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Knott'S Berry Farm
Knott'S Berry Farm

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March 14, 2024
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March 14, 2024

What do customers think about Knott'S Berry Farm?

Knott's Berry Farm enjoys a mixed to positive company reputation based on the recent customer reviews. Generally, visitors praise the park for its festive atmosphere, especially highlighted during the Christmas season, its variety of rides catering to different age groups and thrill-seekers alike, and the quality of food, which is regarded as better than at many other theme parks. The park's reputation benefits significantly from the charming 'Snoopy on Ice' show and its signature boysenberry products. Customers also find value in season pass offerings, particularly the Gold Pass, and various dining options, including the 'all you can eat' pass. However, despite these positives, a notable pain point for visitors is the cost involved, with frequent references to the theme park being 'ridiculously expensive' and parking fees described as 'outrageous.' Another consistent concern is the long wait times for rides and other services, such as restrooms and food vendors, although this seems to be expected during peak seasons. Some visitors also reported negative interactions with staff, which detracted from the overall experience.

Positive Feedback

The primary positives indicated by visitors center around the festive decorations and the ample variety of rides suitable for all ages. The family-friendly nature of the park is further emphasized through areas like Camp Snoopy that cater to younger guests. Moreover, the culinary offerings within the park, particularly the boysenberry products and Mrs. Knott's chicken, receive commendations for their taste and quality, standing out in comparison to typical theme park fare. In terms of value, the season passes, especially those that include additional features like Soak City and meal plans, are viewed as highly cost-effective and worthwhile. 'Snoopy on Ice' has been a charming highlight bringing joy to attendees, enhancing the park’s reputation. Furthermore, cleanliness and security are also recognized positively, contributing to a family-safe environment.

Concerns and Threads

Among the key negative aspects reported by visitors, the issue of high costs is prevalent. The entry, parking fees, and in-park expenses are perceived as steep; customers are particularly taken aback by parking charges that can reach up to $85. These costs have led some guests to suggest alternative solutions, such as bringing one’s own food or using ride-sharing services to access the park. Wait times are another significant concern, with customers experiencing long lines not only for rides but also for essential services like restrooms. Customer service quality has room for improvement, with some visitors finding staff unhelpful and disinterested. The functionality of online ticketing also surfaced as a pain point for at least one visitor, and while resolved by park management, highlighted the need for better technical support.

Frequently asked questions about Knott'S Berry Farm

Is it worth purchasing a season pass for Knott's Berry Farm?

Many visitors find the season pass offerings, such as the Gold Pass with Soak City inclusion, to be excellent values. Benefits like the payment plan option and included meal plans add to the attractiveness of a season pass, particularly for those living within driving distance of the park.

Can visitors bring their own food and beverages into Knott's Berry Farm?

Yes, visitors are allowed to bring their own food, drinks, and snacks into the park. However, it's important to note that coolers are not permitted, and all bags will be thoroughly checked upon entry.

What are the parking options and fees at Knott's Berry Farm?

Knott's Berry Farm offers multiple parking lots with a standard fee of $30 and preferred parking available for $50. Parking charges are a common concern among visitors, so some recommend using ride-sharing services to avoid the high costs.

What are customers saying about Knott'S Berry Farm

Knott'S Berry Farm
Ruth Jones
2 months ago
Beautiful Amusement Park! It was full of gorgeous Christmas decor. Festive and well-laid out. We visited on December 29; it was super crowded. The lines for the rides, restrooms and food were incredibly long; yet, we had a wonderful time. There were 21 in our group, and we had a blast. The park is ridiculously expensive. Bring your own food, drinks and snacks. They will check your bags thoroughly and take your photo upon entering. The crowds around the Christmas Season are huge; just grin and bear it. Make the most of it. Plenty of paid parking lots...$30 regular fee; $50 for preferred parking. Be ready to spend your $$$$ and have a great time; we did!!
Knott'S Berry Farm
Stephanie Bean
2 months ago
The staff here was not helpful most of the time. You could just tell they wanted no part in being there. The vendors that they brought in were nice. Some of the stuff they were selling was cute and crafty. The wait times for rides was atrocious but the ride line up is good. Some of the coasters don't live up to the hype. The snoopy on ice show was amazingly adorable, and all the boysenberry products were delectable! The chicken to go outside the park was delicious! We went back every visit to take a meal to go. The food in the park was better than most other theme parks we have visited! All in all a nice little gem to go to. Parking is the only thing that can be somewhat confusing, depending on what lots are open that day.
Knott'S Berry Farm
Simon Perkins
2 months ago
It's a fun place with something for everyone to enjoy. From kid friendly rides up to the adrenaline junkie. Those who want to sit down and enjoy a good show to those who want to place games and try to win something. Plus with over 15 places to dine, you definitely will find something your stomach is craving. I recommend their famous chicken family meal right outside the park. If you go before December is over they have special holiday menu items, decorations, and carolers. If you live within 2 hours, I recommend buying to season pass, right now it's on sale for $105, you can make $7 monthly payments after a $35 down payment.
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Classic theme park boasts fast rides, old-fashioned charm & famous fried chicken.