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Nellie'S Sports Bar
Nellie'S Sports Bar

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Published on
March 22, 2024
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March 22, 2024

What do customers think about Nellie'S Sports Bar?

The overall reputation of Nellie's Sports Bar, as gathered from recent customer reviews, seems to be a mix of enthusiasm and concern. The bar's entertainment, particularly the drag show brunch, is highly praised for its fun atmosphere and strong drinks, with multiple patrons expressing a strong desire to return due to the fabulous performances and music. However, there are significant and serious criticisms regarding the customer service and staff behavior. These include issues with the payment system resulting in multiple card charges, poor management responses to concerns, and in some instances, alarming behavior by security personnel. While some customers have enjoyed their experiences, especially on crowded nights with great music and dancing, others vow not to return, citing overpriced drinks and confrontations with staff that compromise their sense of security and comfort.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects of Nellie's Sports Bar are highlighted by its drag show entertainment, which is well-received for bringing humor and fabulous performances to the patrons, leading to a unique and fun experience. Strong and delicious drinks add to the overall enjoyment, with specific cocktails such as 'Octopussy' receiving favorable mentions. The location is conveniently accessible via metro, and there's appreciation for no entry fees. Customers commend the lively atmosphere where people dance and enjoy the music, with an emphasis on the popularity and vibrancy of the LGBTQ+ community represented at the bar.

Concerns and Threads

On the negative side, several customers reported suboptimal experiences with Nellie's Sports Bar's staff and service. Multiple instances of unprofessional behavior by the security staff, including physical aggression, present serious concerns for patron safety. Customer service lapses, such as delayed response to serving water and an unreliable POS system resulting in repeated card charges, have marred experiences. Additionally, perceived poor management responses to grievances suggest a lack of effective conflict resolution, exacerbating visitors' displeasure. Complaints about overpriced drinks and inadequate facilities, such as insufficient cooling upstairs, indicate areas where the bar could potentially improve its service delivery.

Frequently asked questions about Nellie'S Sports Bar

What kind of entertainment can I expect at Nellie's Sports Bar?

Nellie's Sports Bar is known for its entertaining drag show brunches with performances from drag queens, which are a major draw for many patrons. They also offer a lively atmosphere with music and dancing, particularly appealing to the LGBTQ+ community.

Are there any concerns about safety and security at the bar?

Recent reviews have cited instances of unprofessional behavior from security staff, including physical aggression, which has led some patrons to feel unsafe. It is recommended that patrons stay mindful of their own comfort levels and report any concerns to management.

What are the price ranges for drinks and is there an entry fee?

While there is no entry fee at Nellie's Sports Bar, some patrons find the drinks to be on the pricier side but not excessively watered down. It's advisable to check the current drink prices upon arrival, as they may vary.

What are customers saying about Nellie'S Sports Bar

Nellie'S Sports Bar
Sarah Gillespie
4 months ago
Here’s the deal (in my opinion). You don’t go to drag show brunch for food. You go to be entertained. And these queens are fabulous. The food was perfectly mediocre. Protein was generally over cooked (I had pork chop and meatballs), veg was over cooked and stringy (asparagus). Carbs were pretty good (pasta salad, mashers, Mac and cheese). Dessert was good (banana pudding). Service wasn’t bad. Had to ask for water 4 times and had to wait a bit for drinks. But all of that said, I am 100% coming back. The show was great!! I LOVED the music. And some of the shenanigans were hysterical. And the drinks were STRONG (just the way I like them)! I had the Octopussy (because how could you pass that up) and it was tasty!!!!😂. Nellie’s is also very easy to get to from the metro station.
Nellie'S Sports Bar
Nozipho Zypo Moyo
a week ago
Crazy night, before the time zone changed. So guys got us out 30 minutes before time changes. Now it's technically 2am not 3am but they had to make sure we our. May the management consider compensation accordingly, we have been deniedan extra hour #$__$
Nellie'S Sports Bar
2 days ago
I’ve had one of the worst experiences here this past Saturday. The POS system upstairs stopped working which lead to my card being swiped multiple times. After the third time, I no longer felt comfortable with having it swiped again. The bartender then snatches my drink and calls security as if I was in the wrong for my discomfort. This has become a very hostile environment for no good reason. I then spoke to a “manager” on duty and got accused of trying to receive a free drink. I’ve been to this bar for years and have paid for every drink I’ve ever received along with additional tips. I’ve tried to contact another manager or the owner via phone and have not heard back. It is very disappointing to no longer want to return to a place I’ve had many memories and supported for over a decade.
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About Nellie'S Sports Bar

Games on TV, drag events (bingo & brunch), poker nights & karaoke draw patrons to this casual pub.