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Published on
February 28, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Atlanta School Of Musical Arts?

The Atlanta School of Musical Arts (ASMA) appears to maintain an overall positive reputation based on customer experiences detailed in recent reviews. A recurring theme is the appreciation of ASMA's commitment to matching students with instructors who cater to their individual needs and schedules, albeit at times with a noted delay in this process. The instructors are consistently described as kind, patient, and skilled, fostering strong bonds with students and encouraging their progress. Customers appreciate the convenience and effectiveness of in-home lessons, particularly applauding the adaptability of instructors in engaging younger students. The organization's customer service receives high marks for its responsiveness and clarity in communications. Notably, several reviews mentioned musical improvement and increased student independence as benefits of ASMA's lessons. The logistics of scheduling and payment are deemed straightforward by customers, emphasizing ease of collaboration with the school.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback highlights the exceptional customer service and personalized attention that ASMA provides. Instructors like Ann Montano and Crystal are praised for their patience, dedication, and ability to strengthen students’ musical abilities. Bridget, for instance, is commended for making lessons fun and accessible, which is essential to maintaining a child’s interest in learning. Parents appreciate the convenience of in-house lessons, which save time and effort. There is also significant satisfaction with the practical aspects of service delivery, including effective communication, ease of scheduling, and payment process. The frequent mention of children looking forward to lessons and parents starting their musical journey alongside their children illustrates the positive, inclusive atmosphere fostered by ASMA.

Concerns and Threads

While the majority of feedback is overwhelmingly positive, there are implied areas where ASMA could improve, most notably in the initial matching process of students and instructors, where some delay was experienced. This indicates that ASMA's scheduling system may require optimization to meet the demands of flexible scheduling preferences. Furthermore, it is suggested that customers must proactively manage instrument maintenance, suggesting that ASMA might enhance their service by providing more guidance or support in this area. No direct criticisms regarding the quality of instruction or student experiences during lessons were recorded in the given reviews, which suggests that any negative aspects are overshadowed by the positive experiences of the students and parents.

Frequently asked questions about Atlanta School Of Musical Arts

Are instructors at ASMA adaptable to different schedules and skill levels?

Yes, ASMA appears to prioritize matching students with instructors who accommodate various schedules and cater to different skill levels. While there may sometimes be a wait time in finding the right fit, the school's intent is to ensure a beneficial pairing.

Do ASMA instructors conduct lessons at the student's home?

Yes, many instructors at ASMA are willing to provide in-home lessons, offering a convenient option for students and parents to have lessons in a comfortable and familiar setting.

Does ASMA offer a supportive learning environment for young children?

Absolutely. ASMA instructors, such as Bridget, are noted for making lessons enjoyable and suitable for young learners, promoting a supportive and conducive environment for musical education.

What are customers saying about Atlanta School Of Musical Arts

Atlanta School Of Musical Arts
Arzell the Esoteric
11 months ago
My daughter has really enjoyed receiving violin lessons from the Atlanta School of Musical Arts over the six months that she has been a student. Originally she wanted to participate in orchestra but her school didn't offer it. So, we decided on private lessons in whatever instrument she chose.she wanted to learn to play violin and we searched for somewhere she would be safe and comfortable learning to play. We discovered the Atlanta School of Musical Arts and contacted them to hire an instructor. At first, it took some time to locate a violin instructor with the limited schedule we had available but eventually we were contacted with an instructor willing to accept our schedule. Our instructor was crystal and she was very kind and patient with my daughter. The communication between the instructor the school and the parents are great. The environment at the school was quiet, there were no distractions or interruptions. My daughter and instructor grew a bond and she really enjoyed learning from her. Recently we have suspended her violin lessons due to school testing and college preparation and it's going to be hard not going to the Atlanta School of Musical Arts every week for lessons because we both have gotten used to the Exclusive time we spent together during the trips back and forth every week and also the enjoyable experience of watching my daughter get better at playing the violin over time. Crystal the instructor was amazing and we will return in the fall to continue lessons, hopefully we can still get the same instructor. It's a great music school with a fair and competitive price, safe environment, with knowledgeable and competent instructors. A final tip. If you sign up for lessons be sure to also locate a music instrument and repair store because over the course of learning your instrument can become damaged or need repair to continue. We went to VILLAGE MUSIC store in Avondale Estates during our lessons at the Atlanta School of Musical Arts, to keep our violin repaired and working, just a tip.
Atlanta School Of Musical Arts
Faigann Arnold
2 years ago
My daughter has been taking Voice Lessons with Atlanta School of Musical Arts for about a year and a half now. Their customer service is exemplary! Whenever I have a question, I am always provided with a prompt response. The care that is shown to ensure that information is clearly communicated goes such a long way! My daughter’s instructor is Ann Montano. Ann is truly AMAZING and my daughter’s voice is getting stronger each lesson. Ann is very patient, caring, and an overall joy to work with! I would recommend her and the school as a whole to the entire world and beyond!
Atlanta School Of Musical Arts
matt schillig
3 years ago
Our 12 year old boy has had piano classes here for over 2 years. We pay just a little more for in-house lesson which is so much worth is considering the time spend preparing and driving to the school. We've had 2 teachers throughout, and both were excellent although different at the same time. This worked out great for our student. We also have started our 8 year old in piano as well. We highly recommend Atlanta School of Musical Arts!
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