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Princes Street Gardens

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Published on
March 12, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Princes Street Gardens?

The comprehensive analysis of recent reviews indicates that Princes Street Gardens maintains a favourable reputation as a cherished public space in Edinburgh. The garden's Christmas market and other seasonal activities, despite noted cutbacks, remain a draw, appreciably benefitting from the spaciousness and preserving tradition, as seen with the carousel. Accessibility concerns for individuals with mobility issues, especially the elderly, hint at potential areas for amenity improvements. However, enthusiasm for the panoramic views of Edinburgh Castle and the city's skyline pervades consumer feedback, underlining the Gardens as a peaceful respite amid urban noise. Events like the Hogmanay celebration stand out as well-managed and memorable experiences. Though some visitors highlight changes from previous years, such as a reduced market size, the overall sentiment leans positively towards the well-maintained and historically-rich environment provided by Princes Street Gardens.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for Princes Street Gardens centers around several main facets. Visitors frequently laud the picturesque views of Edinburgh Castle, with the Gardens serving as an idyllic viewpoint that significantly enhances the visiting experience. A highlight of the visitor experience is the richness of historical elements and memorials throughout the park, which provide an educational dimension to strolls. The free entry and picnic-friendly environment are appreciated, establishing the Gardens as an accessible venue for tourists and locals alike. During the festive season, the Christmas market gains special mention for its charm and the fun atmosphere it fosters. The Gardens' cleanliness, maintenance, and the incorporation of green space in the heart of the city consistently receive positive remarks, contributing to its overall appeal.

Concerns and Threads

While the aggregate sentiment is largely positive, several negative aspects have been identified. There are concerns regarding accessibility, particularly for the elderly or those with mobility issues, as the extensive walking circuit and multiple steps can pose challenges. Additionally, some reviews intimate a sense of nostalgia, lamenting that the Christmas market and other activities have downsized from previous years, potentially suggesting a diminution of the Gardens' recreational offerings. Noise pollution from surrounding traffic was singled out as a detractor for those seeking a more serene environment. Moreover, more emphasis on discreet historical elements and the opportunity for longer, quiet contemplation in the Gardens could enhance the visiting experience for those wishing to escape the urban hustle.

Frequently asked questions about Princes Street Gardens

Are Princes Street Gardens accessible for those with mobility difficulties?

Princes Street Gardens offer a range of pathways and areas to explore. However, certain sections have steps and may be challenging for individuals with mobility issues. Visitors with such concerns are advised to plan their visit accordingly and may need to explore the Gardens partially.

Is there an entry fee for Princes Street Gardens?

No, Princes Street Gardens are open to the public without an entry fee, making it an accessible option for all visitors looking to enjoy the green space and view the Edinburgh skyline.

Does Princes Street Gardens offer activities during the Christmas season?

Yes, Princes Street Gardens hosts a Christmas market and other festive activities. Visitors can enjoy seasonal offerings like the traditional carousel, though some activities have been curtailed due to cutbacks.

What are customers saying about Princes Street Gardens

Princes Street Gardens
Dennis Smalley
2 months ago
A lovely place to stroll in any season but particularly wonderful at Christmas. Cutbacks have seen many activities curtailed but the fairground at Christmas benefits from the huge open space and the traditional carousel with beautiful hobby horses harks back to a bygone age. The old fountain looked spectacular tonight bathed in different glowing colours.It is quite a distance to walk the full garden circuit and at some points there are many steps which are problematic to those of us elderly people no longer in the full flush of fitness but taken slowly or possibly in part, still a wonderful experience .🎄😊
Princes Street Gardens
Jacinta Cooke
3 weeks ago
One of my favourite easily accessible outdoor places. Any season, any weather. People-watching, having a coffee or a sandwich, or a short stroll - a wonderful view of the castle and the old town skyline. A nice breakaway spot from the noise and traffic.
Princes Street Gardens
Coke Orellana Espinoza (Coke)
3 months ago
Beautiful gardens and we had so much fun in the xmas market. Great place to be at this time of the year. A bit cold but not even that much in November. Super recommended for anyone.
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Green Flag park of geological/botanical interest, home to several public monuments and memorials.