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Roka Charlotte Street
Roka Charlotte Street

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Published on
January 31, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Roka Charlotte Street?

The overall company reputation of ROKA Charlotte Street is strong, as evidenced by the feedback from various patrons. Customers have consistently noted the excellent quality of the sushi and the enchantment of dining alongside the visible culinary process. The staff is universally praised for being attentive, polite, and accommodating to special requests, including dietary restrictions and adjustments to the menu. The experience is described as 'classy', with a high-quality ambiance and service that enhances the overall dining experience. The attention to detail, such as asking diners their favorite dish, adds a personalized touch that seems to leave a lasting positive impression. However, the high price is commonly acknowledged, framing ROKA as a premium, possibly 'hyperexpensive' establishment. This price point does not detract from customer satisfaction, as the quality of food and service are perceived to align with the costs.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of customer feedback focus primarily on the quality of the food at ROKA Charlotte Street, with particular accolades given to the sushi, yellowtail sashimi, and robata grill dishes. The service is another standout feature, described as not only efficient and attentive but also warm and welcoming, with staff readily available to answer any questions about the menu. The accommodating nature of the staff, who routinely meet special requests for dietary preferences and substitutions, is also a highlight, leading to a personalized dining experience. The ambiance of the restaurant enhances the overall experience, being characterized as nice, cozy, and classy. The availability of a sake menu and unique cocktails provides a well-rounded dining experience that extends beyond just the meal itself. Customers appreciate the attentive service that considers dietary restrictions, and the emphasis on customer favorite dishes suggests a thoughtful and engaging approach from the staff.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the numerous positive aspects, there are minimal critiques to note from the feedback for ROKA Charlotte Street. One concern is the limited variety of vegetarian options, although the available dishes are praised for their quality. Another minor negative comment mentions the absence of non-alcoholic sushi options, which may suggest a need for a more versatile menu for those avoiding alcohol. One isolated critique refers to a particular dish, the salmon teriyaki, being overcooked during a tasting menu dinner. The decor of the restaurant is mentioned once with a suggestion for adding some 'fun' elements to the interior to complement its elegant and cheerful atmosphere. Lastly, one significant factor that could influence decision-making for potential patrons is the acknowledgment of the restaurant as a premium, even 'hyperexpensive' venue, suggesting that the experience may require a discretionary spend.

Frequently asked questions about Roka Charlotte Street

Does ROKA Charlotte Street offer vegetarian and dietary restriction accommodations?

Yes, ROKA Charlotte Street has some vegetarian options, and the staff is commended for accommodating various dietary restrictions, such as dairy intolerance, by adjusting dishes to meet individual needs.

Is it necessary to make a reservation before dining at ROKA Charlotte Street?

Due to the business of the restaurant, particularly noted on Saturday nights, it is strongly recommended to make reservations in advance to secure a table.

What is the price range for dining at ROKA Charlotte Street?

ROKA Charlotte Street is considered a high-end or 'hyperexpensive' establishment, indicating that diners should be prepared for a premium dining experience that aligns with the higher price point.

What are customers saying about Roka Charlotte Street

Roka Charlotte Street
Jekaterina C
5 months ago
The service was ever so attentive, polite, and always adorned with a delightful smile. We felt completely at ease and thoroughly enjoyed our time in the restaurant. The ordered sushi were fresh and tasty. Fabulous desserts as well, and very interesting cocktails. We were with the child and were seated next to the kitchen, she had an enchanting experience watching the culinary magic unfold. 100% recommend and will be back for more!
Roka Charlotte Street
Alexander Woolston
3 months ago
Arrived early for an already early dinner booking as shown promptly to our table. Lots and lots of staff available to take drink and food orders, but more importantly answer questions about the menu. Sushi rolls came out first, followed by hot dishes. My partner didn't want a pudding, but instead another round of sushi which was accommodated by the staff. The coffee and whiskey sundae was a fantastic dessert! Vegetarian options: Some vegetarian options in each section, but not a huge variety. What I did have however was superb
Roka Charlotte Street
a month ago
This place is a joy to come to! It was recommended by a friend and although very pricey, you get great sushi in a classy place. Highly recommend the yellowtail sashimi, you cannot go wrong with this! To keep things easy, I went with al the premium tasting platter. I asked to change the meat for fish options which Roka were happy to substitute. Would certainly be back soon
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