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Pink Blossom Nail & Spa

Pink Blossom Nail & Spa Reviews Summary

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Published on
January 22, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Pink Blossom Nail & Spa?

Overall, 230 Pink Blossom Nail & Spa presents a mixed but generally positive reputation according to customer reviews. Customers praise the salon for its proximity to certain areas such as Midtown and applaud individual staff members like Kevin for professionalism and skill. Reports of satisfactory neck and shoulder massages augment the customer experience. However, there are notable concerns regarding service inconsistency, with some customers facing unexpected delays and disrupted appointments, and others experiencing rushed services resulting in subpar nail shaping and inadvertent injury. A notable discrepancy in pricing, coupled with accusations of deceptive practices such as bait-and-switch tactics, taints the salon's image. Despite these concerns, the salon attracts repeat business and referrals, suggesting a contingent of satisfied customers who value the services rendered.

Positive Feedback

The salon has garnered compliments for certain staff members who demonstrate skill and attentiveness, elevating the customer experience with add-on services like massages. Clients have specifically mentioned pleasant interactions with staff such as Kevin and Sofia, indicating a personal touch to the services. The salon's strategic location contributes to its accessibility for both locals and visitors. Some clients indicate that the salon's pricing is fair for its location, and the absence of pushy upselling is appreciated, distinguishing it from competitors that might be more aggressive in their sales tactics. Groups commend the salon for accommodating them together, enhancing the social aspect of their visit.

Concerns and Threads

Critiques primarily orbit around customer service issues and pricing transparency. Clients have reported significant wait times post the scheduled appointment, leading to frustration. Disrupted and rushed appointments resulted in dissatisfaction, with reports of poor nail shaping and physical discomfort, including cuticle damage. The salon has faced severe rebuke for allegedly employing deceptive pricing tactics; customers have recounted experiences of bait-and-switch, being quoted one price and then charged another, and inconsistencies between advertised and actual prices. Such practices cast doubt on the salon's trustworthiness and detract from the overall customer experience.

Frequently asked questions about Pink Blossom Nail & Spa

Does 230 Pink Blossom Nail & Spa offer services for groups and are they accommodating?

Yes, the salon has been noted for accommodating groups and seating them together, which is particularly appreciated by clients looking for a group-social salon experience.

Is there clarity on service pricing at 230 Pink Blossom Nail & Spa?

There are customer reports suggesting that pricing may not be clear or consistent. It is advised that customers confirm prices upfront to avoid any discrepancies or misunderstandings.

Are the staff at 230 Pink Blossom Nail & Spa skilled and attentive to customer needs?

Several customers have highlighted specific staff members for their professionalism and skill, suggesting that the salon employs trained personnel capable of delivering quality services. However, experiences seem to vary.

What are customers saying about Pink Blossom Nail & Spa

Pink Blossom Nail & Spa
Veronica Bell
3 months ago
5 stars for me, I was in a panic trying to find a nail salon who performed certain services to get a fill in before flying out in the morning to Dubai. Kevin took care of me and assured me that he could get the job done. The other ladies were also very welcoming, nice and I got a great neck, shoulder massage. You do not have to go all the way to Harlem to get your nails done when u are staying in Midtown go to Pink Blossom and they will take care of you.
Pink Blossom Nail & Spa
Arianna Dishmey
5 months ago
I called and made an appointment for 3pm, I arrived at 2:59 and they told me to wait. I waited 25 minutes before anybody even saw my hands. Once the lady started she kept getting up and coming back every five seconds I was not sure why she was doing this which resulted in a very poor shape of my nails. She was in such a rush and kept hurting my cuticles while filing which resulted on me bleeding. After a while i wasn’t even caring I just wanted to leave and never come back. They charged me 111 plus 22 on tip I threw all that money in the trash they don’t deserve your money please stay away, worse nails ever. Service: Sculpted nails
Pink Blossom Nail & Spa
Kiara Badalamente
a week ago
The best nail salon in all of New York City. We have tried many over the years, but nothing compares to pink blossom. Everyone is so friendly too and we always leave with a smile
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