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Matthew Bizzarro - The Bizzarro Agency
Matthew Bizzarro - The Bizzarro Agency

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January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Matthew Bizzarro - The Bizzarro Agency?

The Bizzarro Agency appears to have cultivated a commendable reputation as evidenced by the positive customer feedback highlighted in recent reviews. Clients repeatedly praise the agency’s professionalism, responsiveness, and the knowledge of its real estate agents. The individual agents are commended for their attentiveness to customer needs, guidance throughout complex processes, and the provision of a seamless service experience, from initial contact to post-closure assistance. The use of phrases such as 'absolute joy to work with', 'incredibly knowledgeable', and 'made the process enjoyable' indicates that customer experience is at the heart of the agency's approach. Despite these commendations, the reviews provided lack any significant mention of negative experiences, making it difficult to provide a fully balanced evaluation without additional data. However, the emphasis on agent expertise, efficient communication, and thorough due diligence processes establishes a trend of trust and satisfaction among the clients serviced.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for The Bizzarro Agency centers on several key aspects, including the professionalism of the agents, their knowledge of the real estate market, and the comprehensive support provided throughout the buying, selling, or renting process. Agents receive individual accolades for their responsiveness, which clients find reassuring, especially when navigating the 'craziness of the market'. The agency’s due diligence is seen as thorough, adding to a sense of confidence among clients. Customer experiences are described as 'seamless', 'natural', and 'easy-going', with repeated acknowledgment of the value in having agent support, even to the extent that clients recommend the agency '100%' to others without hesitation. Throughout transactions, strong communication and empathy from the agents are also highlighted. All these factors contribute to an overall high level of customer satisfaction.

Concerns and Threads

Based on the reviews provided, there are no explicit negative aspects mentioned regarding customer experiences with The Bizzarro Agency. While all customer reviews available here are highly positive, the absence of critical feedback may not provide a comprehensive picture of overall customer experience. It is important for prospective clients to be aware that the reviews presented reflect a limited dataset, and it is always advisable to seek a broader range of feedback when making informed decisions. The conspicuously positive nature of the reviews necessitates cautious interpretation as individual experiences may vary, and there might be instances of service shortfalls or challenges that have not been captured in these testimonials.

Frequently asked questions about Matthew Bizzarro - The Bizzarro Agency

What services do The Bizzarro Agency agents offer to first-time home buyers?

The Bizzarro Agency agents offer assistance to first-time home buyers in finding the right property, negotiating purchase prices, guiding them through the co-op purchasing process, and coordinating closing details. Clients have highlighted their thorough approach, responsiveness, and supportive communication as key factors contributing to a positive experience.

Can The Bizzarro Agency help me buy or rent a property on an urgent basis?

Yes, The Bizzarro Agency has been noted for its responsiveness and ability to act quickly according to client needs. Reviews reflect scenarios where agents have expedited the renting or buying process, taking into account the urgency of the client’s situation.

Do The Bizzarro Agency agents continue to support clients after closing a deal?

Yes, clients have reported that The Bizzarro Agency provides support even after the closing of a deal. This includes ensuring smooth move-ins, aiding with the co-op application process, and assisting with any post-purchase aspects or minor repairs that need attention.

What are customers saying about Matthew Bizzarro - The Bizzarro Agency

Matthew Bizzarro - The Bizzarro Agency
Joseph Cirello
a month ago
I want to give a shout-out to Stephenie Skyllas and the Bizzarro Agency! Stephenie is an incredibly knowledgeable real estate agent, and an absolute joy to work with. I'm in the market for a second home in Upper Manhattan / Riverdale, and despite the craziness of the market she has made the process enjoyable. It's reassuring working with with someone who is responsive, and cares!
Matthew Bizzarro - The Bizzarro Agency
Teresa Cervera
4 months ago
I just closed on my first home using bizarro agency and Thomas as my agent and I can’t imagine a higher level of service. I always received prompt responses whenever I needed anything. Even after closing Thomas was still working to make sure I could get moved in promptly. I highly recommend this agency.
Matthew Bizzarro - The Bizzarro Agency
Julie DiMauro
9 months ago
I worked with Simonne Hill at Bizzarro Real Estate Agency in obtaining a rental property in the Washington Heights neighborhood of NYC. She was highly responsive and incredibly knowledgeable. She moved my transaction for a rental unit along with the empathic understanding that I needed a place to live SOON. But, by the same token, she certainly did a thorough review of my financial well-being that made me confident in her company's due diligence processes. I truly enjoyed working with Simonne and recommend her with enthusiasm and confidence.
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The Bizzarro Real Estate Agency is an award-winning residential real estate brokerage serving buyers, sellers, and investors in New York City and Westchester. As one of INC. 5000's fastest growing companies, they're known locally for their full-service approach and proven process for successful transactions.