised the quality of the surface as well as the overall experience of playing tennis within the appealing surroundings of Southwark Park. The convenience of the location, especially its proximity to the Jubilee line, contributed to customer satisfaction. Additionally, the introduction of an online booking system has been welcomed by several users for its facilitation of social distancing and efficient allocation of court time, mitigating wastage from waiting in line. The affordability of the courts is consistently mentioned, which compounds the belief that Southwark Park Tennis Courts offer a valued recreational space at a reasonable price.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the positive views on the courts' condition and online booking system, some reviews express dissatisfaction with the changes implemented, especially regarding the loss of the spontaneous 'turn up and play' culture. The booking system, while bringing order, has created barriers for those who do not plan in advance or are not tech-savvy, compromising the inclusivity of the courts. Frustration has also been voiced over the difficulty in securing a booking, hinting at a need for more efficient management or a potential shortfall in court availability. In addition, the absence of floodlights limits evening play times during the winter months, detracting from the overall accessibility of the courts. Concerns about park cleanliness and its implications for animal welfare are raised in one review, suggesting that park management may need to address wider maintenance issues beyond the tennis facilities.

Frequently asked questions about Southwark Park Tennis Courts

Are the Southwark Park Tennis Courts free to use or is there a fee?

The Southwark Park Tennis Courts are not free to use; there is a fee of approximately £4 per hour, and the courts must be booked online prior to use.

Can I still turn up and play at the courts without a booking?

No, the courts now require an advance booking through their online system, and a code will be provided to grant you entry.

Are there any facilities for evening play during winter months?

The courts do not have floodlights, so evening play is limited. The park closes at dusk, which should be considered when booking during shorter daylight hours in winter.

What are customers saying about Southwark Park Tennis Courts

Southwark Park Tennis Courts
Jarrod Van Berkel
5 months ago
Nice courts in Southwark Park. Must be booked online. Around £4 per half hour. The courts have just had been done up although I think all that has been done is a nice paint job. Court is concrete so quite bouncy.
Southwark Park Tennis Courts
Allan Cordero
5 months ago
Southwark Park tennis court is a gem! Although it can be challenging to book due to its popularity, the recent renovation has made it an excellent spot for playing tennis. The court is in great condition, and the surrounding park adds to the enjoyable experience. I'll definitely be returning for more matches.
Southwark Park Tennis Courts
The Blue Darkness
a year ago
Just be aware that these courts are no longer free at all. They aren't expensive, (I think about £4 per hour) but you need to book them and receive a code which gets you entry. Please note that they also have opening hours which, in winter, go well after dark - so be careful, as booking the court at 5:30pm in December will give rise to a pretty difficult game of tennis by night....
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About Southwark Park Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts

The tennis courts are on the west side of the park near the Jamaica Gate entrance. There are four tennis courts, there are toilets and a water fountain near the lake.There are no floodlights or changing room facilities.