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Published on
February 12, 2024
Last updated
February 12, 2024

What customers think about Jd Gyms

Evaluating the user reviews for JD Gyms Manchester reveals a mixed consensus of the facility's quality and offerings. Customers appreciate the wide array of well-maintained equipment and the gym's cleanliness, often attributing these aspects to a positive experience. The presence of professional trainers and the provision of supportive personal training services also contribute positively to the gym's reputation. In contrast, customers frequently highlight overcrowding as a significant issue, particularly during peak hours, which impedes the accessibility of equipment and impacts the overall workout experience. Additionally, reports of unsatisfactory customer service and administrative issues, such as membership disputes, have negatively influenced the perception of the gym's management. Privacy concerns due to an excessive filming culture foster an uncomfortable environment for some patrons. These mixed experiences suggest that the gym excels in equipment and facilities, but struggles with customer service and logistical operations, impacting the overall company reputation.


The positive feedback for JD Gyms Manchester focuses on the quality and variety of the equipment provided, cleanliness of the facility, and the professionalism of its personal trainers. Highlights include the wide selection of workout machines and the vigilance of the staff in maintaining both equipment and the premises. The gym also earns praise for its attractive aesthetic and inclusion of auxiliary facilities like a sauna. These attributes, alongside commendable opening hours and location, position the gym as an appealing option for those seeking a comprehensive workout environment supported by expert guidance and a well-kept setting.


The negative aspects of JD Gyms Manchester revolve primarily around issues of overcrowding, customer service, and certain facility deficits. Overcrowding is a focal point of dissatisfaction, as members struggle with the availability of equipment and the consequent impact on their workout routines. Complaints about the filming culture raising privacy concerns, deficient customer service, and challenging administrative interactions, such as troubles with membership access, emerge as recurrent themes. Further criticism includes the lack of spin in barbell equipment, which not only frustrates users but also presents potential safety risks, and a shortage of some basic workout equipment like resistance bands and ab rollers, limiting the gym-goers' exercise options.

Frequently asked questions about Jd Gyms

What are the peak hours at JD Gyms Manchester, and how busy is it during these times?

Peak hours at JD Gyms Manchester often lead to overcrowding, making it difficult to access certain equipment. While specific times are not mentioned in the reviews, it is common for gyms to be busiest during early mornings, evenings after work, and on weekends.

Does JD Gyms Manchester offer personal training services?

Yes, JD Gyms Manchester offers personal training services. Reviewers have mentioned the presence of professional trainers and one specifically praised their PT for providing assistance with nutrition and improving their workout form.

Are there privacy concerns at JD Gyms Manchester due to filming by other members?

Yes, some customers have expressed privacy concerns due to the prevalence of filming by other members during workouts. This issue has impacted the comfort and experience of certain gym-goers.

Latest spotlight reviews, questions and complaints for Jd Gyms

Jd Gyms
Aaron Adkins
3 months ago
Great gym for wide array of equipment and kept pretty clean. Only, but massive, complaint is the state of the barbells, only one of the 20kg bars has any spin on both ends most have absolutely none or are basically stuck on one side. Don't even have to check which side won’t spin at this point because if I’m doing anything upper body the no spin side kills my shoulder. If the barbells were anything more than beater bars waiting for injuries the gym would be perfect.
Jd Gyms
Sarah Webster
a month ago
Cancelled my membership almost instantly after visiting this gym. Overcrowded, old equipment and poor layout. But the ABSOLUTE worst thing is you cannot work out anywhere without being in shot of one of the ridiculous amount of cameras being used here by other members. Surely the gym is a place you can expect some privacy - I do not go to the gym to have my entire workout inadvertently filmed for someone else's content. It's honestly beyond a joke now. 1 extra star because it has a sauna.
Jd Gyms
Onur Fesci
3 weeks ago
Equipment is well maintained. Very, VERY crowded at all times though. The equipment you want to use is never free. The amount of frequently used equipment such as cable machines should be at least tripled to barely cater for the number of people here.
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