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Published on
January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Pall Mall Barbers?

The reviews consistently attest to the positive reputation of Pall Mall Barbers London | Trafalgar, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction. Customers speak highly of the professional skill level of the barbers, singling out specific individuals like Amber and Marii for their expertise. There is a notable emphasis on the barbers' ability to understand and execute customers’ vision for their haircuts, suggesting a strong customer-centric approach to service. The barbershop's atmosphere is described as relaxing and enjoyable, contributing to an overall pleasant customer experience. The mentions of customers traveling considerable distances to return to the establishment and the engaging nature of the staff further underscore the loyalty and emotional connection clients feel towards the barbershop. Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, a minor critique noted pertained to a desire for a more thorough beard trim and shaping service.

Positive Feedback

A recurring theme in the positive reviews is the high skill level of the barbers at Pall Mall Barbers London | Trafalgar, with particular accolades for Amber and Marii who are frequently mentioned for their excellence in service. Customers appreciate the personal attention to detail, as they report that barbers take extra time to understand and achieve the desired outcomes, even planning for future hairstyles. The welcoming and friendly nature of the staff appears to significantly enhance the client experience, transforming a routine haircut into an anticipated and enjoyable event. Furthermore, the cleanliness and traditional style of the shop, coupled with the relaxing ambiance and complimentary refreshments like whisky, all contribute to a luxurious and satisfactory customer experience.

Concerns and Threads

Although the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, some areas for improvement are identified. A customer expressed mild dissatisfaction with the beard trimming service, suggesting that it could have been more thorough in terms of trim and shaping. This indicates that whilst haircut services are well-received, there may be room for enhancement in beard grooming services. Additionally, the potential for inconveniences due to booking errors is also noted, but it is balanced by the prompt and accommodating response of the staff, as evidenced by Jesus's willingness to provide service despite a scheduling mix-up.

Frequently asked questions about Pall Mall Barbers

Are the barbers at Pall Mall Barbers London | Trafalgar experienced in handling different types of haircuts?

Yes, customer reviews highlight the barbers' expertise in executing a wide range of hairstyles and their ability to work with customers to craft their desired look, even when planning for future hair growth.

What kind of atmosphere can I expect at the barbershop?

The shop is described as having a traditional and clean setting with a relaxing and super comfortable atmosphere for customers. The friendliness of the staff adds to the pleasant and engaging experience.

Can I book appointments easily and are walk-ins accommodated?

Making an appointment is reported to be easy, and while booking errors can happen, the staff are noted for being accommodating, suggesting that they strive to meet the needs of both appointments and potential walk-ins when possible.

What are customers saying about Pall Mall Barbers

Pall Mall Barbers
Patrick DuChêne
5 months ago
Amber made me feel so comfortable getting my first UK haircut. She welcomed me with warm energy and fantastic conversation. The haircut turned out perfectly too. Thank you Amber for expertly executing my vision! I highly recommend the barbers at Pall Mall Trafalgar.
Pall Mall Barbers
Heath Lehman
7 months ago
This a great visit to a classic place! Pall Mall Barbers is a must stop for any traveler or local. Making an appointment was easy. To be fair the greatest barbers and stylists in the world are trained at Sassoon in London and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree here at Pall Mall. You will find true experts that are masters of their craft. Amber was a true joy and took the extra time to help me plan out the next few cuts as I grow my hair out. Well done Amber and tip of the Cowboy hat from this Texan who wishes I could get a cut here every week.
Pall Mall Barbers
Oliver Harding
2 months ago
I first came here when I was living in London 2021 and haven’t stopped coming since then, even though I now live in Oxford!! All the staff are friendly and welcoming. Amber cuts my hair and she always gets it right. Recently I had a big change of hairstyle and she spent so much time making sure it was perfect and precisely what I wanted!! All whilst chatting away and making me laugh!! Traditionally getting my hair cut was something I’d do out of necessity, but now it is genuinely something I look forward to and enjoy. It’s really great value for money and you feel like you’re getting a great atmosphere as well as getting your hair cut by talented and experienced staff. I would (and do) whole heartedly recommend both Amber and the whole team to everyone I know. It’s also worth noting that Mari is always interested in what I’m up to even though she doesn’t cut my hair, and that really adds to what I’m sure you can tell is already a great customer experience. Service: Long haircut
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Pall Mall Barbers London | Trafalgar is the one of the oldest and most respected barber shop in London. Serving London since 1896, Pall Mall Barbers London is a name synonymous with men’s barber shops, providing the best mix of old school barber services for the modern man.Royal Visit from Prince William & Global Media outletsWith barber services including the sharpest haircuts, finest traditional wet shaves and beard trims using Pall Mall Barbers very own award winning barber shop mens product range, it’s an experience that seamlessly blends tradition and history with excellence to provide the very best barber service around.Pall Mall Barbers London is close to Soho, Waterloo Piccadilly, Oxford Street, Charing Cross, Mayfair.