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Published on
January 23, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Hutong London?

Review analysis indicates that Hutong in The Shard maintains a strong reputation for delivering an excellent culinary experience, complemented by magnificent views and a unique ambiance that blends contemporary and traditional Chinese design. The feedback recurrently highlights the high quality and artistry of the food, particularly mentioning the duck dish and the inventive cocktail menu. However, notable issues are raised concerning the service quality, with patrons expecting a higher level of finesse and attention to detail to match the premium pricing of the restaurant. There are also mixed responses regarding the vegetarian options and portion sizes, suggesting that while the food is generally appreciated, some guests find the experience may not fully justify the cost. Nonetheless, the staff's friendliness, the special touches added for celebrations, and the overall atmosphere contribute strongly to the establishment's appeal.

Positive Feedback

Customer evaluations of Hutong are predominantly positive, showcasing the restaurant's strengths in several key areas. The ambiance and mesmerizing views of London stand out as significant attractions, elevating the dining experience. Patrons commend the quality of dishes, such as the renowned duck, which is frequently praised for its taste and presentation. The imaginative cocktail offerings and the celebratory acknowledgments, such as birthday candles, are thoughtful touches that enrich the overall experience. Furthermore, positive feedback encompasses the attentive nature of certain staff members and the readiness of the kitchen to handle more extensive bookings without compromising on the quality or quantity of food served.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the high praise for the culinary creations and ambiance, Hutong's reputation faces criticisms mainly concerning the service and cost-effectiveness. Some patrons express disappointment in the lack of detail and finesse in service, considering the restaurant's high-end price point. Reports of hasty and inattentive service, including difficulties in getting staff attention and reminders about table time limits, contribute to a lessened dining experience for some. Additionally, the limited vegetarian options and the size to cost ratio of certain dishes, particularly the prawn dish, are points of dissatisfaction. These customer service and value for money issues, along with occasional dissatisfaction with cutlery, appear recurrent in the customer feedback.

Frequently asked questions about Hutong London

What can I expect in terms of ambiance and views at Hutong?

Hutong provides an enchanting dining atmosphere with a blend of modern and traditional Chinese elements. The restaurant is located in The Shard and offers panoramic views of the London skyline, adding a unique visual experience to your meal.

Is the food at Hutong suitable for vegetarians?

While Hutong has vegetarian options available, the selection is limited, mostly tofu based, and may not cater to all preferences. It's advisable to review the menu in advance or contact the restaurant to discuss dietary requirements.

Does Hutong accommodate special occasions?

Yes, Hutong is known to provide special touches for celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries. The staff may include candles with desserts and offer seating with preferred views to enhance the celebratory experience.

What are customers saying about Hutong London

Hutong London
Sushil Patil
a week ago
My visit to Hutong in The Shard was nothing short of spectacular! The ambiance was enchanting, with a perfect blend of contemporary design and traditional Chinese elements. The panoramic view of London's skyline from The Shard added an extra layer of magic to the dining experience. The culinary journey at Hutong was exceptional. Each dish was a masterpiece, showcasing the artistry of Chinese cuisine. The innovative twist of crafting cocktails based on zodiac signs added a delightful touch. The flavors were not only delicious but also a harmonious representation of the Chinese culinary heritage. The attentive staff and impeccable service heightened the overall experience. Hutong in The Shard is a must-visit for anyone seeking a blend of exquisite flavors, stunning views, and a touch of celestial charm. I'll undoubtedly be returning to savor more of this culinary gem!
Hutong London
Edmond Siu
a month ago
TL;DR: Food is decent, but lack of attention to details and finesse of service was disappointing. The food service was very quick, the duck we ordered arrived fresh and warm from the kitchen minutes after the order was placed. The chef prepared the duck slices at the table and the rest of the meat was taken away to be prepared for their second serving of fried duck meat. All of the dishes were delicious. The braised tofu was a bit disappointing, I was expecting a warm dish but it was served at room temperature / slightly cold. Flavour wise it was good, better if it's warm. For the price they were asking for I would have expected better service from the wait team. Dishes were more than once harshly dropped on our table as it arrived - something I wouldn't give it a second thought if it was a local Chinese eatery. At ~£60 per head lunch I'd expect a bit more finesse by the wait staff. The choices of cutleries also seemed odd - a small tapas-sized plate for eating fried rice with chopsticks made it a frustrating experience even for experienced chopsticks-user like myself. Overall, I enjoyed the food, but the service failed to compliment the experience. I would look elsewhere if I'm looking to treat someone to a nice Chinese dining experience.
Hutong London
a month ago
Fantastic food and attentive staff. Great views. We celebrated a birthday so they brought a candle with desert. We had a great window table with views of the city and sunset. I recommend over the other restaurants at the shard. This was the best experience.
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