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Macgregor Hairdressing & Beauty

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Published on
February 23, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Macgregor Hairdressing & Beauty?

The overall reputation of MacGregor Hairdressing is positive based on a cross-section of customer feedback. The reviews showcase a trend of customer satisfaction with the quality of services provided, such as balayage, haircuts, styling, and blow-dries. Stylists like Beana and Lynne receive specific praise for their skill with challenging hair types and for listening attentively to client requests. Customers consistently mention a 'warm' and 'friendly' salon atmosphere, along with the 'efficient' and 'accommodating' nature of the staff. Although the general sentiment skews positive, there are instances where expectations were not entirely met, with some customers expressing disappointment in specific treatments such as the nanoKeratin Blow Dry.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of MacGregor Hairdressing, as highlighted by customer reviews, include the professionalism and skill of the hairdressers. Specific stylists named, such as Janet, Yvonne, and George, are commended for their expert hands, friendliness, and attentiveness to client needs. The salon's environment is repeatedly described as 'lovely', 'warm', and 'customer-friendly', contributing to a pleasurable visit. The great deal of personal attention and care provided by staff, coupled with their ability to handle various challenges posed by different hair types and styling preferences, also stands out. The recurring theme of client satisfaction revolving around hairstyling services and the quality of the haircuts suggests that MacGregor Hairdressing is adept at meeting diverse beauty requirements.

Concerns and Threads

While mostly positive, the feedback for MacGregor Hairdressing does contain some negative aspects. One customer named Aisha Saleem reported a subpar experience with the nanoKeratin Blow Dry, noting that despite the smooth treatment, her hair remained wavy and curly, contradicting her expectations for the service. This singular account indicates a potential area for improvement in certain treatments offered by the salon. However, it's important to note that negative feedback stands as an exception in the largely favorable customer experience narrative. Occurrences of dissatisfaction are relatively isolated and are not reflective of a widespread issue within the salon.

Frequently asked questions about Macgregor Hairdressing & Beauty

Are the stylists at MacGregor Hairdressing experienced with thick, dark hair?

Yes, some customers with very thick dark hair have reported great satisfaction with the services, particularly with balayage.

Does MacGregor Hairdressing provide a pleasant salon atmosphere?

According to customer reviews, the salon offers a warm, friendly, and customer-friendly environment.

Is the staff at MacGregor Hairdressing open to customer requests and feedback?

Customer feedback indicates that the staff at MacGregor Hairdressing, including stylists such as Lynne and George, listen carefully to client requests and are accommodating to their requirements.

What are customers saying about Macgregor Hairdressing & Beauty

Macgregor Hairdressing & Beauty
Orieanna Reeve-Chen
3 days ago
Great service and really happy with my balayage. Beana did an amazing job with my very thick dark hair, and listened to exactly what I wanted.
Macgregor Hairdressing & Beauty
Aisha Saleem
4 months ago
I booked appointment after reading good reviews. Had nanoKeratin Blow Dry but it wasn’t good how I was expecting. My name is Aisha Saleem. And I have receipt to upload if you like, no doubt NanoKeratin was smooth treatment but my hair was still wavy and curly.
Macgregor Hairdressing & Beauty
Alison Murray
2 months ago
Relax and let Janet's expert hands sort out your hair, just as you ask, and you leave feeling great! Lovely warm environment and a pleasure to visit.
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MacGregor Hairdressing and Beauty on Morningside Road is one of Edinburgh's favourite hairdressing salons, established in 1991. Owner Janet Nicol has leads her skilled and creative team offering hairdressing for men and women. As a L'Oreal Professional Salon we offer a full range of hairdressing choices, including keratin Brazilian blow dry treatments. We offer an extensive bridal hair service for your wedding. Call us, or book online, for Edinburgh hairdressing care.