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Published on
January 12, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Odl Dental Clinic?

ODL Dental Clinic appears to harbor a strong reputation based on the reviews provided. Customers speak highly of their professional and skilled dental specialists, particularly Dr. Angie and Dr. John, who receive special commendations for their expertise and ability to transform smiles. Positive experiences seem to resonate with the clinic's proficiency in orthodontic treatments such as braces and Invisalign, with several customers expressing satisfaction with the outcome, implying a consistent level of service delivery and patient care. The clinic's commitment to clear communication and efficient processes is reflected in their easy appointment setups and thorough explanations of treatments. The staff, including receptionists, hygienists, and dental assistants, are noted for their friendliness and helpfulness, which enhances the overall customer experience. Moreover, the emphasis on dental hygiene and maintenance during treatments like braces is well-received, indicating the clinic provides comprehensive dental care. Nevertheless, for a completely unbiased evaluation, it's pivotal to acknowledge the omission of negative reviews in this analysis, which may provide a more holistic view of the clinic's performance.

Positive Feedback

The customer feedback for ODL Dental Clinic underscores a multitude of positive aspects. Widely praised are the clinic's professional dental staff, most significantly Dr. Angie, Dr. James, and Dr. John, who are lauded for their expertise, attention to detail, and caring nature, suggesting that the clinic hires qualified and personable practitioners. The transformative results from orthodontic treatments, including braces and Invisalign, receive abundantly positive remarks, pointing towards high levels of patient satisfaction with end results. Seamless communication and responsiveness of the clinic's reception team further augment the positive experience, enhancing customer service satisfaction. Moreover, the hygienic and immaculate state of the clinic contributes to the positive environment, whilst tailored dental hygiene advice during treatments such as braces suggests a comprehensive approach to patient care. Customers also appreciate the convenient location and the clinic's accessibility, adding to the practical benefits of seeking dental care at ODL Dental Clinic.

Concerns and Threads

While the reviews presented are overwhelmingly positive, there is a lack of critical feedback that could highlight areas for improvement. With all the reviews leaning favorably toward ODL Dental Clinic, it's challenging to extract distinctly negative aspects of customer experiences from the data provided. It's essential to consider the possibility of selection bias in these reviews, as the absence of any critiques or negative experiences may not fully represent the entirety of the customer base. Consequently, this assessment should be considered incomplete in terms of identifying shortcomings or customer dissatisfaction associated with the clinic's services. Prospective patients should seek out a broader range of reviews, if available, to ensure they receive a balanced view of the clinic's performance before making a decision to pursue treatment there.

Frequently asked questions about Odl Dental Clinic


What specific services are patients most satisfied with at ODL Dental Clinic?


Patients express notable satisfaction with ODL Dental Clinic's orthodontic services, including braces and Invisalign treatments. Professionalism and skill from the dental specialists, particularly in smile transformation, are also highly commended.


Are there any aspects of customer service particularly praised at ODL Dental Clinic?


Yes, reviewers consistently praise the clinic's customer service, highlighting the welcoming and helpful reception staff, the ease of booking appointments, and the excellent communication throughout treatment processes.


How do customers describe the hygiene standards at ODL Dental Clinic?


Customers describe the hygiene standards at ODL Dental Clinic as exceptional. The clinic and treatment rooms are consistently noted to be immaculate, contributing to the positive experiences reported by patrons.


What are customers saying about Odl Dental Clinic

Odl Dental Clinic
Catalina Castillo Caballero
3 weeks ago
I had a very pleasant experience with Dr Angie, she is very professional and she takes the time to explain everything to you and provides valuable advice, she is very caring and kind, My gratitude for Dr. Angie and her staff goes beyond the stars! There is no other dentist I would go to or recommend! She completely transformed my smile. Every member of the staff is super friendly, always willing to help you. The reception team is lovely! The clinic is super clean and easy to access. I would always recommend ODL and Dr Angie.
Odl Dental Clinic
Wendy Talbot
3 weeks ago
I am thrilled with my new smile! I was uncertain whether to go ahead with treatment because of my age, and for other reasons, but I'm so glad I did, as my teeth look amazing! I recommend this treatment to anyone regardless of age, it's well worth it. I'm so glad I chose ODL dental clinic, and that I was under Dr James, who was professional throughout and highly skilled. He answered my questions without hesitation and gave me an excellent experience from the outset. Dr Ange did the finishing touches, and I'm so impressed with her skills in sculpting my teeth and repairing the damage. I really must thank the reception team, for their communication in person, on email and on the telephone. Always helpful, extremely polite and knowledgeable. Alexandra particularly was so kind, welcoming and most helpful. Thankyou again all the team at ODL - I'm so sad to leave, but I had the best experience! Wendy Talbot
Odl Dental Clinic
Andrew Froome
2 months ago
In summer 2022 I contacted ODL to initiate my assessment for braces, I found the whole process very easy and efficient and at no point did they try to oversell any of their products. I eventually opted to have them fitted in October 22 and have recently had them removed. The staff, nurses and dentist are all very polite, the rooms are immaculate and this was consistent for each of my monthly visits during the whole process. I’m very happy with the treatment and results. Highly recommended!
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