Lickey Hills Country Park
Lickey Hills Country Park

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Published on
April 2, 2024
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April 2, 2024

What do customers think about Lickey Hills Country Park?

Lickey Hills Country Park is seemingly a popular destination for a variety of visitors including couples, families, dog walkers, and individuals seeking outdoor recreation. The park is commended for its diverse walking paths, scenic views, and amenities such as free parking, clean toilets, a visitor center with a café, and a children's play area. Customers appreciate the dog-friendly environment, with dedicated off-leash areas and convenient waste disposal options. Seasonal appeal, such as its draw on Boxing Day, adds to its reputation as a convenient nature escape within proximity to urban centers like Birmingham. However, the park's car park maintenance and the clarity of trail routes receive some criticism, indicating a need for improvement in these areas to enhance visitor safety and experience.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Lickey Hills Country Park focuses on the ample free parking, the welcoming cafe with hospitable staff, and the picturesque scenery suitable for photography. The park offers a variety of trails that cater to different interests and activity levels. It's lauded for not only being dog-friendly but also for having an environment where dogs can roam relatively freely. Other facilities highlighted include clean toilets, numerous benches, and well-maintained grass areas ideal for picnics and relaxation. The park's accessibility and the bonus of a playground provide an inclusive experience for families and individuals with different needs. Its proximity to urban centers enhances its appeal for last-minute day hikers looking for an easy nature retreat.

Concerns and Threads

The main areas for improvement at Lickey Hills Country Park are centered around infrastructure and navigation. The car park is described as 'dangerous' and 'very bumpy', suggesting a need for maintenance and possibly a redesign to ensure safety and comfort for vehicles. Visitors also experience difficulty in navigating the park due to unclear routes, which indicates a potential enhancement in signage and trail marking could be beneficial. Despite its many facilities, the park has faced issues with the cafe being cash-only, which could inconvenience visitors who do not carry cash and expect card payment options.

Frequently asked questions about Lickey Hills Country Park

Is the car park at Lickey Hills Country Park safe and well-maintained?

Some visitors have noted that the car park requires maintenance due to its bumpy condition with stones and rocks. It is advisable to navigate the car park carefully.

Are there any facilities for dogs at Lickey Hills Country Park?

Yes, the park is dog-friendly, offering off-leash areas, poop bins, and plenty of space for dogs to explore. However, dogs should be leashed around the playground and picnic area near the visitor center.

Is the cafe at the visitor center cash-only, or do they accept card payments?

There have been instances where the cafe was cash-only. It is recommended to check in advance or bring cash to ensure you can make purchases at the cafe during your visit.

What are customers saying about Lickey Hills Country Park

Lickey Hills Country Park
Matthew Young
2 months ago
This was a great place, plenty of different walking paths with awesome views, lots of free parking near the visitor centre, a cafe in the visitor centre with a seating area inside and outside. A couple of monuments to see, benches everywhere to sit down on and take in the lovely scenery and a play area for the children. A good place for couples, families and dog walkers. There are toilets too.
Lickey Hills Country Park
Jess A
a month ago
Great place for dog walking! Loads of places to explore with little paths going off into woodlands. There's a visitor centre with clean toilets and refreshments. We only noticed one place where we needed to put Jeff on the lead. The rest of the time he was able to bound around freely. He had an absolute ball here. Dog-friendliness: Super dog friendly. Lots of poop bins and you can keep the dog off the lead apart from around the playground and picnic area near the visitor centre.
Lickey Hills Country Park
Jay McCarthy
a month ago
My favourite Boxing Day destination, but actually beautiful in any season. Not that many miles of trails for the seasoned hiker, but still a brilliantly convenient escape to the hills for those of us living in the hellish West Midlands.
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Sprawling woodland with walking trails, a sculpture walk and over 380 species of flowering plants.