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Live! Modern School Of Music

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Published on
March 6, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Live! Modern School Of Music?

The overall company reputation of LIVE! School of Music - North Miami is exceptionally positive, as evidenced by the latest customer reviews. Customers have consistently praised the various aspects of the educational services provided, which include individual and band programs, private lessons, and summer camps. Notably, parents emphasize the welcoming atmosphere, professional and engaged teachers, and the broad range of musical instruments and skills their children develop at the school. A recurring theme across the testimonials is the school's ability to create a safe and supportive environment where children can express themselves, gain confidence, and forge friendships through their shared passion for music. Parents also appreciate the flexibility in scheduling and the school's efforts to accommodate family needs. Moreover, the school’s events like open house series and live performances are highlighted as opportunities for independent learning and real-world application of students' musical talents.

Positive Feedback

The major positive aspects of LIVE! School of Music - North Miami from customer feedback include highly qualified and passionate teachers who connect students to music on a personal level and the nurturing environment that promotes safety, confidence, and self-expression. Customers appreciate the diverse music programs that cater to various instruments and skill levels, and the personalized touch with which instructors engage each student. The school's adaptability to evolving student needs and its proactive communication and coordination with parents are noteworthy. Furthermore, the opportunity for kids to engage in performances and to participate in external events such as summer programs at prestigious institutions not only speaks to the quality of the educational experience but also to the doors that the school opens for its students.

Concerns and Threads

The provided customer reviews do not elicit any significant negative experiences or feedback regarding LIVE! School of Music - North Miami. However, it is imperative for prospective customers to consider that reviews can be biased and may not fully capture all experiences, which might include potential areas for improvement or dissatisfaction not mentioned. Additionally, while the absence of negative comments suggests a well-rounded service, it may also imply limited exposure to diverse criticisms that can be beneficial for a holistic view of the music school's operations and service quality.

Frequently asked questions about Live! Modern School Of Music

What age groups does LIVE! School of Music - North Miami cater to for music lessons?

LIVE! School of Music offers music lessons for children ranging from as young as 6 years old up to teens, as well as accommodating different skill levels.

Does the school offer opportunities for real-world music experience?

Yes, the school provides live performance opportunities, open house series for independent learning, participation in band programs, and even external events such as summer programs at prestigious music colleges.

How flexible is LIVE! School of Music with scheduling and accommodating family needs?

The school is noted for its flexibility with schedules and its willingness to work closely with parents to accommodate individual needs, making it easier for families to be involved in their child's music education.

What are customers saying about Live! Modern School Of Music

Live! Modern School Of Music
Ana Maria Hanssen
4 months ago
I can't say enough good things about LIVE! My daughter has been going there since she is 8 years old and now she is 12. She has learned piano, guitar and vocal techniques. My son started at 6 yo, he is 9 and has learned to play the drums and recently, guitar. We honestly feel like at home!!! Teachers are highly qualified and talented musicians. Everyone is kind and welcoming. It is honestly a wonderful experience for kids not only to learn, but to create new friendships and have a safe space to share their passion for music and production. Highly recommend!!!! <3
Live! Modern School Of Music
Victoria Row-Traster
4 years ago
My son has been attending Live School for approx. 3 years - in both the band program, private lessons and Summer Camp. He absolutely LOVES Live School!! The teachers are so engaging and really go the extra mile to get to know their students and what makes them connect to the music. The level of professionalism of all the instructors is A+ and they are constantly evolving and expanding their programming to meet the needs of their students and families, which I love. My son began playing the acoustic guitar and in the last 3 years has picked up the electric, bass and drums - and we are now considering Middle Schools with involved music programs to continue his love of music. I would recommend this organization for any child (beginner or experienced) and can’t wait for my daughter to start later this year!
Live! Modern School Of Music
Sol Colom
4 years ago
Live! Is the best school of music for many reasons. To start, it provides the students with a safe environment to express themselves through music. Teachers are professional and enthusiastic, and always encourage the kids to go for more. They are flexible with schedules and always willing to accommodate your needs. Very rewarding and a wonderful experience for our kids!
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