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Published on
January 12, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Sonic Yoga?

The overall reputation of Sonic Yoga appears to be positive, with many customers highlighting the quality of instruction and the supportive community. Reviews mention instructors who are hospitable, supportive, and skilled in helping students advance their practices. Positive experiences often note the non-judgmental atmosphere, the sense of community, and the physical and mental benefits perceived by the customers. Nevertheless, there are concerns about the quality of some classes, particularly in terms of class sequencing and personal safety during practice. A reviewer with extensive yoga teaching experience raised issues about the potential for injury due to what they perceived as poorly sequenced poses and an overall lack of guidance on proper breathing techniques. Other concerns relate to the atmosphere, including the studio's environment and customer service aspects such as the entry process. These mixed reviews suggest that while Sonic Yoga has many strengths, particularly in fostering a warm community and providing quality yoga instruction, there are areas where improvements could enhance the overall customer experience.

Positive Feedback

Sonic Yoga's favorable reviews highlight several key strengths including high-quality instruction, supportive staff, and a welcoming, inclusive community vibe. Instructors are commended for their hospitality and the ability to accommodate various skill levels, from beginner to advanced practitioners. Classes are praised for being challenging yet accessible, and instructors are noted for not pushing students beyond what they are comfortable with. The studio environment promotes relaxation and helps alleviate anxiety, fostering a focus on personal practice. In addition, Sonic Yoga is appreciated for being non-judgmental and supportive, which is particularly beneficial for individuals with social anxiety. The mention of teachers staying after class to assist with advanced poses emphasizes the personalized attention that appears to be a hallmark of the studio. Long-term customers, including those attending for multiple years, validate the studio's ability to enhance yoga practice sustainably, while a strong sense of community is repeatedly mentioned as a significant positive aspect of the experience at Sonic Yoga.

Concerns and Threads

Despite its strengths, Sonic Yoga does face some critical feedback in certain areas. One detailed review by an experienced yoga teacher outlined concerns about class sequencing and the risk of injury, indicating that more attention to proper sequencing and the incorporation of regulated breathing techniques could improve safety. This reviewer also critiqued the instructor's communication style, suggesting a preference for more silence and contemplative space during practice. Another customer found the studio's atmosphere and entry process off-putting, with issues such as an excessively hot room and a hassle to gain access to the facility. Some reviews hint at a disconnect between the sales-focused approach, concerning customer service, and the core yoga teaching element of the practice. Addressing these negative aspects could lead to a more holistic and uniformly positive experience for all clients of Sonic Yoga.

Frequently asked questions about Sonic Yoga


Is Sonic Yoga suitable for beginners or those with social anxiety?


Based on customer feedback, Sonic Yoga is considered a non-judgmental and supportive environment. Beginners and individuals with social anxiety have reported feeling relaxed and able to focus on their practice, which suggests the studio could be a suitable option for those new to yoga or experiencing social anxiety.


What is the atmosphere like at Sonic Yoga?


The atmosphere at Sonic Yoga is often described as non-judgmental, supportive, and community-focused. However, some reviews have mentioned issues with the facility's temperature and entry process which could be distracting for some practitioners.


Does Sonic Yoga offer advanced classes and individual support?


Yes, Sonic Yoga offers various levels of classes, including advanced sessions where instructors break down complex poses without pushing students beyond their comfort zone. Teachers are noted for offering individual support and often stay after class to assist with advanced poses.


What are customers saying about Sonic Yoga

Sonic Yoga
Wy Wakefield
2 months ago
I try to visit a yoga studio whenever I travel. Sonic Yoga was within walking distance from my hotel. It was a nice walk from Times Square. It's a nice studio. Emma was the instructor for the Sunrise class at 7:30am. She was hospitable and i very much enjoyed her class. I would visit again.
Sonic Yoga
Daniel O'Reilly
6 months ago
I've been attending class at Sonic 3-4 times per week for about 6 months now. The staff is supportive and uplifting. The community is palpable. I highly recommend this studio.
Sonic Yoga
Alexandra G. Arias
3 months ago
As a 500Hr yoga teacher with over 10 years experience, this is the first time I write a review about a class at this particular studio. When it comes to practicing yoga, we have to remember that yoga is more than a set of poses thrown together. Yoga is a practice that when it has the right foundation, it can help you heal. Unfortunately, many people are getting injured from practicing yoga and while the reasons vary, we have to take a closer look at the role we are playing in our own practice and teaching. This level 2 class last night had many standing poses in flows where knees could be dislocated. It is important the practice of intelligent sequencing when teaching this type of class. There are many poses where the body is just not ready. It was hard to focus on breathing, ujjayi breath, which was not cued at the beginning. This vinyasa class could have used what vinyasa stands for, movement between poses in yoga, typically accompanied by regulated breathing. It is also challenging when the instructor talks the whole time, making jokes providing a threatening atmosphere for those, like me who just came in for the first time. Verbal cues in proper training is much needed for this class. Lots of" ings" turning, pointing, lots of do this, don't do that..."this" and "that" maybe needing good language. Most of all, I would have liked some silence when surrender in poses once in them. What is concerning, when I was walking out, many students said, that was a good work out! I am not sure I went in for a work out, I trust my yoga teacher to guide me through poses in a safe manner and it is about the student experience....I decided to practice what I try to teach in my classes. 1- Listen to your body. Only you know what your body is telling you. 2- The importance of a well-sequenced class and the impact that it has on your body and how you will feel during and after class is key. If you feel discouraged, overworked, pushed, unsaved and most importantly, if you start to feel pain. Stop! In my experience both as a teacher and student, I’ve found that sequencing is more than just putting some poses together that we think are cool, creative, and fun. I believe sequencing is an art, it is the process of putting poses together that awakens and prepares the mind and body to safely enter and exit one yoga pose to the next. I feel that the art of intelligent sequencing enhances the natural flow of Prana where each pose is meant to prepare, open and strengthen your body for the next pose to come. This type of sequencing goes beyond the physical poses by addressing the mental, emotional and even the spiritual aspects of the students in class. As yoga practitioners, students, and teacher we can all improve the way we practice and/or teach by going back to the basic concepts and build a strong foundation so we can feel empowered on and off the mat. Why is sequencing so important? As a student, when you are in the presence of intelligent sequencing: Your body responds to the positive effects of a well-sequenced and rounded yoga class You are well prepared to safely enter, sustain, and exit simple and more complicated yoga poses After class, you feel empowered, transformed and fully balanced at the physical, mental and emotional level You have the building blocks to help you deepen your yoga practice As teachers, you are able to: Teach in Kramas or stages no matter the level of experience of your students. Know how to safely cue more complicated poses Understand when to add specific counterposes during and towards the class instead of only adding counterposes at the end of the class Learn what poses to add or avoid when sequencing specific poses or combining a series of poses For all the yoga teachers out there, I want to invite you to advance your sequencing not just by teaching more complex poses but by going to deeper layers (not just physical) when teaching a class. I hope to give it another try in the future but stay safe yoga students...
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