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Published on
February 12, 2024
Last updated
February 12, 2024

What customers think about Pandora

Pandora's customer feedback portrays a commendable company reputation with high customer satisfaction levels, primarily due to the exceptional in-store experience provided by the staff. A recurring theme across these testimonials is the laudable customer service, where employees like Jameel, Lauren, Lucy, and Beth receive individual praise for their patience, helpfulness and ability to provide valuable recommendations; this indicates strong interpersonal skills and product knowledge amongst staff. These consistent mentions of positive experiences suggest that employee training and customer engagement are pivotal factors in Pandora's store operations. Customers' experiences reflect a sense of personalization and attention to detail during their shopping journeys. While product availability issues are occasionally mentioned, the readiness of staff to provide alternatives is noted to mitigate any negative impact. The reviews collectively highlight a pleasant atmosphere and an affinity for the brand's product range, service quality, and in-store environment.


Evident from the customer reviews, Pandora excels in creating an engaging and satisfactory shopping experience. A principal positive aspect is the personable and patient customer service, as evidenced by the specific commendation of staff members like Jameel, known for their kindness and bespoke advice. Another key positive is the staff's product knowledge and creativity, exemplified by their ability to recommend fitting items and informative guidance regarding promotions like the 3 for 2 offer. This not only enhances the perceived value but also encourages larger purchases. The friendly and amiable nature of the staff, even when dealing with indecisive customers or those seeking unconventional items, contributes to a warm customer environment. Moreover, the efficient handling of stock unavailability through alternative suggestions and ordering assistance further emphasizes the company's commitment to customer satisfaction. Lastly, the overall quality and variety of the products receive praise, underpinning the brand's reputation for offering desirable and high-quality merchandise.


While the overarching sentiment in the customer reviews is positive, there are subtle notes of criticism that Pandora could address to further improve their service quality. The most notable negative aspect mentioned is the occasional stock unavailability in stores, which, despite the staff's helpful alternatives, may lead to a slight disappointment for customers with specific product desires. Additionally, one customer hints at an inherent reluctance to spend, which may suggest underlying concerns regarding price perception among certain segments of the customer population. However, these drawbacks seem minor as they are generally cushioned by the staff's adept handling and the perceived value of the purchase due to promotional offers. Indeed, these instances of dissatisfaction are relatively minimal compared to the breadth of acclaim but still represent areas for enhancement, particularly in inventory management and price sensitivity.

Frequently asked questions about Pandora

What can I expect from the staff at a Pandora store?

You can anticipate a high level of customer service marked by patience, helpfulness, and personalized recommendations. Staff members are frequently noted for their friendly demeanor and product expertise.

Does Pandora offer any special in-store promotions?

Yes, Pandora occasionally provides promotional offers such as a 3 for 2 deal on certain products. These offers are communicated by the staff and can provide added value to your purchase.

How does Pandora handle situations when a product is not available in-store?

If a specific item is not in stock, the staff are known to be proactive in suggesting creative alternatives or assisting customers with ordering the desired product, using any applicable promotional codes to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Jennifer Donaldson
2 weeks ago
I’m so glad to see Jameel mentioned in a previous review as they so deserve it! They served our indecisive 7 year old, and were so so so patient with her. Made lovely recommendations to suit her (she left with the Cinderella carriage earrings and she loves them), spoke to her and us so kindly and really just made our evening. I hope they’re recognised for the positive experience brought to customers.
Lisa Flynn
3 weeks ago
JAMEEL, you are beautiful. Thank you for your help you are a star. Every shop needs a Jameel. Pandora are so lucky to have you! I was over from Belfast on a break and although Edinburgh is beautiful you were the highlight. Absolutely lovely person. My charms will mean so much more that you helped me choose x
Linda Mckinsley
a month ago
I have been in a few time now staff very helpful and always polite love the shop in St James center xx
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