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Published on
February 24, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Immigration Legal Advice Centre?

The Immigration Legal Advice Centre appears to command a strong reputation based on the latest batch of reviews. Customers consistently report high satisfaction with the centre's services, particularly noting the professionalism, supportiveness, and efficiency of staff members. Madeleine and Zareen Preston are frequently mentioned for their exceptional service, being available for communication and providing prompt responses to queries. The personalized approach, with advisors accommodating the individual circumstances and timelines of clients, enhances customer experience. The process, though sometimes lengthy, is described as smooth, with clear communication and attention to detail that contribute to successful outcomes. However, there was a mention of initial concern regarding the sufficiency of information provided in preparation for a hearing, though the customer ultimately had a positive experience and outcome. Overall, the centre portrays a dedicated and effective service with advisors who are instrumental in achieving client satisfaction.

Positive Feedback

The Immigration Legal Advice Centre has several key strengths that have been consistently highlighted by clients. The advisors, especially Madeleine and Zareen Preston, are commended for their responsiveness and availability, often replying to emails promptly even during holidays, reflecting a strong commitment to client support. The detailed and clear communication from the team throughout the legal processes sets clients at ease and helps to demystify the otherwise complex procedures of immigration. The centre's professional and supportive approach underpins successful outcomes for clients, including securing visas and legal status for individuals and families. This establishes trust and contributes to client willingness to recommend the services to others. Additionally, clients have appreciated the affordability of the services coupled with the qualitative nature of the assistance provided.

Concerns and Threads

While the feedback is predominantly positive, a few areas of concern can be identified. One client reported initial nervousness due to a perceived lack of information when preparing for a hearing, which points to a potential area for improvement in client education and pre-hearing support. This might suggest the need for more consistent upfront communication regarding procedures and expectations, particularly for clients with no prior experience in similar legal situations. Moreover, the mention of lengthy processes, although not necessarily negative, implies that there might be instances of delays or prolonged waiting periods that could be a source of stress for clients seeking timely resolution of their immigration matters. It is essential for the centre to address these concerns and alleviate any anxiety through enhanced support and transparency.

Frequently asked questions about Immigration Legal Advice Centre

How responsive is the Immigration Legal Advice Centre to client communications?

According to customer feedback, the centre is highly responsive, with advisors like Madeleine and Zareen Preston being available to promptly answer queries via email, often going beyond standard working hours to assist. Clients have noted that communication is one of the centre's strong suits, inspiring confidence in their services.

What kind of support can I expect during the immigration legal process?

Clients can expect professional and detailed support throughout the immigration process. The Centre's advisors are noted for being supportive, actively communicating, and clearly explaining each step, ensuring clients understand and feel at ease. The personalised approach includes adapting to the unique circumstances and timelines of each client.

Do clients find the Immigration Legal Advice Centre's services affordable and successful?

Feedback indicates that clients find the services to be very affordable and the outcomes successful. The Centre is praised for offering straightforward and high-quality assistance, leading several clients to have successful immigration outcomes and recommend the Centre to others.

What are customers saying about Immigration Legal Advice Centre

Immigration Legal Advice Centre
Faraba Jaiteh
4 days ago
I’m very happy and grateful with Madeleine’s support and advice. She was always available anytime I needed support, she responds to my emails promptly. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for legal advice ( visa application).
Immigration Legal Advice Centre
emmanuella kalumba
a month ago
Me and my family have used their services for our immigration processes since 2012. Madeleine who dealt with our case has been nothing but supportive, helpful and has done an incredible job sorting out everything for us. She is always available to respond to our queries and questions and has gone far and beyond to get results more effectively and efficiently. I would highly recommend this service.
Immigration Legal Advice Centre
Olayemi Itse
2 months ago
I have had a good experience dealing with the Immigration Legal Advice centre. Though the process took some time, it was dealt with efficiently. I am grateful to Mrs Zareen Preston who was not tired of my numerous emails but responded to them promptly and assured me that my application was being handled. She was professional, supportive and communicated throughout the application period and allayed any fears I had. Thanks for your help and keep up the good work!
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