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Published on
February 11, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Nail Lounge?

An analysis of the recent reviews for @Nail Lounge reveals a dichotomous perspective on the salon's services. A majority of customers have complimented the salon on its accommodating nature, praised the efforts and skills of the staff, and recommended the cleanliness of the venue. Customers have enjoyed the variety of services, namely BIAB, acrylics, and pedicures, and lauded the salon's time management and organization. A loyalty card program seems well-received, encouraging repeat patronage with a discount incentive. However, some concerns are raised by a minority of customers reporting suboptimal experiences. These negative reviews focus on issues with the nail quality, hygiene practices concerning the use of tools, inconsistency in additional pricing, and customer service. The polarization of customer feedback signifies that while @Nail Lounge excels in areas such as design, skill, and environment, it has considerable room for improvement in customer relations, transparent pricing, and sanitation standards.

Positive Feedback

Multiple reviews for @Nail Lounge commend the salon for its professional staff and quality of service. The staff are often described as welcoming, friendly, and skilled, particularly in creating intricate nail designs. The accommodating nature of the salon, even on busy days, is a frequently highlighted positive aspect, offering a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere. Cleanliness of the shop and pride in maintaining high standards of hygiene (except in isolated reports) are mentioned positively. Many customers show satisfaction with the durability of BIAB nails and the loyalty card system, which provides a financial incentive for repeat visits. Exceptional organization and time management skills ensuring minimum wait time contribute to the overall positive experience.

Concerns and Threads

Despite prevalent positive experiences, @Nail Lounge has received critical feedback highlighting significant concerns. These revolve around hygiene practices, specifically the allegation of using the same file on multiple customers, which is not only a hygiene risk but has led to injury. Additional fees for services like tips appear to lack transparency, leading to customer confusion and claims of overcharging. Customer service has also been scrutinized, with reports of staff perceived as rude and unresponsive to customers' requests and complaints regarding nail sharpness and design issues. The negative reviews suggest a notable inconsistency in service delivery that undermines customer trust and satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions about Nail Lounge

Does @Nail Lounge offer a loyalty program for repeat customers?

Yes, @Nail Lounge offers a loyalty card program. After a certain number of stamps collected from repeat visits, customers can receive a 15% discount on a future treatment.

Can I expect to pay additional fees for nail services at @Nail Lounge?

Some customers have reported additional fees for certain services such as nail tips. It is recommended to inquire about the full cost of desired services before commencing to avoid surprises.

How does @Nail Lounge handle customer service issues or complaints?

Reviews indicate that while many customers are satisfied with @Nail Lounge's service, some have experienced customer service issues. It is suggested that customers address any concerns directly with the salon for resolution. The salon strives to accommodate and rectify issues, as evidenced by their immediate fittings and adjustments in the rare event of a problem with the nails.

What are customers saying about Nail Lounge

Nail Lounge
a month ago
I really don’t understand how have so many stars ! Horrible experience , the cuticle is not clean, the same file is used for several people( I was bleeding because he scratched me - really nice ,he use it for the next women), etc. these are my nails done 3 days ago, £40 for nothing! There is no attention to detail, everything is in a fantastic rush
Nail Lounge
Hannah Rea
2 weeks ago
I’d rather pay less and get better quality at Hannah’s nails in cotteridge. They don’t tell you untill after but tips cost an additional £4, yet I was charged £5 today?I had biab infill this time and the base biab was light pink, and now they’re orange and there are white spots on the orange. Then I wanted to transfer a stamp from a card I had lost at the time and have now found in my partners car, to my new one, but refused because “we’re trying to save on card” how that makes any sense? You can tell they’re just another quick in an out kind of business. Rest assured I will be saving 100% not 15% on your loyalty card because both will be going in the bin and I’ll be going elsewhere
Nail Lounge
Tyler Caley
2 weeks ago
I can’t fault this place, every time I have been I have never been let down. They are always accommodating even on their busiest days. All the staff are kind and put so much effort into each set of nails they do. My nails designs have always been flawless! Prices are reasonable considering how much skill goes into each nail set especially the extravagant designs. I have tried both acrylic and BIAB from this salon and both are always great, I’m never disappointed. Thanks ladies for the fabulous job you do every time x
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