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Published on
January 19, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Kia Designs?

Kia Designs has garnered a commendable reputation, as evidenced by the latest customer reviews. Clients express a high level of satisfaction with the company’s ability to handle complex and challenging renovation projects, highlighting their responsiveness, attention to detail, and ability to deliver tailor-made results that align with the clients' personal styles. Several clients emphasized their appreciation for Kia Designs' problem-solving capabilities, especially in scenarios where they have taken over projects mid-way. Furthermore, the reviews consistently praise the team's comprehensive approach, which includes a variety of services from space planning to detailed bathroom design. Throughout the feedback, a recurring theme is the company's professionalism and the seamless administrative handling of design projects, ensuring they are stress-free for clients. Although the service is often described as exceptional, there is a notable absence of specific criticisms in the reviews provided, suggesting a strong positive bias among the clientele.

Positive Feedback

A synthesis of the customer feedback for Kia Designs reveals several key positive aspects. Firstly, the team's responsiveness and availability stand out, with clients noting almost instant communication which enhances the service experience. The reviews highlight the ability to take over projects mid-way and effectively troubleshoot pre-existing issues. This suggests a high level of adaptability and skill. Clients are notably pleased with Kia Designs’ personalized approach to understanding client preferences and their emphasis on creating homes that are not just visually stunning but also feel homely and reflective of the client's individuality. The team’s ability to manage projects efficiently, even under the added pressure of external factors such as COVID-19, attests to their reliability and the robustness of their operational processes. The breadth of services provided, ranging from interior decorating to space planning, as well as the skilled handling of administrative aspects, contributes to the overwhelmingly positive customer experience.

Concerns and Threads

Analyzing customer feedback for Kia Designs reveals a scarcity of negative comments. This lack of critical feedback may itself reflect customer satisfaction; however, it also limits the scope for identifying areas of improvement or understanding client frustrations. With the information given, the only discernible negative aspect is a sense of regret from one client for not engaging Kia Designs sooner in the process of their project. The absence of detail regarding any difficulties or shortcomings encountered by clients in their interactions with the company suggests that any negative experiences, if existent, are not sufficiently significant to be mentioned in the reviews or are overshadowed by the positive outcomes of the services provided.

Frequently asked questions about Kia Designs

Can Kia Designs take over renovation projects that have already started?

Yes, Kia Designs is capable of stepping in to take over ongoing renovation projects, adeptly resolving any existing issues and ensuring the project's completion to the client's satisfaction.

Is Kia Designs able to complete projects during challenging times, such as during a pandemic?

Kia Designs has proven their ability to manage and complete design projects within scheduled timeframes despite external challenges, including during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Do Kia Designs offer personalized services that reflect the client's individual style?

The team at Kia Designs values personalized service highly, making concerted efforts to understand client styles and preferences to ensure the final result feels like a true reflection and extension of the client's personality and lifestyle.

What are customers saying about Kia Designs

Kia Designs
Marie Moussavou
a month ago
Kia Designs have been amazing. I had a renovation project hopelessly stuck and hired them in desperation to salvage it. They ran with it, patiently figuring out the issues and fixing them, keeping me constantly up to date, and responding almost instantly to any query I had. I imagine it is not very exciting taking over a project midway and having to deal with plenty of problems you did not cause, but they handled it seamlessly. When it came to the actual design with furniture and decor, they made great recommendations but were also very receptive when I did not like something. They made sure they understood my style and what was important to me. Everything was transparent and easy. I love the end result: my flat ended up looking stunning but also, and more importantly, feeling like home. My only regret is that I did not hire them from the start!
Kia Designs
Sarah Dean
a year ago
Kia and her team went above and beyond to create the most beautiful holiday home for us. Their attention to detail was exceptional which ensured our home was kitted out and ready to go for our first guests. The whole team made the process easy and enjoyable from start to finish. Kia’s vision was everything we could have hoped for and more – a huge thank you to you and the girls! Services: Room planning, Bathroom design, Dining room design, Refurbishment, Living room design, Lighting design, Kitchen design, Home decor selection, Flooring selection, Bedroom design, Interior decorating, Appliance selection, Space planning
Kia Designs
James Trebble
5 months ago
Very happy with the work done by Kia Designs, always responsive and full of fantastic ideas which made our home feel homely and unique. Would use again!
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Award winning residential Interior Designers based in London. We pride ourselves on creating unique tailored designs for all our clients whether a resign or a full scale refurbishment we make sure that every detail is carefully thought through to give you a home that is truly yours.Interior design lead architecture process creating a home at the heart of it. With over 15 years of experience Kia Designs was born out of a desire to create homes that bring our clients lives the unique design that they deserve. With an attention to detail that is second to none every projects’ palette might be unique but our studio’s focus has always been built on function that makes every home a joy to explore.