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Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza
Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza

Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 19, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza?

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza garners a strong reputation as a must-visit historical site, based on customer reviews. Visitors are consistently impressed with the museum's comprehensive presentation of the JFK assassination, noting the thoughtful mix of reading materials, videos, models, and displays. Feedback indicates an immersive experience where one can deeply engage with the historical context of the event. The opportunity to stand at the window overlooking the parade route is frequently highlighted as a profound moment. Nevertheless, the museum's customer experience is not without criticism. Visitors mention a significant amount of reading required, which might detract from the experience for those less inclined towards text-heavy exhibits. Moreover, the lack of original artifacts, with most being replicas, is a recurring point of contention, particularly when weighed against the cost of admission and parking. Despite these critiques, the general consensus is positive, recommending the museum for its educational value and historical significance.

Positive Feedback

Visitors to The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza have lauded its educational approach to chronicling the events surrounding JFK's assassination. The museum's respectful and somber atmosphere is appreciated, with exhibition spaces providing ample contextual information through an effective blend of multimedia elements. The accessibility of the museum's content, due to the absence of a time limit for visitors to explore, is praised. Customer feedback highlights that weekends can become busy, hence suggesting the convenience and benefit of purchasing tickets in advance. Additional commendations focus on the museum's engaging storytelling and the bookstore's tasteful offerings. The location itself, with its proximity to the Grassy Knoll and notable downtown Dallas views, enriches the visitor experience.

Concerns and Threads

Despite many positives, certain aspects of The Sixth Floor Museum experience have drawn criticism from visitors. The prevalent notion that it is overpriced for an exhibit lacking original artifacts is a significant concern, as guests expected to see authentic historical items rather than replicas. Moreover, some felt that the museum did not provide enough material to justify the admission fee. Parking cost also adds to the perceived steep overall expense of the visit. The museum's heavy reliance on reading material could be seen as a limitation, not catering to those who favor less text-intensive experiences. Lastly, the prohibition of video recording in the museum has been mentioned as a disappointing restriction that limits the manner in which visitors can document and share their experiences.

Frequently asked questions about Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza

What type of exhibits can I expect at The Sixth Floor Museum?

The Sixth Floor Museum features a range of exhibits including text-heavy displays, videos, models, and photographs that provide historical context and detail the events of JFK's assassination. The experience is immersive, with opportunities to view the parade route from the perspective of the original window.

Is it necessary to buy tickets in advance for The Sixth Floor Museum?

While not strictly necessary, purchasing tickets in advance is recommended, especially for weekend visits when the museum tends to be busier. This can help ensure entry and potentially reduce waiting times.

Does the museum have original artifacts from the JFK assassination?

No, many of the original artifacts related to the JFK assassination are housed in institutions such as the Smithsonian or the Library of Congress. The Sixth Floor Museum showcases replicas and provides extensive informational content.

What are customers saying about Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza

Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza
Tyson Doonan
5 days ago
This is a must see in Dallas. Right across from the Grassy Knoll. The exhibits were interesting and lots of historical context was provided for the JFK assassination. It is a lot of reading but they do a good job mixing it up with videos, models and displays. I think it could get crowded on weekends and holidays so I’d be sure to buy tickets in advance.
Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza
Carrie Wolford
4 months ago
Admission was $18 before fees and taxes in September 2023. I thought that was a fair price. It took me about an hour to go through. There was no time limit on how long you could look around. To stand at those windows and look down at the parade route was beyond words. It was a very quiet and somber museum. I enjoyed the films and footage that they were playing in the different sections of the museum. There is a bookstore on the main floor, I thought it was tasteful.
Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza
Mike Lynn
a week ago
This was an interesting place of history. It was really cool to be there and be in Dealy plaza just to this place I’ve only ever seen on tv and movies. The museum itself was on two floor of the School book depository. It’s well done and has some nice displays with a lot of photos and timeline laid out. Besides seeing the actual building and the corner in which the window and shooters spot was the museum didn’t really have much to see. None of the original artifacts are there, everything’s in the Smithsonian or library of congress. So the few artifacts they have were all replicas. Parking was 12 dollars and the admission was 25 a person. It was in no way worth that much money, that was disappointing.
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Comprehensive exhibits on John F. Kennedy's presidency & assassination at site of the sniper's nest.