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Published on
January 15, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Hakkasan Hanway Place?

Customer evaluations of Hakkasan Hanway Place present a dual perspective on the establishment's reputation and customer experience. While many find the culinary offerings to be superb, with particular praise for the dim sum and innovative dishes, there are notable shortcomings, especially when it comes to accommodating young families. The lack of baby-friendly facilities has been a point of contention for patrons with infants. Furthermore, some customers found the food lacking in flavor, notably the dishes that were supposed to be spicy. In contrast, the restaurant's ambiance receives mixed reviews; while some appreciate the exclusivity and quality service, others criticize the poor lighting and loud music which lessens the expected Michelin-starred dining experience. The overall sentiment suggests satisfaction with the culinary delights and the service, but the environment and family accommodations detract from the total dining experience.

Positive Feedback

The preponderance of positive feedback for Hakkasan Hanway Place revolves around exceptional culinary experiences. Customers rave about delectable dim sum and high-quality main dishes, describing them as 'amazing', 'fresh', and 'flavorful'. The Taste of Hakkasan menu comes highly recommended. Furthermore, the service is frequently characterized as professional, attentive, and warm, contributing to an inviting atmosphere for special occasions. The restaurant's status in the Michelin Guide 2023 reinforces its stellar culinary reputation. Patrons commend the ambiance and interior design for complementing the fine dining experience, emphasizing its suitability for memorable outings. The beverage offerings, including cocktails and wine selections, are also celebrated, adding to the overall positive dining encounter.

Concerns and Threads

On the negative front, Hakkasan Hanway Place has faced criticism for several aspects that detract from its high-end dining experience. Customers have noted the lack of baby-friendly amenities, including the absence of baby chairs and changing facilities, which can be problematic for families. Some patrons found the food to be bland despite the promise of spice, and the dim sum, in particular, has received mixed reviews, with one customer classifying it as the 'worst ever' due to excess food coloring and a lack of flavor. The atmosphere is another point of contention; issues with poor lighting, overly loud music, and a crowded feeling create an ambiance that some find unappealing. Lastly, service speed appears to be a concern on busy nights, impacting the overall satisfaction of guests who expect prompt attention.

Frequently asked questions about Hakkasan Hanway Place

Does Hakkasan Hanway Place provide accommodations for dining with infants?

Hakkasan Hanway Place has received feedback that it currently does not have baby-friendly amenities such as baby chairs or changing facilities.

What are the standout dishes at Hakkasan Hanway Place according to recent reviews?

Guests have highly praised the dim sum and the Taste of Hakkasan menu. The beef and pork main dishes, as well as the spicy prawns, have also received commendations for their quality and taste.

Can guests expect a quiet and intimate dining atmosphere at Hakkasan Hanway Place?

While the service and interior design aim for a five-star experience, some guests have found the restaurant to be too crowded and noisy, with music levels and lighting that may not contribute to a tranquil and intimate dining atmosphere.

What are customers saying about Hakkasan Hanway Place

Hakkasan Hanway Place
Hazik Anwar
a month ago
I came here with my wife and baby but much to my surprise, there were not really any accommodations for babies for example basic things like there were no baby chairs, changing facilities, etc - slightly disappointing considering the cost of everything but nonetheless the restaurant itself was very nice and clean. The staff were very attentive and looked after us well for the most part but the food was a little bit too bland for my liking, even the 'spicy' options were very quite bland and lacked flavour. Overall, we enjoyed a nice evening out but considering how much we paid for the night, I'm not quite sure I would do it again here for the foreseeable future.
Hakkasan Hanway Place
3 months ago
We tried the Taste of Hakkasan menu and it was a great choice. The dim sum is amazing. I'd say order it twice instead of sharing. The salad was okay, but the dim sum was way better. For the main dishes, we had beef and pork. Both were really good and had a tasty sauce. It was nice to have the real deal that other places try but can't quite get right. The rice was also great. You get a pot of rice and some asparagus, but I wish there was more rice. A couple of things to know: the restaurant is in a basement and you have to go down a kind of sketchy alley to find it. At first, I thought we were lost until I saw the menu on the wall. Inside, it's really dark. Each table has a bright light, but the rest is dark. The waiters wear dark clothes and surprised me a couple of times.
Hakkasan Hanway Place
James Stein
2 months ago
Truly superb Chinese food. Each dish is fresh and flavorful. Fantastic bar - the Golden Empress is a special and shouldn’t be missed. Beats anything in the US without a doubt. A wonderful experience.
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