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Julian Ribinik Photography

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January 15, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Julian Ribinik Photography?

The overall company reputation of Julian Ribinik Photography is distinctly positive based on the provided customer reviews. There is a consistent expression of satisfaction with the photography services offered, which is evidenced by the actual experiences of past clients. Themes of professionalism, passion, and skill frequently recur, illustrating how these traits underpin the company's reputation. Clients experience a sense of ease and confidence both before and during their events, emphasized by the photographer's ability to capture candid and emotional moments. The reviews also highlight the efficiency and organized approach of Julian Ribinik Photography in handling photoshoots. Clients uniformly express reassurance in the photography services, mentioning the timely delivery of stunning photos that evoke a strong emotional response and provide a treasured keepsake of their special moments.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects consistently highlighted in customer feedback include the professional demeanor, passion for photography, and excellent communication skills of Julian Ribinik Photography. Numerous clients praised the ability to capture the essence and emotion of their events, signifying a strong aptitude for creating stunning visual narratives. The photographer's professionalism is further evidenced in the way client interactions are handled, from planning meetings to the day of the event, fostering confidence and calm in his subjects. The reviews also commend the prompt and flexible service, and the aesthetic quality of the final product including the wedding albums. The repeated mention of recommendations and client intentions to rehire for future events attests to the high level of customer satisfaction.

Concerns and Threads

The reviews provided do not reveal any significant negative experiences or issues mentioned by customers. There were no recurring themes of dissatisfaction, nor any trends of complaints regarding the experience or product delivered by Julian Ribinik Photography. All clients seemed pleased with their engagement and wedding photography experiences. While this lack of negative feedback is beneficial for the company's reputation, it does not provide a complete picture for potential clients looking for a comprehensive assessment including any possible shortcomings.

Frequently asked questions about Julian Ribinik Photography

What photography services does Julian Ribinik Photography specialize in?

Julian Ribinik Photography specializes in engagement and wedding photography, capturing candid and meaningful moments for couples to cherish.

How would you describe Julian Ribinik's approach to wedding photography?

Julian Ribinik is described by clients as professional, passionate, and skilled. His approach is to understand the unique vision of each couple, ensuring a stress-free experience while capturing the emotional and candid moments of their special day.

Can I expect Julian Ribinik Photography to handle the photoshoot in an organized and efficient manner?

Yes, clients have consistently praised Julian Ribinik Photography for being organized, efficient, and professional, which ensures that photoshoots proceed smoothly and without unnecessary stress.

What are customers saying about Julian Ribinik Photography

Julian Ribinik Photography
Meagan Gatley
6 months ago
We recently had the pleasure of working with Julian for our engagement shoot, and we couldn't be happier with the experience and the stunning photos we received. Although our wedding is still six months away, based on our engagement shoot, we have complete confidence in Julian's ability to capture our special day beautifully, especially the emotional and candid moments that are most important to us. From my first interaction with Julian, his professionalism and passion for photography shone through. He took the time to understand us as a couple, our vision, and our preferences. I felt immediately at ease and confident speaking with him and knew that he, and Evgenia, were the best choice for our wedding day. It was extremely important to us to find a photographer who is calm, organized, professional, friendly, passionate, and reliable. Julian has encapsulated each of those adjectives in every interaction that we have had with him - from emails to phone calls, to an introductory Zoom meeting, and in-person during our engagement shoot. With all the wedding planning in motion, having Julian taking care of our photography needs is an incredible relief. We can confidently say that there's absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to capturing the most cherished moments of our big day. It's an indescribable feeling of reassurance and excitement—we cannot wait for our wedding day to arrive!
Julian Ribinik Photography
Rebecca Chanmin
3 months ago
For years I have known that I wanted by wedding photos captured by Julian and not only were my expectations met, I was absolutely blown away. Absolutely everything from the pre-wedding meeting (where he provided reassurance and a calming presence I didn't even know I needed!) to the delivery of the photos was absolutely perfect. I don't know how he does it but every single photo was stunning and looking through them was like being there all over again. On the day of the wedding he made taking photos fun and exciting and at the same time had a calm, reassuring and extremely professional attitude. I could not recommend him more as a wedding photographer. Edit: we received our wedding photo album and it is absolutely stunning in every way. The quality of the album, the ease of the system Julian uses to select the photos was perfect and I am delighted to have this beautiful keepsake to look back it for year to come.
Julian Ribinik Photography
Vanessa Fernandez
2 months ago
I had the pleasure of working with Julian and his staff a few weeks ago. He and his staff are not only such a talent but the were super friendly and easy going. As a creative person it is so important for all the vendors to work collectively with each other to get the best results and I have to say they are one of the best. Most importantly, after seeing the amazing photos they produced you can see the level of skill and passion put into his work. I highly recommend Julian and his staff and cannot wait to work together again!
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About Julian Ribinik Photography


Julian Ribinik is a top NYC wedding photographer with close to 20 years of experience specializing in stylish and creative photography for weddings, low-light ceremonies, luxury weddings, elopements, and more. Having photographed 300+ weddings, Julian is a kind and highly experienced NYC photographer with a love for delivering stunning photos to clients.Julian works alongside wife Evgenia, who is also a professional photographer and editor. Together, this epic photography duo handles all aspects of wedding photography: Photographing the day, editing photos, and delivering your gorgeous wedding photos. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in NYC or NJ contact us today to learn more about rates and availability!