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Published on
February 28, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Honda Of Downtown Los Angeles?

The reviews for Honda Of Downtown Los Angeles offer mixed insights into the company's reputation and customer experience. Positive feedback is frequently attributed to the helpfulness and professionalism of the sales representatives, like Raul Alvarez, Matt Lemus, and Tony Rodriguez, who are praised for their patience in answering questions and assisting customers in finding suitable vehicles with acceptable financial terms. Conversely, negative experiences center around allegations of irresponsible practices, especially in the used car department, with reports of vehicles having critical mechanical issues post-purchase, such as battery installation errors, and promises of rectification being unfulfilled. The service department is criticized for inefficiencies and delays, negatively impacting customers with tight schedules or those accompanied by children. On a constructive note, commendations are given for the overall friendly and accommodating nature of the staff.

Positive Feedback

Positive testimonials for Honda Of Downtown Los Angeles highlight several key aspects of the dealership's quality of service. Notably, sales personnel are regularly celebrated for their exceptional customer engagement. Individuals such as Raul Alvarez, Matt Lemus, and David Llamas are commended for their kindness, helpfulness, and professionalism. The sales team is noted for their attentiveness and for providing informative guidance throughout the purchasing process. The dealership is acknowledged for facilitating smooth and satisfying transactions by accommodating customer needs and prioritizing a positive shopping experience. Customers report instances of feeling welcomed, valued, and treated like family, reflecting a culture that fosters strong client relationships and generates recommendations to friends and family.

Concerns and Threads

Several critical reviews for Honda Of Downtown Los Angeles reveal concerning aspects of the dealership. Customers report significant challenges with the used car division, detailing experiences of purchasing vehicles with serious mechanical failures such as improperly installed batteries and other safety issues. Additionally, follow-up customer service is described as unresponsive, leaving grievances unresolved. The service department faces criticism for its sluggishness and perceived indifference, particularly disconcerting for those needing swift service or with small children. These negative experiences raise questions about the dealership's operational efficiency, attention to detail, and commitment to upholding satisfactory customer service standards after the point of sale.

Frequently asked questions about Honda Of Downtown Los Angeles

Can I expect reliable assistance when choosing a vehicle at Honda Of Downtown Los Angeles?

Many customers report receiving excellent guidance from sales representatives, who are often praised for their patience and effort in helping find the right vehicle.

What should I be aware of when considering a used car from Honda Of Downtown Los Angeles?

Some reviews suggest exercising caution with used cars, as issues with vehicle condition and post-sale service responsiveness have been identified.

Is the service department efficient in handling appointments and walk-ins?

There is feedback indicating the service department may experience delays, so it might be beneficial to allot extra time for scheduled services or repairs.

What are customers saying about Honda Of Downtown Los Angeles

Honda Of Downtown Los Angeles
Sky Dominguez
3 weeks ago
I loved the way that Raul Alvarez helped me out to choose my vehicle. It was very great. I am very satisfied with my monthly low payments. We made it work out. Raul took a lot of patience with my questions. He got me the exact car that I wanted. I am now with a much safer car. Thank you!!!
Honda Of Downtown Los Angeles
a month ago
Never going back to this irresponsible dealership. 무책임하고 팔기에만 급급한 전형적인 중고차 딜러쉽. 절대 가지 마세요. -Details- Bought a used car, the battery was messed up and it stopped while I was driving it. They said that they had changed the battery, but they did it in the worst way. Check out the photo, it's taken on the day I picked the car up. First day I picked up the car, the car didn't ignited after parking to a mall which was three miles away. I had to call the insurance company to jump start the battery. But after driving for an hour (to make sure the battery's alive) and when I parked it back home, the car didn't ignite again. On the second day, the car sometime ignited and sometime didn't, so I gave a test drive when it ignited. However when I parked to a mall that was a mile away from my home, it was dead again. After trying to ignite it again for several times, it somehow went on. I tried driving it back home quickly but the car went off while I was driving. I got lucky that there was no car behind me and didn't get in a crash. The mechanic said the battery was messed up since they tried to put the plus post on the minus terminal. The size of the connection was totally different but they just broke it open and squeezed it in to connect it. Both of the battery post and the terminal were ruined and that was why the car has stopped while I was driving. Shouldn't you sell a car that is drivable at least? I called the customer service which connected me to the dealer again and they elevated it. All I asked was the reimbursement with the battery and jump start fee, even though the vehicle had its engine light and tire pressure light on the day I picked it up after a short ride. They said they'll call back, but they didn't. Even when I visited the dealership it wasn't a good experience. The first time I visited there, they said the vehicle was ready but it wasn't. So we just wasted our time. Therefore I had to reschedule everything. On the second visit, when we arrived to the dealership the price of the car has changed somehow. It has raised when I got there and if I didn't have the quote I got emailed before, they would have overcharged me with the same car. The reason why I went to this 'official' Honda dealership was because I thought they would be responsible and trustworthy. Turned out it wasn't. I will never recommend this place for anyone.
Honda Of Downtown Los Angeles
joey cetino
a month ago
My car buying experience was AMAZING! all the staff were courteous and professional. Especially my car sales man Matt lemus! He was really kind and EXTREMELY helpful. My family and I are so blessed and fortunate that we found a car sales man that really wanted to help us, he was really dressed the part as well, he stood out from others. I will be recommending him to as many of my friends and family that i can. This gentleman deserves a raise. I’d like to thank Jason from insurance as well for being very informative and kind. My car buying experiences before has been really shady and traumatizing. But let me tell you, downtown Los Angeles is the best dealer to go for your new Honda! I will be returning soon for my next Honda. Thank you guys for the best car buying experience a person can ask for.
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