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Published on
April 2, 2024
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April 2, 2024

What do customers think about Museum Of Liverpool?

The Museum of Liverpool has earned an overwhelmingly positive reputation among visitors, bolstering the city's cultural and historical appeal. The design and layout of the museum often receive commendation for being engaging and interactive, diverging from traditional museum atmospheres in a way that captivates a wide audience. It is praised for its inclusivity, catering to children with various needs and interests, as well as its accessibility and free admission. The museum's location is highlighted as a significant benefit, offering spectacular views of the historic waterfront and proximity to other points of interest. Content-wise, visitors value the comprehensive exhibition range, which covers the city’s history, including its connection to the Beatles, and its role in colonisation and empire. However, there are mentions of isolated incidents, such as the inconvenience caused by striking staff and the suboptimal state of certain facilities, that slightly mar the overall experience.

Positive Feedback

Visitors frequently applaud the Museum of Liverpool for its modern and thoughtfully designed space, which includes interactive and engaging displays suitable for all ages. The museum's location is consistently praised for its scenic views and adjacency to the Liverpool dock, which enhances the overall visitor experience. The inclusion of the city's core cultural and historical narratives, particularly those related to music and social history, is a recurrent focal point of visitor satisfaction. Moreover, the free admission is universally appreciated as it encourages attendance and makes cultural education accessible to everyone. Positive staff interactions also contribute significantly to the museum's reputation, with staff being described as friendly, understanding, and welcoming—particularly to families with children with additional needs.

Concerns and Threads

While feedback is predominantly positive, the Museum of Liverpool does face some criticism that could influence visitor experience negatively. One particular issue that surfaced from visitor feedback was an encounter with staff on strike; the disruption and perceived insensitivity to visitors with special needs by picketing employees were considered distasteful by one visitor. Facility-specific complaints were limited but noteworthy, including subpar conditions in the men’s restroom. In terms of the museum's offerings, there was a call for more interactive elements in areas appealing to children, such as the need for additional toy trains on a wooden track. While these shortcomings were relatively minor and situational, they are areas that potential visitors may want to consider.

Frequently asked questions about Museum Of Liverpool

Is the Museum of Liverpool suitable for children?

Yes, the museum features numerous interactive displays, a dedicated children's area with activities like water play, and exhibits that are specifically geared towards younger audiences. Staff are noted to be understanding and accommodating to children with additional needs.

What are the admission fees for the Museum of Liverpool?

Admission to the Museum of Liverpool is free for the general exhibitions, allowing visitors to explore most of its offerings without any charge. Some special exhibitions, like the Ken Dodd exhibition, might have a small entry fee.

Are there dining facilities available within the Museum of Liverpool?

Yes, the museum houses a cafe where visitors can purchase refreshments and meals. However, reviews suggest that the cafe can be considered pricey. Visitors also have the option to bring picnics and enjoy them in designated quiet areas within the museum.

What are customers saying about Museum Of Liverpool

Museum Of Liverpool
Cherylmarie McAtamney
a month ago
We had zero intentions of visiting a museum - we were looking for a walk along the front to the docks and thought this building was impressive and worth having a look. It has such a great layout, very interactive, bright and airy! Doesn’t feel at all like a museum! We didn’t stay very long but I’m glad we visited!
Museum Of Liverpool
Madhurima Sen
a month ago
I loved the experience here. It's located just next to the dock. Beautiful location overlooking the waters. I particularly recommend the ground floor collection on the dock, trains etc. Very well presented in an engaging manner. The audio visuals are great! And I appreciate the acknowledgement of the role Liverpool played in colonisation and empire.
Museum Of Liverpool
Tim J
3 months ago
This is exactly what I want from a modern museum - large, appealing displays, plenty of interactive elements and things to interest people of all ages. The building itself is impressive and there are fantastic views of the historic Liverpool waterfront. The variety of exhibitions really shows off all of the cultural, historic gems that Liverpool has and gives an insight into what makes this a city with such character and individuality. There are things to entertain children of all ages and plenty of other points of interest within walking distance. Best of all, it's free - amazing!
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Striking modern purposebuilt building opened in 2011, with interactive displays on city's heritage,