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Published on
January 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Jing Fong?

The reviews for Jing Fong on the Upper West Side (UWS) present a mixed picture of customer experience and establishment reputation. The restaurant is frequently praised for its food quality, with particular accolades directed towards the excellent salt-fried pork chop, soup dumplings, shumai, and pan-fried noodles. The less crowded environment compared to their Chinatown location appears to be another positive factor, making the UWS spot a good choice for those seeking a more relaxed dim sum experience. However, concerns have been raised about limited gluten-free options and a narrower menu selection. A consistent trend of fluctuating customer service quality, combined with occasional criticisms of undercooked or bland dishes and perceived overpricing, suggests the UWS location is struggling with consistency in both food preparation and customer care.

Positive Feedback

Reviewers consistently highlight that Jing Fong UWS excels with certain dishes, including salt-fried pork chop, shumai, and soup dumplings. The food's temperature and flavorfulness received particular praise, with items such as the dumplings and chicken pan-fried noodles being singled out as satisfying cravings for good quality Chinese food. The restaurant's less crowded setting compared to its previous Chinatown establishment is also perceived as a positive aspect, offering a more tranquil dining experience. Additionally, friendly staff and the convenience of a pleasant outdoor dining area during good weather add to the positive feedback, promoting the location as a recommended spot for dim sum enthusiasts.

Concerns and Threads

Notwithstanding the positive feedback, Jing Fong on the UWS has notable areas of criticism, primarily regarding its menu and service. Customers have expressed disappointment with the limited gluten-free options and an overall lack of variety in the menu. Certain dishes were described as poorly cooked, with specific complaints about greasy, undercooked, or bland food. Furthermore, some reviewers found the service to be less than satisfactory, mentioning slow service and inefficient air conditioning. The negative feedback occasionally extends to the cleanliness of the restaurant, with a customer labeling it unsanitary, and the staff attitudes, which were described as rude in one instance. These issues could potentially detract from the overall customer experience, emphasizing a need for improvements in both culinary execution and hospitality.

Frequently asked questions about Jing Fong

Does Jing Fong UWS offer gluten-free options?

The selection of gluten-free options at Jing Fong UWS is limited. Patrons with dietary restrictions may need to choose from a smaller range of dishes such as steamed beef and broccoli with white rice.

How does the Jing Fong UWS location compare to the former Chinatown location in terms of atmosphere and menu variety?

Jing Fong UWS is noted for being less crowded and offers a quieter atmosphere compared to the Chinatown location. However, it offers a more limited variety of dishes and does not feature the traditional cart service typical of some dim sum restaurants.

Is it necessary to make reservations for Jing Fong UWS?

Guests highly recommend making reservations, especially for weekend dining, as the restaurant can get busy. Reservations should be made by phone as email reservations are not assured.

What are customers saying about Jing Fong

Jing Fong
Doctor Bo
3 months ago
Excellent food overall. Was very available for tables on a Tuesday evening. The salt fried pork chop was excellent. The roast pork bun was solid but I wouldn’t get it again. Shumai was excellent as was the soup dumpling. My friend also got the general tsos chicken which was a very good version. Overall a solid dining experience at reasonable prices for nyc. Dietary restrictions: Very little gluten free options. My wife had to get steamed beef and brocolli with white rice for her and the baby.
Jing Fong
3 months ago
I have been at the Jing Fong downtown many times, and it’s just amazing, but this one in the UWS is awful and a waste of time and money. The food was poorly cooked, we had grease packages, the beef skewers tasted funny, and it needed to be crispier, the veggie dumplings were bland, and the dough was raw. DONT GO TO THIS LOCATION — MAKE THE TRIP TO DOWNTOWN.
Jing Fong
Philip To
6 months ago
The upper west side location is a great place for dimsum. It is not as crazy crowded as the location in Chinatown and yet the food quality is still excellent. I think this location has a little less variety than Chinatown though. Highly recommended!
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