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Reid Rosenthal - The Rosenthal Group

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Published on
February 17, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Reid Rosenthal - The Rosenthal Group?

Reid Rosenthal & The Rosenthal Group have garnered a reputable standing among Philadelphia and Main Line real estate clientele, as evidenced by their latest customer reviews. The feedback suggests that clients are consistently met with a high degree of professionalism, dedication, and personalized attention. A common thread in the reviews is the team's adaptability and skill in navigating the multifaceted challenges of the real estate market. It is evident that clients value the group's effective marketing strategies, responsiveness, and negotiation prowess. Whether it is achieving a speedy transaction, securing a property before it hits the market, or handling the twists of a complex sale, the reviews indicate that Reid Rosenthal & The Rosenthal Group's comprehensive services lead to successful outcomes and a sense of client satisfaction.

Positive Feedback

Praise for Reid Rosenthal & The Rosenthal Group is consistently articulated through the lens of their exceptional customer service, the team's proactive approach, and hands-on guidance throughout the buying and selling process. Reviewers highlight several positive aspects, including the team's vast market knowledge, quick and successful sales results, direct involvement of team members like Reid and Brian, and a seamless, stress-free customer experience. Clients explicitly commend the tailored support offered to both seasoned and first-time homebuyers, reflecting trust and appreciation for the team's efforts. Enhanced client communication, with quick call-back times and informative updates, is also frequently mentioned, underpinning the group's commitment to keeping clients engaged and at ease during complex transactions.

Concerns and Threads

While the selected reviews are overwhelmingly positive, they do not provide substantive information regarding negative aspects of customer experiences with Reid Rosenthal & The Rosenthal Group. Without a presence of overt dissatisfaction or critical complaints among these testimonials, it is challenging to outline specific areas for improvement or frequent points of contention for clients. Any potential negatives, if they exist, remain unarticulated in this set of reviews, suggesting that clients are either very satisfied or that any negative feedback is not included in this dataset.

Frequently asked questions about Reid Rosenthal - The Rosenthal Group

How does Reid Rosenthal & The Rosenthal Group handle the marketing of properties?

Reviews suggest that Reid Rosenthal & The Rosenthal Group execute top-notch marketing strategies, including well-crafted visuals and property descriptions. Their approach is tailored to the nuances of the Philadelphia and Main Line market, aiming for maximum exposure and swift sales.

Can Reid Rosenthal & The Rosenthal Group assist with purchasing properties before they are listed on the market?

Yes, there are instances where clients have been able to secure properties before they are publicly listed, as highlighted in an account where Brian from the Rosenthal Group facilitated a pre-market purchase for a client.

Do Reid Rosenthal & The Rosenthal Group provide support for first-time homebuyers?

Absolutely. First-time homebuyers have expressed their contentment with the informative and seamless experience provided by the group, specifically mentioning the guidance through each step, which suggests a strong support system for those new to the real estate process.

What are customers saying about Reid Rosenthal - The Rosenthal Group

Reid Rosenthal - The Rosenthal Group
Nina Austin
a month ago
Reid was the fourth realtor we chose to sell our home in Philadelphia and he should've been the first. At least we eventually got it right! He did what four others could not do--get us to the finish line (I'll add, seamlessly!)--along with the help of his wonderful Marketing Assistant, Joelle Lanvin. Reid was always available, professional, and willing to go the extra mile to sell our home in this extremely difficult market. His team's marketing abilities, even down to the pictures and description of our home, were all top notch. I couldn't recommend Reid and the Rosenthal Group highly enough. Thank you for everything!
Reid Rosenthal - The Rosenthal Group
Mitchell Stein
3 months ago
Reid and the entire team were so helpful as we navigated our home purchase. They were very friendly, communicative, and knowledgeable, making sure we were informed and happy throughout the process. We would highly recommend Reid & The Rosenthal Group to anyone in search of a new home!
Reid Rosenthal - The Rosenthal Group
Andrew Porter
a week ago
Reid was extremely helpful and professional. Every step of the way throughout our first home purchase we felt he had us covered. He really went above and beyond!
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In today's shifting real estate market we'll make the deal and close the sale! We acquire our sellers on average 5-10% more in profit while doing it 2.5 times faster when compared to the top 3 brokerages in Philadelphia. (BRIGHT MLS DATA 2020)Who You Work With Matters ®When you decide to sell, buy, or invest in today's market: who you work with really does matter! With career sales in the billions, Reid Rosenthal & The Rosenthal Group are #2 in Pennsylvania and the #8 team in North America for Berkshire Hathaway, (for large teams with 20+ sales professionals).Years of full-time experience have given Reid & Team a clear understanding of the mindset of home buyers and sellers and a understanding of the regional marketplace.