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What do customers say about Goodman'S Landscape Maintenance, Llc?

As of Feb 17, 2024, 60 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 3.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Goodman'S Landscape Maintenance, Llc's customer reviews analysis

Goodman's Landscape Maintenance, LLC has built a varied reputation over the years with feedback ranging from high praise for its professionalism, thoroughness, and quality of work to some recent concerns about service standards and customer relations. A number of positive testimonies highlight Goodman’s capacity to handle substantial, complex projects and provide meticulous customer service. Experiences such as a complete yard overhaul, intricate landscaping jobs for residential and commercial properties, and prompt resolution of a customer's complaint after an accident indicate strong operational processes and an ability to deliver to customer satisfaction. However, some recent reviews indicate potential issues with consistency, as a long-time customer observed a decline in the quality of general maintenance and customer service, indicating possible changes in crew leadership or company policies.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of Goodman’s Landscape Maintenance, LLC from customer reviews include their professionalism and punctuality, with staff being described as thorough and hardworking. Clients appreciate the high quality of work in projects that range from complex landscaping installations to regular maintenance tasks. There's specific commendation for the company's responsiveness and attention to detail, particularly by the owner, David Goodman. The willingness to take the time to understand customer needs and the capacity to personalize services to individual preferences is also appreciated. Instances such as Goodman's handling of an unfortunate off-site incident with promptness and integrity further add to the perceived trustworthiness and customer service excellence of the company.

Concerns and Threads

While many reviews reflect a positive image of Goodman's Landscape Maintenance, LLC, there are significant concerns raised about recent service quality and customer interactions. A long-term client mentioned a noticeable decline in the standards of yard clean-up and general maintenance, pointing to a potentially problematic change in crew leadership. The reported use of quick, ineffective methods and an inclination towards upselling rather than addressing concerns could indicate a shift in company focus that's misaligned with customer expectations. Additionally, complaints about unresolved issues, such as the failure to address a specific problem with irrigation even after repeated service calls and a dispute over service fees, hint at customer service lapses and communication gaps that negatively affect the overall customer experience.

Frequently asked questions about Goodman'S Landscape Maintenance, Llc

Does Goodman's Landscape Maintenance provide custom landscaping services for unique projects?

Yes, Goodman's Landscape Maintenance offers custom landscaping services and has been noted for successfully handling personalized projects and complex installations, including residential and commercial properties.

How does Goodman's handle dissatisfaction with a completed project or service?

Goodman's appears to be responsive to customer complaints and shows a willingness to resolve issues promptly, such as in the case where an owner cooperated fully to address accidental damages caused by the company's driver.

Can I rely on Goodman's for regular maintenance, and will the quality remain consistent?

Goodman's has received both long-term and recent positive feedback for regular maintenance services. However, some clients have noted a decline in quality, so it's recommended to discuss your expectations clearly and to consider regular evaluations of maintenance work.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Goodman'S Landscape Maintenance, Llc

Goodman'S Landscape Maintenance, Llc
Eric Lemm
11 months ago
Goodman’s provided maintenance, tree trimming, irrigation, and landscape improvement services to me over the past several months. Everybody I worked with at Goodman’s was professional and showed up when they said they would and they made my property look very good. I would recommend them to anyone in the Phoenix metro.
Goodman'S Landscape Maintenance, Llc
Louis Abel
7 months ago
I used goodman's for a few years now off and on when I needed yard clean up and general maintenance of bushes and shrubs. They were always timely and always did great work until very recently. The crew leader who worked in my area for many years doesn't appear to be doing so and either by the crew's new leadership direction or company direction, corners are now being cut. Traditionally, they would pull the weeds out of the ground and let me know if a plant was not going to be able to be salvaged. They did a very good job at letting me know what's going on and would even ask if something was OK to do. Instead, they now use weed eaters on everything, leaf blow, maybe rake, and then move on to the next job, only for the weeds to just come back within days. Unfortunately the new crew leader does not listen to customer requests and tries to up sell you on other services, whilst simultaneously trying to insult your intelligence. I hired you and your crew to perform a job, not to be told what type of weed that's infesting my yard. I don't know what happened, but this is longer the landscaping company I used in the past. If you want quick, ineffective, and non-lasting work, go with Goodman's. If you want actual attention to detail, you may want to put in the effort and shop around for a more reputable company. Services: Tree trimming & pruning, Weed control, Yard work
Goodman'S Landscape Maintenance, Llc
Kate Loudenslagel
a year ago
I had a lawn drainage issue that was causing flooding into my Arizona room which had not been raised off of the slab. David came out and gave me a quote for the service and walked me through everything he wanted to have done. While his quote was higher than some others I spoke with, I went with Goodman's because David was so thorough and helpful. On the day of the project, he met with me again with his crew so I was reassured that we all knew what the plan was and what work was going to be done. I thought his crew was thorough and hardworking and they got done in under the estimated time. Then, when the project was done David checked in to make sure everything had been completed to my satisfaction and to see if I had any questions. Sometimes you have to be willing to pay for the extra customer service and care to detail that a company shows it will put into a large, expensive project. I have to wait for the next monsoon to see any results, but I am sure if there is an issue that David will have his crew out to help fix anything. I'm so happy I went with Goodman's.
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About Goodman'S Landscape Maintenance, Llc

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Serving Residential, HOA, Commercial & Industrial properties in the North Valley since 1984, Goodman's has developed a reputation for dependability, integrity and the kind of good old fashioned customer service you seldom enjoy these days from other landscaping companies. For all of your Landscape and Yard Care needs, rely on Goodman's to listen, react and communicate.Goodman's services include scheduled yard care maintenance, general clean ups, tree services, irrigation and lighting system repair and installation, seasonal flower installation, winter and summer lawn renovation, landscape construction services.