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Nyc Chiropractic And Spinal Decompression Center
Nyc Chiropractic And Spinal Decompression Center

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January 21, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Nyc Chiropractic And Spinal Decompression Center?

Dr. Steven Shoshany's chiropractic clinic, NOHO CHIROPRACTIC, consistently receives high praise in customer testimonials. The overall company reputation is reflected in the experiences of diversified clientele—from those with acute lower back pain and injury recovery to chronic neck pain sufferers and regular patrons seeking maintenance care. Customers often mention the professionalism, cleanliness, and ambience of the clinic, alongside Dr. Shoshany's particular expertise and the range of treatment options including the DRX9000 and the 'Ring Dinger' procedure. The feedback indicates a trend of immediate pain relief, improved mobility, and high satisfaction with the personalized and effective care provided. The recurring theme of exceptional patient care combined with successful therapeutic outcomes cements the clinic's standing as a premier chiropractic provider.

Positive Feedback

Dr. Shoshany and NOHO CHIROPRACTIC are lauded for their mastery in chiropractic care, specifically for providing immediate and significant pain relief, thereby improving patients’ quality of life. Reviews consistently highlight Dr. Shoshany's expertise, the clinic's professionalism, and attentiveness of staff. Positive customer experiences are frequently tied to the clinic’s treatment efficacy, with many patients reporting remarkable improvement after a minimal number of visits. The clinic's reputation for cleanliness and a soothing environment contributes to the overall therapeutic experience. There's a pronounced appreciation for the detailed explanation of procedures and the personalized approach that Dr. Shoshany and his team offer to patients, ensuring comfort and understanding of the treatment process.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the wealth of positive feedback, the reviews provided do not indicate any recurring negative aspects of the customer experience or dissatisfaction with Dr. Shoshany's chiropractic services. Any negative experiences, if they exist, are not evident from the current data set of reviews.

Frequently asked questions about Nyc Chiropractic And Spinal Decompression Center

What types of pain and injuries can Dr. Shoshany treat?

Dr. Shoshany specializes in treating a variety of conditions including lower back pain, neck pain, sciatica, and injuries resulting from accidents such as falls. The clinic offers a range of treatments tailored to patient needs.

Do patients typically experience immediate relief after treatment?

Many patients report immediate pain relief and improved mobility after just one or two visits, although individual results can vary based on the specific condition and treatment plan.

What specialized treatments does NOHO CHIROPRACTIC offer?

The clinic offers an array of specialized treatments including the 'Ring Dinger' procedure and spinal decompression therapy with the DRX9000 system, which cater to specific conditions and are part of a comprehensive approach to chiropractic care.

What are customers saying about Nyc Chiropractic And Spinal Decompression Center

Nyc Chiropractic And Spinal Decompression Center
Fifi Jones
a day ago
I recently visited Dr. Shoshany's chiropractic clinic, NOHO CHIROPRACTIC, seeking relief from lower back pain, and I must say, my experience exceeded expectations. From the moment I walked in, I felt a sense of professionalism and care that set the tone for the entire visit. Dr. Shoshany took the time to thoroughly explain the "Ring Dinger" procedure, ensuring I understood each step and addressing any concerns I had. This thoughtful approach significantly contributed to making me feel as comfortable as possible throughout the session. The clinic itself is pristine, reflecting a commitment to cleanliness and hygiene. The calming ambiance further enhanced the overall experience. The staff members were friendly and attentive, adding to the positive atmosphere. After the alignment, I experienced a remarkable difference. The relief from my lower back pain was immediate, and I left the clinic feeling rejuvenated. Dr. Shoshany's expertise and precision in the "Ring Dinger" technique truly made a significant impact on my well-being. I highly recommend Dr. Shoshany's chiropractic services for anyone seeking effective pain relief and a top-notch healthcare experience. The combination of a clean clinic, excellent service, and Dr. Shoshany's expertise make this establishment stand out in the field of chiropractic care. Thank you !
Nyc Chiropractic And Spinal Decompression Center
William Lounsbury
a month ago
After falling from 12 feet off a roof more than a year ago I spent time seeing countless doctors and getting no answers. Finding dr shoshany on social media, I spent the time and effort to make an appointment and traveled 4 hours by train. After 2 visits I’m feeling so much better, like I may be able to live my life normally again. My pain is greatly reduced and I can sleep comfortably now. Dr shoshany deserves 5 stars, an amazing and friendly experience.
Nyc Chiropractic And Spinal Decompression Center
Masih Shahlaie
5 months ago
As a periodontal surgeon who has struggled with occupational neck pain for years, I've sought relief from various practitioners, including chiropractors, massage therapists, and acupuncturists. Before discovering Dr. Shoshany, my neck pain had escalated to an almost unbearable level, accompanied by a significant loss of mobility. From the moment I stepped into his clinic, I sensed his exceptional expertise and professionalism. In just a few minutes, Dr. Shoshany's skillful adjustments not only alleviated my pain but also restored my range of motion. I've seen countless practitioners over the years, but Dr. Shoshany's approach and effectiveness truly stand out. His ability to pinpoint and address my issues surpassed anything I've encountered before. I'm now eagerly anticipating my next appointment, knowing that I'm in capable hands.
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Our office has on-site X-rays and we offer a integrated approach. We combine evidence based Chiropractic care with Physical therapy, Medical massage and Acupuncture. We specialize in treating Disc herniation's with non-surgical spinal decompression for the Cervical and Lumbar spine.We offer computerized Gait analysis and custom made orthotics. We offer both Cold laser therapy and Deep tissue laser therapy.