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Published on
March 14, 2024
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March 14, 2024

What do customers think about Shedd Aquarium?

The overall reputation of Shedd Aquarium is positive based on the collection of reviews provided. Customers are generally impressed by the variety of exhibits and the opportunity to engage with marine life, such as the ability to touch starfish and view animal spotlight shows. The aquatic displays, particularly the shark tanks, dolphin area, and penguin observation section, are highlighted as some of the best features of the aquarium. Guests appreciate the educational value and the care exhibited by the keepers toward the animals. While the aquarium is currently undergoing construction, it seems to have a minimal impact on the visitors' experiences, as many exhibits remain open and enjoyable. It's noted that the facility is larger than some guests initially perceive and that multiple visits or several hours are required to fully explore the offerings. Despite the enthusiasm, some visitors mention logistical drawbacks regarding crowds, wait times, and unclear viewing conditions in some exhibits. Parking challenges also arise as a minor point of contention.

Positive Feedback

Key positive elements frequently brought up in customer feedback include the array of free shows, the quality of the educational presentations, and the variety of marine life on display. Visitors express a high level of satisfaction with their ability to interact with certain species, such as touching starfish and witnessing training sessions with dolphins and belugas. The aquarium's environment is often described as beautiful and lovingly maintained, with passionate keepers looking after the well-being of their marine inhabitants. The presence of hands-on exhibits like the stingray petting area and playgrounds themed around reef life also enhance the family-friendly nature of Shedd Aquarium. Moreover, despite ongoing construction, Shedd Aquarium still offers a comprehensive experience, with facilities like the Oceanarium and coral reef exhibit garnering high praise for their diversity and appeal to multiple age groups.

Concerns and Threads

Among the negative aspects highlighted by the visitors, the primary issues appear to relate to overcrowding and associated wait times, which some find detracts from the overall experience. The visual clarity of some exhibits, particularly the underwater viewing areas, has also disappointed a few guests due to cloudy water conditions. Another concern involves logistical aspects such as finding parking, which can be challenging and costly. Although the aquarium's expansion and construction work do not severely hinder the enjoyment, it does seem to leave some guests with a sense of restricted access and a smaller-than-expected venue. The high admission price, coupled with these inconveniences, adds to the critical feedback by making the visit seem less valuable for those who were able to spend less than the ideal amount of time exploring.

Frequently asked questions about Shedd Aquarium

How much time should I allocate for a visit to Shedd Aquarium?

Most visitors find that allotting 3 to 4 hours allows for a comprehensive experience. To fully enjoy the range of exhibits and shows, it’s advisable to dedicate at least half a day.

Are there additional activities or shows included with the admission to Shedd Aquarium?

Yes, the aquarium offers a variety of free shows and interactive activities such as animal spotlight shows and touch exhibits with starfish and stingrays, all included with the cost of admission.

What are the best times to visit Shedd Aquarium to avoid crowds?

To avoid larger crowds, it’s recommended to visit right after opening. Planning your visit to popular areas first can also help ensure a more pleasant and less crowded experience.

What are customers saying about Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium
Christina Whalen
2 weeks ago
Went Monday afternoon, and it was mildly busy. We scheduled 2 hours and wished we had allotted 3 to 4 hours for it. The best of the museum cluster in our opinion and easily could make half a day out of it. We were lucky to catch the animal spotlight show for the dolphins and highly recommend you make the attempt to see the shows. Penguins had a wonderful observation area that makes a good rest spot and the dolphin tanks have a picnic area that makes for a decent lunch area. Shark tanks are the best photo opportunity/has good lighting.
Shedd Aquarium
Gina Sutherland
6 days ago
This place is huge! And there's so much to do! Make sure to research and plan out your day to take advantage of everything there is to offer! Many free shows spaced out throughout the day. Very educational. The only thing that wasn't great was trying to find parking but that'll happen. We ended up in one of the lots for $30 but we were there pretty much all day.
Shedd Aquarium
Northern Star
a month ago
My favorite aquarium in what was once my favorite city. Truly a terrific place. The keepers obviously love their animals. Everything is so beautiful. They take such good care of all their living beings. It’s truly a perfect place. If I could live there I would be happy!
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State-of-the-art indoor aquarium, famous for its variety of habitats & views of Lake Michigan.