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Published on
February 12, 2024
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February 12, 2024

What customers think about Reed

An analysis of the latest reviews for Reed Recruitment Agency suggests a highly positive overall company reputation. Customers repeatedly commend individual recruiters, particularly Candice Cameron, for their professionalism, responsiveness, and efficiency. The feedback indicates that recruiters at Reed not only assist with the mechanics of job placement but also provide personalized support as candidates navigate the hiring process. This includes after-placement care, which enhances customer experience. A recurring theme is the ability of recruiters to expediently secure suitable positions for candidates, reflecting a thorough understanding of their clients' skills and requirements. The agency's success in placing candidates quickly and effectively, even for those with specialized needs such as relocating from abroad, strengthens its standing as a reliable resource in the job market.


The positive customer feedback for Reed Recruitment Agency highlights the exceptional service provided by its team, with special emphasis on individual recruiters like Candice Cameron, Lea Davidson, and Ross Altan. Clients praise the recruiter's abilities to quickly secure interviews and job placements, demonstrating a deep understanding of both client needs and the job market. The support provided by the agency's staff extends beyond mere job placement; clients note the continuous communication, approachability, and encouragement they receive. Moreover, the efficiency in administrative tasks such as document handling, timesheet uploading, and payroll processes suggest that the agency operates with a high level of professionalism and attention to detail. Additionally, the value placed on candidate experience is evidenced through regular follow-ups and support, even after job commencement.


The reviews provided do not explicitly mention negative experiences, painting a consistently positive image of Reed Recruitment Agency from the perspective of these clients. However, it should be noted that these reviews may not reflect the entirety of customer experiences, as dissatisfaction or drawbacks are not disclosed in the collected testimonials. Therefore, the absence of explicit negative feedback does not necessarily preclude the existence of areas where the agency may have room for improvement. Potential clients should consider seeking additional reviews or testimonials to ensure a well-rounded understanding of the agency's performance.

Frequently asked questions about Reed

How effective is Reed Recruitment Agency at securing job placements quickly?

Based on customer testimonials, Reed Recruitment Agency is highly efficient at securing job placements quickly. Recruiters are noted for their swift responses, rapid arrangement of interviews, and prompt securing of job positions that align with candidates' skills and preferences.

Do Reed's recruiters provide support after a candidate is placed in a job?

Yes, many reviews highlight that Reed's recruiters offer continuous support and follow-up even after a candidate has been placed in a job. This support includes answering queries, offering encouragement, and ensuring the transition into the new role is smooth.

Can Reed Recruitment Agency assist candidates relocating from abroad?

Reed Recruitment Agency has received positive feedback from individuals relocating from abroad, indicating that their recruiters are capable of understanding and addressing the specialized needs of these candidates. Recruiters like Candice Cameron are praised for their listening skills and assistance at every step of the job finding process for overseas applicants.

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Luci Lu
2 weeks ago
I visited Reed office a few days ago and was welcomed by Candice. She took time to talk me through available roles, arranged for me an interview and helped me with necessary details. Candice goes above and beyond. I think, she exceeds expectations of every candidate. In my opinion, it is the most helpful and friendly recruitment office I've had the chance to work with. Recommend everyone to use their services!
Megan Yates
2 weeks ago
I cannot recommend Candice Cameron enough as a recruiter. Not only was she extremely fast at replying, setting up interviews, explaining and helping in the recruitment process but has checked up on me all throughout and even still checks up on me now in the job. She is an excellent communicator and makes you feel extremely comfortable, if she has a job to do she gets it DONE. With struggling finding a job in the administration sector, she had the process over and secured within a DAY! 5/5 for me 😁
Holly Paterson
3 weeks ago
I would definitely recommend Candice Cameron from Reed Recruitment Agency. Candice has secured me a job that met all my requirements perfectly after being made redundant, She is extremely responsive and guided me all the way through the process & still continues to if I have any queries! Candice has been really supportive, encouraging and so approachable all through out. Thank you!!
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