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Published on
January 7, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Lycaeum Music?

The overall reputation of Lycaeum Music is characterized by a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction through its interactive, fun, and engaging teaching methods. The consistent description of teachers as patient, enthusiastic, and professional suggests a company culture that values quality music education and positive customer experiences. The passion and knowledge of the teachers have been frequently mentioned as factors that significantly enhance the learning environment for children. Additionally, Lycaeum's use of online platforms for lessons shows an adaptation to modern teaching methods, which is met with appreciation from both students and parents. Despite these positives, there are significant concerns about the company's operational aspects, particularly customer service and administrative efficiency. A troubling review mentions a problem with the adherence to terms and conditions, poor communication, and unsatisfactory organizational structure, which are severe enough to cast a shadow over the teachers' commendable work.

Positive Feedback

Lycaeum Music is praised for its exceptional teaching staff, who are regularly described as being full of patience, passion, and possess deep musical knowledge. The customer feedback highlights an immersive learning experience where children are encouraged to explore different instruments and actively engage in music theory and practice. The company seems to excel at fostering a love for music in a stimulating and enjoyable environment, which is mirrored in the online courses and face-to-face lessons. Customers have also expressed high regard for the personalized approach to learning and the progression students experience under the guidance of their tutors. Furthermore, the convenience and flexibility offered by the online lessons have been positively received, ensuring students can continue their musical education despite potential physical limitations.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the positive aspects of its educational services, Lycaeum Music has been critiqued for its administrative and communication issues. One customer's experience reveals considerable dissatisfaction with the company's handling of lesson cancellations and customer service interactions, suggesting a disregard for their own terms and conditions. The delays in email responses and disorganization within the company's office communication have been flagged as areas of frustration. Additionally, there are ethical concerns raised regarding the company's business practices, specifically with regards to the proportion of lesson fees retained by the company as opposed to the amount paid to the teachers, which may raise questions about the company's value for its educators.

Frequently asked questions about Lycaeum Music

What teaching methods does Lycaeum Music use?

Lycaeum Music implements interactive and engaging teaching methods, encouraging students to explore a variety of instruments and actively participate in their learning process. Lessons are designed to be fun and are led by passionate professionals who aim to instill a love of music in their students.

Do Lycaeum Music offer online lessons?

Yes, Lycaeum Music offers online lessons alongside face-to-face sessions, providing flexibility and convenience to students. Online courses are conducted by knowledgeable instructors and are described as effective and enjoyable.

Has there been any feedback on Lycaeum Music's customer service?

Yes, feedback indicates that while the educational aspect of Lycaeum Music is highly regarded, there have been complaints about poor customer service, communication, and administrative organization. Potential clients are advised to consider these aspects when making a decision.

What are customers saying about Lycaeum Music

Lycaeum Music
Nicola Williams
2 months ago
Wonderful experience, the teachers are full of patience and passion and it’s a great way for children to find the instrument they like and experiment. Brilliant
Lycaeum Music
J123 B123
a month ago
Absolutely brilliant. Lovely piano teacher for my son. He’s been having online lessons for over a year and really enjoys them and is progressing well. Great communication. Would definitely recommend
Lycaeum Music
Katie Lewis
a month ago
So good! I brought my 7 year old son and stayed in the bus to watch. The instructors were awesome- thanks Petru and Nick. The kids made an awesome song together that seemed to advanced! We still can’t get it out of our heads. Thanks for giving our son and us a love of making music :)
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