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Published on
April 3, 2024
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April 3, 2024

What do customers think about Planet Fitness Washington?

The qualitative analysis of recent customer reviews for Planet Fitness reveals mixed sentiments, which impacts the company's reputation to varying degrees. Customers praise the gym for its abundance of equipment, including smith machines, and for maintaining a no intimidation, friendly environment that caters to all ages. However, the company's reputation is marred by several incidents of poor customer service, discrimination concerns, and hygiene issues, such as the report of a bedbug encounter. These negative reviews, though sporadic, seem to be taken seriously by staff once reported. The issue of gym culture and inclusion has arisen, showing a divide in customer perceptions. The cancellation process is also flagged as cumbersome, requiring physical presence or mail correspondence, which aggravates customers further.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Planet Fitness centers on the gym’s extensive range of equipment suitable for all ages and levels of fitness enthusiasts, contributing to positive customer experiences. The gym's apparent focus on maintaining a non-intimidating and inclusive atmosphere is frequently lauded, making it accessible for older patrons and those new to gym culture. Facilities like multiple smith machines and upgrades have been positively received, enhancing workout experiences. Customers also appreciate the Clean-first strategy, particularly in response to the pandemic, noting that health and safety measures, including mask-wearing and constant cleaning by staff, are commendable efforts at this location.

Concerns and Threads

Negative aspects of Planet Fitness customer feedback include instances of uncomfortable interactions with staff, expressed in one incident involving locker access that left a customer feeling unsafe. Discrimination and a toxic gym culture were alleged by another reviewer, admonishing the gym’s environment as unfit for certain groups. Hygienic concerns were briefly mentioned, with the report of a bedbug compromising the cleanliness standard previously held in high esteem. Furthermore, the administrative difficulties associated with canceling memberships, requiring in-person visits or postal communication, is a significant pain point for customers. Such policy on cancelations breeds dissatisfaction, particularly with continued billing after the cancellation attempts.

Frequently asked questions about Planet Fitness Washington

What is Planet Fitness's policy regarding gym attire?

Planet Fitness has a specific dress code that prohibits certain types of attire, such as 'stringer' tank tops. It is recommended that members review the gym's dress code before visiting to ensure compliance.

How does Planet Fitness handle hygiene and cleanliness concerns?

Planet Fitness has implemented a Clean-first strategy, especially during the pandemic, which includes regular cleaning by the staff and safety measures like mask-wearing. However, any concerns regarding cleanliness are best reported to staff immediately for prompt action.

What should I expect if I need to cancel my Planet Fitness membership?

To cancel your Planet Fitness membership, you must either send a letter or show up in person at the gym. It's important to note that the cancellation process may result in billing for the subsequent month, and it can be difficult to resolve such issues remotely.

What are customers saying about Planet Fitness Washington

Planet Fitness Washington
Jessica Washington
2 weeks ago
First time experiencing in here, I took a shower I know my key lock they came and changed it. The male staff just wanted to see me. And then after he fixed it. I simply said whatever and that’s my right. He said OK next time he’s not. Laugh out because they don’t sell the water I like. And I needed a snack before I exercise. And yes, I do like to exercise at night. Why do you make a 24 for ? But as I walk out, the gentleman who was bothered by me, told me no you can’t leave the premises because you have a suitcase. This time I have a very small suitcase. I have breast cancer. I’m leaving within the area to get snack . He said the police are outside and he was going to throw my stuff in the trash. I’m walking back now. Let’s see if this is a nice picture. What is going to trash but he came back to the my locker again. Holding myself hostage I hope everything is there . I left my water in there and now I can’t hang up my coat. He said he’ll open it when he feel like it . I’m stretching for breast cancer now. So he opened it and still miss placed my items. I thought I already returned. And and exercising. But left my Fiji water on the bench. So what’s the reason if I’m already back ? It was loud in the lobby since he doesn’t want to charge the black card room for privacy doing my schoolwork . So I went out front for a quick quiet for a questionnaire for school and he follows me outside . Off the property to another area across the street to watch me. I walked in and openly said now I feel stalked. I’m keep calm but I feel very unsafe just trying get my work done and a workout. Now gossiping about me to other customers. If someone ask if not you business to talk any more. Just have your a manger call me. But as much as he want to explain he should have never communicated wrong or treated me.
Planet Fitness Washington
Jah Bey
a week ago
Attention: If you are NOT a woman looking for a date , a member of the LGBT community, a recently returning citizen, homeless, out of shape, this is likely not the place for you. Yes! I know it’s the cheapest thing next to going to a DPW rec center and there’s locations everywhere, but if you’re not down for the toxic gym culture and being discriminated against if you are not a member of one the aforementioned groups, you should probably just break down and pay the hundred bucks plus for the more upscale gyms. If you go to the gym to find peace, are dedicated to fitness, are not a personal trainer, or looking for social interactions with whomever your gender of choice maybe. This is not the Gym for you.
Planet Fitness Washington
Anitra White
2 months ago
This gym used to maintain a high level of cleanliness, with a diligent staff dedicated to ensuring the gym's tidiness. However, today I encountered a bedbug in one of the small lockers. Initially, I inform the staff, who gave it lil attention. However, upon bringing it to the attention of the second shift, they took immediate action and notified the manager. I trust that they will promptly resolve this issue.
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