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Published on
January 15, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Proback Advanced Back Care?

Proback Advanced Back Care has garnered a generally positive company reputation, as evidenced by the reviews received. Patients commend the clinic for its highly qualified staff and their ability to provide immediate relief to various back-related issues. Notably, the level of professionalism and personal care from the practitioners, such as asking patients about their progress and offering phone consultations, has contributed greatly to the positive perceptions of the clinic. The holistic approach and tailored treatments are repeatedly praised, with recurring mentions of improved mobility, sleep, pain reduction, and quality of life enhancements. Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, there are some critiques concerning the clinic's operations. One patient mentions a perceived disorganization in treatment consistency and a 'revolving door' culture, with varying advice from different physiotherapists leading to confusion and dissatisfaction. Issues with professionalism regarding refund policies have also been highlighted. Still, such negative concerns are comparatively few and contrast sharply with the majority's favorable experience.

Positive Feedback

Customers overwhelmingly appreciate the significant improvements in their back pain and overall health following treatments received at Proback Advanced Back Care. The team's qualifications and courteousness are major highlights, with staff members including Katerina and Dipa receiving special thanks. Patients also value the tailored treatment plans and holistic approaches. The facility has been cited as a life-changing clinic that has helped some avoid surgery and has brought others back to their daily routines and work. Various therapies like shockwave therapy have been mentioned as particularly effective. The thoroughness of treatment, from in-depth consultations to step-by-step guidance and follow-up inquiries about the patients' well-being, illustrates a commitment to patient care over the long term.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overall positive feedback, Proback Advanced Back Care faces some criticism. A recurring theme in the negative reviews relates to the management of treatment plans and customer service protocols. One patient, in particular, experienced inconsistency in the treatments recommended by different physiotherapists, which amounted to a confusing and disappointing experience. Another voiced dissatisfaction with how the refund policy was communicated and applied, pointing to a lack of professionalism in handling billing matters. Notably, these criticisms pertain not to the effectiveness of the medical treatments but to the operational and administrative aspects of the clinic's services.

Frequently asked questions about Proback Advanced Back Care

Can Proback Advanced Back Care provide immediate pain relief?

Many clients report immediate improvements in mobility and pain relief post-treatment, with several testimonials highlighting life-changing results. However, individual experiences may vary, and it is essential to consult with a practitioner for a personalized assessment.

Does Proback offer services for severe back issues like herniated discs or scoliosis?

Yes, Proback caters to a variety of back-related conditions, including severe issues. Patients with herniated discs and scoliosis have shared positive reviews about the improvements they've noticed after undergoing treatment at the clinic.

Are there any negative aspects of the service at Proback Advanced Back Care that I should be aware of?

Some patients have reported inconsistencies in treatment advice and dissatisfaction with administrative and refund policies. It is advisable to discuss all aspects of your treatment plan and understand the clinic's policies before beginning your sessions.

What are customers saying about Proback Advanced Back Care

Proback Advanced Back Care
vanita kanda
4 months ago
The staff are very friendly and the best part of the treatment is that all staff are well qualified. If you every experience pain you can always book an early appointment to be seen by any professional chiropractor, as they will have your case file and X-rays during the treatment. I always feel relaxed after my treatment and my mobility improves immediately. I highly recommend the clinic as they saved me from undergoing a major operation. I have become more flexible. If you been suffering for long then please try this clinic. I have had chronic pain to the to the point I was poking objects in my back to get some relief, however after undergoing my treatment I no longer feel the the intense pain. Poor posture, and any back related problems this clinic will be able to set you on to recovery. I would like to thank all the staff for taking good care of my health and for asking how I feel after my treatment. The clinic staff always will ask how you are progressing. In the event you feel pain they have chiropractor available to answers your questions over the phone. My before and after X-ray reports reveal how much progress I have made. Thank you so much 
Proback Advanced Back Care
Nimo Ali
4 days ago
I have slipped disc I've been In too many treatment centers in London none worked better than proback clinic for me. Mid of 2023 i stop working i thought i will never walk again I reached the point where I was barely able to walk i was in bed for months then I stumbled upon this clinic online, after the treatment I feel that I have better sleep, I'm able to walk do my daily activities take my kids out, go out with my friends again and will go back to work after my treatment finishes.thank you very much for all staff who supported me all the way specially Katerina and Dipa i am not good with names my apologie.
Proback Advanced Back Care
Mike T
3 weeks ago
Disappointing experience. Staff were friendly and adaptable, who did their best to give me a treatment plan for my needs. However, I didn't feel progress and the culture felt like a revolving door - as others have mentioned, it seems like you're never really given enough time to appropriately devote attention to your problems. Additionally, one physio will say this and the other will say that, so you're left confused as to what the actual problem and treatment was. As if that wasn't bad enough, it was like I was being punished for leaving before the treatment concluded - it was unprofessional of them to change their mind about how much would get refunded to me, and at what date. You'd think they were aware of their own policies.
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